Friday, December 09, 2005

This pimp is going on vacation!

After I get off of work tomorrow, I begin what I consider to be the better week of the last three months of my life (suspension, complaints, sprained wrist). I will be on vacation, and I won't be within a mile of my job, I won't see any uniforms, because I will be throwing them in the dirty laundry, and I won't see any shopping carts, because I won't be near any, I won't be keeping in contact with any of my co-workers, because I am not happy at work, and I won't (this one is the most important) be shopping in any of the other stores because that is the last place I want to be! No one better die, no one better get ill, no one better commit suicide (I guess that one falls in the death category), no one better quit, no one better get fired, no one better disappear off of the face of the Earth, because if I get a phone call asking me to come in during my vacation, they will hear nothing but nonchalant laughter, and then a click.

My lil' nephew has a fever, so I don't even know if he will be coming home next week, I guess only time will tell. I am still absorbing this uncle thing. What does a uncle do? How much uncle can a nephew uncle up, if a sister could turn a brother into a uncle (did I lose you)? Seriously, I don't feel like a uncle, but I don't even know what a uncle feels like. I never had a point of reference.

Let me pimp some more journals. I can't forget about Chuck, of Separation anxiety. Redsneakz, who I voted for most thought provoking. He ended up being a Vivi Losah, that isn't a bad thing. Much respect to the Losahs, just as a reminder I didn't even get a chance to shine. Kelly of In My Opinion is another journal that I like reading, although I miss her Easy Question (Easy Like Sunday Morning). Although someone else has taken over it, I still think of it as hers and I still don't think it will be the same. Brandy's journal My World, My Rant is one that I had recently started reading, just before the Black Tuesday incident (ads) and the Great Exodus. For some reason I can't shake the word Dorsey out of my head. At first I thought that she was writing about a dream (which made me think of Falkor in The Neverending Story, it took me forever to think of the name of this movie, one of my favorites as a child). Then quickly realized that this was really happening. Bon & Mal Mott of, "Of Mice and Puzzles". My fellow Rochestarians pimped me, so I am pimping them, although I am still trying to figure out the puzzle thingy. I am pimped out, if I forgot about you I am sorry (pimps aren't supposed to be sorry, but I am...Really). Just check out my sidebar for other journals they all deserved to be pimped too.


Bon & Mal Mott said...

Thank you for the props! Cool!
Your name will be duly appearing in one of the puzzles, never fear. It may take a while, but you'll see it. We're glad to hear a vacation is on the calendar. Having clerked ourselves (long, long ago) we can certainly understand your feelings.
Bon & Mal

The Dark Lord Omz said...

Brandy rocks!

Brandy said...

Thank you for pimping me. I think you are awesome and I'm soooo glad I started reading you. Just another reason to love the Dark Lord, he "introduced" me to you!!! Thanks again, glad you've gotten so attached to my Dorsey too!!! He rocked!!! Brandy