Thursday, December 22, 2005

Seven years of going no where

Seven years ago he started working at his current job. This young man started from the bottom as a cart associate. Not few months later he was promoted to a cashier, because of his hard work. Oddly enough he liked cashiering, but he wanted to learn more about the front end. So eventually two years later he decided to inquire about becoming a runner (they call it CSL now), and he finally got his shot. He was one of the best runners on the front end, but he eventually became tired and wary from the stress of the new responsibilities and walking home from work at 12am.
His eyes started looking towards the service desk. It wouldn't take long for a position to open up afterwards. He curiously went and asked for the new spot up at the desk. However after a couple of months he was having problems at the service desk as well. They started cutting hours and leaving gaps in between shifts. He would be alone for a half and hour and he was still in the process of learning. When the stress got to him, he lashed out at the managers, and the store manager put him back on the front end.
He was relegated back to being a cashier, but he eventually couldn't take this anymore, so he asked to be a runner again. His request was granted and he resumed his role as a runner, but he decided to go and learn a little bit about another department called Price discipline. One day while running the front end, one of the managers decided to ask him to hang tags while he was running the front end. He agreed and went about his business. A few hours later, he finds out that the service desk is closing early and that he has to take care of refunds too. This infuriates him, not only is he running the front end, the manager has him hanging up tags too. Now she wants him to handle refunds as well. He lashes out at the manager, and she lashes back, and then the words insubordination comes up. She sends him home, and the next day he comes back to work. He is directed to the managers office where the Store Manager does the unnecessary speech and the talking, when she plans on firing him anyways. Finally when the Store Manager is done, he leaves and goes home. Visibly upset, but determined to get his job back. He goes home and calls a union representative. The union rep. Calls back the next day and tells him that he has a meeting in about a week, because the store manager went on vacation. So he waits the week, and when he gets to his place of employment, the union rep. Says that they are mad at him (Yeah so, he is mad at them). Finally he gets his job back, but they make him continue to run the front end, even though he didn't want too. About a month later his Maternal Grandmother (actually his step-grandmother...His real maternal grandmother died of cancer before he was born) died from a stroke. It was a breaking point for him. His aunt offers to take him with her and her family to her home in Charlotte, North Carolina. He stayed there for about four months, and decided to come back home. One day while he and his mom are shopping at his former job, the customer service manager offers him, his job back. He accepts, and he becomes a cashier again. Eventually the service desk manager needs help at the desk, and she offers him his old job back. By then most of the stuff that was causing the stress is gone. He agrees and he ends up at the desk again. Recently, he has been having some issues with customers and money in his till. He still suspects someone of stealing, but the sixty dollars that was missing, "Mysteriously ended up back in the office".

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Ari said...

Is there any higher person at work that he can talk to? He should do so, just to protect himself. This does not sound kosher to me. Highly suspicious... there has to be someone he can talk to that will be on his side.