Friday, December 16, 2005

Things that I say the most.

I was tagged by Brandy of My World, My Rant!!!!!!!!!!!!!, (Thanx for tagging me!) for the ten things I say the most. I don't know if I have ten, but here we go.

1) Can I help you: This is what at I say at work, to tell the customers politely, "your next". Sometimes if it is a customer that I don't like I add on in my head, "You Jerk".

2) Thank You, have a nice day: Another work saying, which I use as a way to say goodbye, or in some cases, goodbye hope you never come back.

3) Give me a sec: I say this often when people are rushing me. Usually I end up making a mistake or forgetting something.

4) What's Up Bouk: Whenever I see Bouk, that saying simply pops out of my head like clockwork.

5) That was so wrong: When someone said something bad about a person, or something bad happened to a person (including me), whether it be funny or cruel, or sometimes both.

6) I can't believe I am a uncle: Self explanatory! I still can't believe it. My sister once told me that if she ever had kids, to kill her! (Where is mom's bat?) Seriously, I have to remind her of that one.

7) That is so cool!: I say this whenever something interesting, like when Playstation 2 came out, or this new computer that I saw on HSN that I want. Something that leaves me in awe!

8) My Bad: I say this a lot folks. When ever I do something wrong, or I am wrong, or I brush up against someone accidentally, or I scuff someone's sneakers, or I forget to do something (you get the point), my bad!

9) Where are you going: Whenever I want to know where people are going and they don't tell me before they leave, I get curious. So I say this, and I say it often. Such is the life of a lonely person (sigh).

10) Finally: This is what I say when I am done with something (for instance this meme and work). Actually I'm not done though, I have more!

11) Hey stop doing that: referring to Jet when he bites Bouk in the neck. What is the matter with these cats?? Sniffing butts, biting, plastic bag fetishes. WEIRD!

12) Maaan: I say this in a whiny tone of voice, when something doesn't go my way, or something frustrating happens, or something breaks (like that generic TV).

13) Holy Crap: Well I used to the word with the S in it after Holy, but it felt a little wrong, so I changed it. When something shocking happens.

14) Come on already: This is what I say, when I am trying to get something to work right (for instance when my computer freezes up for some reason while I am logged on the internet).

15) I'm Evil: that's what I say, when I am told that I am cruel, or evil. I agree!

16) Stupid _____: Insert whatever inanimate object (for instance a doorknob that I broke quite awhile back, while my brother was chasing me. That made me realize that I say this often.

17) Time to make a donation: Its a toilet saying!

that's about it. If I figure out what else I say I'll post it here.


Ari said...

Hahaha, I've never heard the last one before! I like your sayings. I used to have to say "May I help you?" a lot as well. I got so used to saying it, that one time I answered the phone that way. "May I help you? No! Wait.. I mean, Hello?"



Gabreael said...

Please check out my post today on Directory Assistance.


Chris said...

I like how you use Thank you have a nice day as a polite "please go screw yourself with a piece of re-bar". It is effective, isn't it?

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