Sunday, January 28, 2007

The World is Reborn...But...

This is another video game post!

I have some favorite video games on my shelf. Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, Metal Gear Solid 2, Xenosaga series, and the .Hack series.

Well I never thought I'd see the day when they would make another .Hack game let alone three. .Hack is a simulated MMORPG. There are three games (parts) to this latest series. It's so hot, it puts the first .Hack series to shame. Well at least I can say that about the 1st of the three new games. The first one is called .Hack//G.U. Vol. 1//Rebirth. The effects are SPECTACULAR, and the storyline is pretty good too.

I don't know if anyone who played the previous games noticed this, but it seems to me that it was a game of opposites. Kite (the protagonist in the first .hack games) seemed to be timid, and a goodie to shoes , while Haseo (the protagonist in the new series) seemed to say the first thing that came out of his mouth, and has a bad boy image. Some of the bosses in the first series are hero's in the new series. Then there is the hero's in the original .Hack. Three of them-They are called "The Descendants of Fianna." There are copies of there player characters in .Hack GU that are being perceived as villains in the first game and part of the second.

I know, I know-not everyone likes video games, but I do, and I beat the first one in two days, and then started it all over again a week later and beat it again. I have been waiting for months now for the new game to come out in the U.S. I know that it's a Japanese game, but can't they release it faster. I mean come on, Japan has already seen the release of all three games and I'm sitting here twiddling my fingers like a junkie waiting for the second one to be release. I know it's not because of the subtitle either. A Voice That Reminds Me of You was to long for the cover-Yes I know, so they shortened that to Reminisce. C'mon and hurry up already, I'm already "Hooked", don't you want to get me "Lined and Sinkered" as well.

I'm dying over here!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hypothetical Question

Okay I have a hypothetical question for everyone!

Lets say that you are a pharmacist, and you are making oh...around $50,000-$80,000 a year.

All of that money, life is grand!

Close your eyes and enjoy the possibilities. A luxury car, A grand home, just about everything you need and want. All of a sudden you go to work and you, pop some pills in your mouth, that you haven't paid for. Then you go to another department with a box and start taking things, and put these things inside of a box and try to leave without paying for them as well. You get caught and arrested because of your cheapskate tendencies.

My question is this, "What the Hell YOU are DOING stealing from your job if you make $50,000-$80,000 a year?

What is going through people's brains nowadays?

That last Question didn't count!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Let's Talk About Sex...Let's Not!

One night when I was getting off of work, I go to a cashier's checkout to buy some groceries. Now I have said this before, "I am not good at starting conversations". For some reason I decide to start one with the cashier. She knows when I am at work I don't need a plastic bag, but this time I have a coat on. She asks me Am I going home? I tell yeah, and that I am tired, and I am going to go to bed when I get home. "I'm not a morning person, and I have been at work since 7am" I had been up since 5:30am by the way.

For some reason this cashier...She tells me that she was up early too, and that she kept bugging her boyfriend for sex. I'm...I'm like, "did she say, sex or socks"? I was so tired that I really didn't know. Then she tells me that he has a habit of waking her up whenever he wants something (I distinctively remember her not saying anything about him bothering her for some lovin'). However she on the other hand, she reiterated her first sentence. She did say sex! She woke him up for sex, and I'm thinking to myself, "If I wanted to know about your love life I would ask". "Too Much information, now I got it pictured in my head...Get it out, Get it out"! Actually I was more ticked off about it. Here we are in a public place, and all I wanted to do is have a nice conversation, and then BAM!

I think there was only one time when I initiated conversation about sex with someone, and that was when I lost my ytinigriv. I really don't like listening in about someone else's sex life, or talking about mines or lack there of. It's not me! If I'm close to you and I can talk to you about anything well maybe, but, this girl, she is a stranger to me. All I know is her name, and where she works, nothing else, and she blurts out of no where that she bugged her boyfriend for some boot knocking.

Another thing I hate is when I hear guys talking about there latest conquest, or how this girl is easy or blah blah blah. The only time I would talk about sex is with the love of my life, that's it! I will be honest though, I was a little surprised that a woman would wake up a man and ask for sex. Usually it's the other way around...right???

What was that??? Oh Nothing!

The storm had me a little worried, but in our area it went out with a whimper. I guess we are one of the lucky ones. I'm happy about that...Although...

Slip count: 12

I didn't fall at all, but I sure came close, and one of those times was as I was walking up a crosswalk from the street.

I hope everyone else is OK to. Off to work!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

If I don't post...

If I don't post this week, it's because of the Ice Storm. One is headed our way and the meteorologists don't know for sure what to expect. So again if I don't post it is because our power is out, or it is because I have slipped fell on my behind (whoops), and have been impaled by something. Or maybe a power line will get me, or perhaps one of the trees that I took pictures of and posted here (I didn't get there permission). In any case I know how everyone feels that is going through this. In 1991 our family lost power and we had to stay at one of my Aunt's apartments for nearly two weeks. It was quite crowded then because other family members stayed there as well, but it was surprisingly fun. I loved my aunt's pancakes (still do Auntie, by the way if you read this can I have the recipe?).

To all of the families out there that still have power and are going through this, my heart goes out to you. To the families that have lost loved ones, I am sorry for your loss.


Cross Your fingers for Western New York!


Thursday, January 11, 2007

I hate the laundromat

Why does awkward stuff always happen to me at the laundromat?

