Thursday, December 08, 2005

Conceited in the first person!

Charles is tired, but he wanted to come on line and say that the Darkside Survey was smoking! Charles is really, really looking forward to another Darkside survey, maybe one about laying the smaketh down on Jabroni's.

Charles' nephew is alive and well, oh and so is Charles' "fat cheeks" not so pregnant (not scary anymore) sister. Charles was just thinking, now he's Uncle Charles. Uncle Charles' Nephew's name is Jalani Quaadir LeGree (Uncle Charles Thinks Uncle Charles spelled it correctly). Charles told his not so pregnant anymore sister, not to name "The Future" any "Boomshiki" names, but then she had to go and do this, and now Uncle Charles is mad, and He must Crush and Destroy, causing over 1 Million dollars in damage. Uncle Charles is just kidding, he loves his nephew's name, although, Uncle Charles thinks he has enough Muslim names in Charles life to last a life time! Uncle Charles' Nephew and his Nephew's mom are still both at the hospital. Both are doing fine, however Jalani is 4 pounds and 9 ounces and he has to stay at the hospital for the time being. However Uncle Charles' sister Chandra may be coming home Saturday. Tomorrow Jalani has to have a circumcision.

When Unlce Charles first got word of this, the first word that came to Uncle Charles' mouth was "Ouch". Charles doesn't understand why some doctors say that babies don't feel this when they slice your "precious". Charles bet it hurts, but Charles thinks that they say this, because there isn't any complaints from the babies in question, they can't communicate this, and by the time they are older they either have forgotten or have blocked out this "trauma" (LOL) all together. Charles is grateful that the memory is a distant memory (oh the humanity), because the males "precious" is sensitive, very sensitive. Charles don't dare kick anyone there (although Charles did in the past), because Charles can relate to sitting on ones knees begging please, that the pain will go away.

Charles wants to pimp people too! So The "Great One" part two will Pimp The Lord Of Butter. Charles has been reading OMZ journal for quite some time now. At first Charles was scared to leave a comment in Detached And Indifferent Expressions, but Charles got over it, because Charles couldn't hold in the laughter anymore. In fact Omar was one of the reasons that Charles started writing a journal. Rebecca was the other reason, Charles thinks that Rebecca of In The Shadow Of The Iris is a great writer, and Charles wishes that he had at least a pinky's worth of Rebecca's writing abilities. Charles also likes Steven's journal (Sometimes) Photoblog and Charles is glad that he found it. Steven takes some excellent pictures! Charles also enjoys Jackie's blog, the creator of Adventures of the Two-Faced Baseball and Not weird, I'm Eccentric. Charles likes her pictures too and likes hearing about the aliens upstairs. Charles is also pimping Tilly of Adventures of a desperately Fat Housewife. Charles loves hearing about her adventures, and he learned a thing or two about those micro-beasties the dust-mites. Charles also Likes Gem's Journal, Journally yours. Charles finds some interesting things there and thinks that Gem is a very nice person and Charles can't wait for his Christmas card to arrive in the mail. Charles likes Ari's journal Reflections of Ari! Charles especially liked when Ari did that entry on the Journal's Editor Screwing with the consumer! Charles thought that was Hilarious (That so Wrong LOL). Okay Charles' arms are getting tired, Charles may be a Pimp Daddy, but the Energizer Bunny Charles is not. Pimping ain't easy, so the pimp needs to look for some kind of voice recognition program or a nice tricked out ride to sleep in. Pimp out! More pimping in the future!

Charles would use his pimp name, but Charles doesn't like the sound of "Fadeproof Smooth" Besides the name Charles sounds like GOOD!


Ari said...

Aw hehe, thanks for the pimp!

Charles has a brand new nephew. Charles has great taste in women. Charles writes some hilarious comments. I like Charles. I think Charles rocks.


Char said...

Charles is also an excellent boy version of an even more excellent girls name, so Charles rocks by default as well as in actuality. Congratulations Uncle Charles!

Galen Brannagh said...

Add mine to the list of congratulations, Unc! And, yes, you SO totally rock!

The Dark Lord Omz said...

Thanks for the pimp again Uncle Charles!

Stephaine said...

Hi Charles,

Congratulations!! I've been reading a while and have enjoyed it so I decided to leave a comment and let you know. That secret sentence is a great idea. It's driving me crazy but it's a great way to pass the time at work.

Vivian said...

Congratulations on being an Uncle. I have a brother named Charles...and Uncle Charles is one of my son's favorite Uncles :) I'm sure you'll be excellent in this new role.

Enjoy your vacation.

Jackie said...

Aw, you're a sweetie. Thanks for pimping me... er, my blog! 2-Faced will get up and running again soon. I have a new Blogspot one started, but lots of primping it before I pimp it.
Great list of folks you have going on!

Steven said...

I've been pimped by one of the best!

Congrats on the Uncle title!

Brandy said...

Charles is a terrific guy who I'm thrilled I've gotten to start reading and I agree with the Ari chicklette that Charles leaves some great comments and I think Uncle Charles is going to make an awesome Uncle Charles and this nephew is going to be one lucky little dude!!!! I think Charles is pimptastic!!!! Brandy