Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

This is going to be a toughie!

I am going to take a page out of A Character from Star Trek: The Next Generation's book, and use it. Ensign Robin Lefler, portrayed by Ashley Judd, had a list of rules that she calls, "Lefler's Laws". She had a 103 by the way. I don't know how many I will have, but I'm hoping that if I see them rather than store them in my head I will remember them and stick to it. Maybe it will help better me somehow. Like Everyday Life, this won't be a recurring thing. I was thinking about Every Wednesday, but There is no Guarantee that I will come up with one every week. Besides trying to follow every rule would probably become overkill. I need to absorb one at a time. I haven't come up with a name for this, but eventually I will.

RULE #1:

Be yourself NO matter what!

I have often found myself doing and saying things around others to suit them. I done this for friends, but mostly for family. I held back my feelings, and I let them think that we were on the same page, when we weren't. When it came to friends, I gave in to peer pressure, and compromised my integrity, just so I could belong.

I'm Tired!

I'm tired of trying to please others so I can belong. It's making me feel more weary than when I am alone. It's way more easy being Charles, instead of becoming someone else's idea of "Charles".

So anyone that can't accept me as me, has no business in my life. I may never find love, and I may never find a friend that I can rely on, but at least I will be happier alone as myself.

This is an ongoing process. I may have a few roadblocks, but I MUST remember this post, and that if I fall off of the horse, I just have to get back on and ride it again.


Jod{i} said...

HOw are ya? THank you fro popping over! I miss the old crew! :(
I have been around, I have, I have even read, I promise to make a better effort at commenting this year!
To answer your question, No not in a store ...yet. But you can go through Lulu for now...I have to seek out a distributor, etc...


Chelle said...

When you figure out how, let me know, I am so lost at this very moment. It is scary as hell to make that step, I don't think I have it in me. I wish you the best.


DesLily said...

at age 62 i am still doing and being what those around me expect of me.. so I say to you.. best of luck! It's really hard to change!!

Jeff said...

It is a good rule. Just try to make the real you something that you can be proud of. So far, I think that won't be as difficult for you as others I know.

Dorn said...

Rule #1 is a good rule. If you stay true to yourself and don't waste time trying to be someone or something else, that frees up time and energy you can be using on things you enjoy doing.
Happy New You!

shari said...

Good rule. :)
I try to practice it.

swibirun said...

That is a great rule Charles. When I was a little younger than yourself, I wrote an English paper detailing how I realized I was acting somewhat like a "social chameleon".

And I'm with you. Our group seems to be fading away:(

Have a great weekend!
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Jackie said...

Charles - I'm glad you're yourself here on the blog. If you didn't have your own voice, your own Charles-ness, I don't think I'd like you as much as I do. I know I don't speak up often, but I'm glad you're you.

Happy new year and thank you for being you!