Sunday, December 04, 2005

Revealed Sentence V

Last week, for the first time ever! I had more than one person take a guess! Judith Heartsong Provided us with Secret Sentence V, as she was the winner of the fourth one.
Kelly(She was the first one to answer correctly by the way, and she was the first to guess the first secret sentence correctly, but she decided to let someone else take a chance at it.)
Bon & Mal Mott
Everyone except Bon & Mal Mott (sorry) worded it correctly. The correct sentence was "I wear my heart upon my sleeve." I had to look that one up too! I found it as a quote from Shakespeare, and as a lyric from the song, "Alone Again". However since this was the first time I had more than one person take a guess at it, I decided it would be fun to put everyone in the mix. I put ya'll, all into one bag and you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around and thats what its all about! and the winner is (for the second time) Redsneakz!
Thank you for playing! Hmm...I wonder what the next sentence will be?

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Kelly said...

Cheated I've been cheated! ROFL - wtg everybody :-)