Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year, New Calendar! What is your calendar theme???

I was wondering, since everyone will be getting new calendars for the new year, what is your theme for your new calendar?

As you can see mines is cats. My manager at work (Diane) gave it to me as a Christmas gift. She said that just about everyone bought her calendars. Diane said that she has about twelve of them. She also gave me a ten dollar gift card too. I like the calendar more, because of the cats. I also like this calendar, because it was a gift. I guess I am more of a cat person than I thought. What does your calendar look like, and yours and yours and....


Chris said...

A friend sent Alexis a "Hooters" calendar for me, via email. We opened it to find a jpeg of a calendar of owls.

Never to be outdone, Alexis and I took said calendar, found a few breast pics on the 'net, pasted them over the owls, and sent it back to Debbie:)

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Antonette said...
Great topic Charles!!!

Keep your word verification works.

Bon & Mal Mott said...

Quick, Charles! Catch the Breeze before they sell it off! It'll happen, we tell ya! (If you do, tell us how it was.)
Sad to say, we have the standard-issue D&C calendar, and the small Hallmark ones (oh, and a little-bitty laminated one that some realtor sends us every year.
Happy New Year from Penfield!
Bon & Mal

Char said...

I have no calender, if I did it would be 'Inappropriate things to do in the month of....'

Jackie said...

I ended up with three calendars this year. Two were gifts, one I bought. The one I bought is actually a day planner, so I don't know if it counts -- it's a Kliban cats one. The two poster calendars I got are: Vintage New Jersey photography and 365 Days of Kittens. I'll try to get shots of them up. :-)

Two Write Hands said...

Would you believe no one got me a calendar this year? I'm freaking out over here without one! Happy New Year.

Stephaine said...

I've got two calendars someone gave me a Dale Earnhardt Jr one for my birthday and the other is about getting in touch with your inner bitch (like I need help with that) which was a Christmas present. Somehow I have to use them both so as not to offend either party.