This time I was washing my clothes when all of a sudden a former co-worker shows up to wash her clothes. Problem is, she is a former co-worker that I had a crush on. Normally I wouldn't have any problems talking to her, but her boyfriend came with her.

So I got all nervous and I really couldn't say much. She asked about my brother. I told her he was fine and such, but after that I didn't have much else to say. I get so nervous, whether its because of someone I like, or trying to carry a conversation in general, I just choke.

It's nothing personal (well maybe it is just a little), but she was one of the few people that I could open up to, and now a couple of years later after she left and went to a different store, we finally catch up to each other....

What could this possibly mean?

Well I took it as a sword to the chest, because it kind of reminds me of opening up an old wound. Someone else that I didn't have the courage to tell how I feel. It probably doesn't matter anyways. I don't feel like I belong. No one understands me. I have always felt like I was alone on one island, while everyone else was together on another. Hell she probably thought I was weird when I took the picture. Maybe I jumping to conclusions, but nobody seems to see things the way I see them.


I didn't take that picture because of the change machine. I took it because I was reflecting on that word. It has more than one meaning, and I want to CHANGE. I would like to be able to carry a conversation, or say how I truly feel, but I don't know how. There was only one person my entire life who ever came and sat down next to me and said hi, and I have lost her forever too. Maybe my thoughts are a little erratic right now, but my feelings aren't.

There is that saying, "You can't teach an old dog, new tricks". If that is true, than I might as well be put down, because I don't want to be alone anymore.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Thank Goodness for Education?!?!!?!?!

If it wasn't for children's education, there wouldn't be a New York State Lottery...Right???

Normally, I'd play my favorite number 618 with the NUMBERS (three way) game, when I have a "FEELING". I got that feeling last Tuesday, so I played it for Both drawings (Midday and Evening). Didn't win crap. Then along comes Thursday, my day off mind you, and guess what number Came out...?


If I had played it the way I normally do (straight/box), I would have one 4o dollars.

Here is a lesson in online lotto gambling:

straight means: The number you have, has to match the winning numbers in the exact order
(681 has to be 681).

Box means: If your number is the winning number, it can be any variation of those three digits (681, 618, 816, 186..etc.). However the payout is much less when playing your number box.

Back to my story

Like I said my number came out on Thursday, but not the exact way that I play it. It doesn't matter, because it never occurred to me to play it on my days off (Thursday and Friday). I would have won $40. Besides I didn't get that "FEELING". Funny thing is, this always seems to happen to me. Whenever I play my number, it comes out on my day, or DAY's off.

I was upset for the rest of the week.

Funny thing is, it doesn't matter!


Doesn't matter at all, you see.

Today, while I was wallowing in my self pity, while looking at my number on the lotto poster, I noticed something. I notice that there was not one '2' up there in any of the numbers, on the NUMBERS side of the poster. So I got that "FEELING", but this time, it was for another number.

Hey kids, Sesame Street is brought to you by the number 2!

So I played the number 2, or more accurately, I played triple 2's (222). During that time, I say to myself, that I have never one anything big like that my entire life. A half an hour goes by, and I check the numbers, and...

My jaw drops!

My co-worker says to me, "Charles what's wrong", and I just sit there staring at the Lotto terminals LCD screen. She says it again, and in shock, I start pointing at the Lotto report for the NUMBERS game. Finally she (my lucky charm), comes over and sees the number 222.

I WON BAABAY! God may not Endorse gambling, but I think he was routing for me.

You can't play triple numbers box, so I played it straight for $1.oo. If I had played it for fifty cents, than I would have one half of the $500. My friends pointed out to me that this makes up for my -->
impulsive indulgence<-- (more on that later in a future post).

Maybe I should play some more. There are 15 numbers that haven't been played this millennium.


That is a little tidbit that the NYS Lotto sent us, as a topic of discussion to get people to spend, spend, spend. I don't know if it is accurate anymore, considering we got that some time last summer.

I'm spent

I think that is all I have to say about this.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

This is going to be a toughie!

I am going to take a page out of A Character from Star Trek: The Next Generation's book, and use it. Ensign Robin Lefler, portrayed by Ashley Judd, had a list of rules that she calls, "Lefler's Laws". She had a 103 by the way. I don't know how many I will have, but I'm hoping that if I see them rather than store them in my head I will remember them and stick to it. Maybe it will help better me somehow. Like Everyday Life, this won't be a recurring thing. I was thinking about Every Wednesday, but There is no Guarantee that I will come up with one every week. Besides trying to follow every rule would probably become overkill. I need to absorb one at a time. I haven't come up with a name for this, but eventually I will.

RULE #1:

Be yourself NO matter what!

I have often found myself doing and saying things around others to suit them. I done this for friends, but mostly for family. I held back my feelings, and I let them think that we were on the same page, when we weren't. When it came to friends, I gave in to peer pressure, and compromised my integrity, just so I could belong.

I'm Tired!

I'm tired of trying to please others so I can belong. It's making me feel more weary than when I am alone. It's way more easy being Charles, instead of becoming someone else's idea of "Charles".

So anyone that can't accept me as me, has no business in my life. I may never find love, and I may never find a friend that I can rely on, but at least I will be happier alone as myself.

This is an ongoing process. I may have a few roadblocks, but I MUST remember this post, and that if I fall off of the horse, I just have to get back on and ride it again.