Thursday, December 01, 2005

Going Deep! Touchdown

The Dark Lord OMZ inspired me to post my Fantasy Football Record to my journal. Notice the one in throw up Orange! That's me, It took me forever to come up with my teams name. Cinisoul is my screenname, not my teams name (not anymore). There is no I in team, however there is one I in my teams name. I am 8 and 4 too, and I am undefeated in my Division. So they Might as well just throw in the towel. I got a little competition, but I have the tie breaker (HaHa)! Someone tried to trade me Kevin Barlow, for Michael Vick. Thats like someone trying to offer me gameday for Madden (backwards). I laughed, and I should have sent a sarcastic reply about them having Barlow in the first place (the 49er's suck, but then again so is my Bills right now). I have been using mostly TB (Tom Brady), but Vick Has been shining these past few weeks. I think I will use him the rest of the way!


Ari said...

It said you were number 3 on there, so that's awesome! Great job!


The Dark Lord Omz said...

We shoulda done a league together. We will. You will lose to me as well, it is the way of the world.