Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Respect the elder shirts!

See that shirt...I bought it when I was in high school. My junior year, I had my first summer job. I was helping to clean up and clean out a high school called Eastridge. They were remodeling so they needed help with throwing out old desks and cleaning out the lockers (someone left a playboy). We waxed the floors and we cleaned the bathrooms (can you say yuck). There were other tasks too, but that's not why I'm writing this.

can't believe I still have this shirt. Just about every other shirt that I have had has come and gone, and this one is still going strong. I would say that this shirt is my favorite, but then I would be putting a contract out on its life (anyone with bad Karma stay away). I have had this shirt a little over twelve years, which is older than my sister Ablah!

I bought it from a store called Jeans West with my first paycheck (I only got two, because I got paid every two weeks and a
month is about how long I worked there). That was my favorite store, well That and the $9.99 Stockroom. There both gone now (out of business). Funny thing is, my shirt lasted longer than those stores too!

There isn't really much wrong with it. At first I was thinking about getting rid of it, because of all of the lint on the sleeves and the chest and on the back, but I was introduced to another one of my best friends (fabric softener). It got those lint balls out of my shirt pretty good. There is only a few on the letters R.E.S.U.L.T.S. There is also a stain on one of the wrists that nobody can really see, and no it's not snot. I can live with these minor nuisances though. I love the shirt! Last Saturday I wore it to work for "casual day" We have to pay a dollar for a worthy cause so we can dress down. There was a guy and his wife that came in and he said that he had the same shirt. Normally I would be like, (thoughts in my head) "You got the same shirt as me, I think it's time to burn it." This time (out loud) I was like cool! His wife told him that she boxed up and put it in storage. Now that he saw me with it, he figures that he can sport it again. It never went out of style in my book. I finally brought something back into style! Its like I am a originator or something. Call me the YTIWPOBINL...You Thought It Was Played Out, But It Never Left!

Here is tip number 2: Never Call something you really like "your favorite", or it will end up in a landfill.

Now You Know Better-Amel Larrieux

Now You Know Better-Amel Larrieux
can you remember when you were just 6 years old
with a trusting heart accepting everything you're told
anyone bigger must have been right
even if they were wrong
you'd take what was given
you didn't know better
all your little mind could comprehend was goodness and truth
even when the baddest things were being done to you
ain't it a shame how you pay
for your innocence
when you take what was given
you didn't know better
lovin', cheatin', people leaving
dying, livin, losin and forgivin
growin, sayin no, and being who you are
what about the time when you became 16 years old?
with an unsure heart believing some of what you're told
wanting to be someone different
but there's pressure to be the same
so you'd take what was given
you didn't know better
all that you think about was what you should or should not do
every single insecurity was magnified for you
and suddenly you began to feel all the contradictions
but you'd take what was given
you didn't know better
lovin', cheatin', people leaving
dying, and livin, losin and forgivin
growin, sayin no, and being who you are
now here you are a little older than before
you really been through it and you might go through some more
but if there's one precous thing you've learned
it's that you can't just take what was given
cuz now you know better
lovin', cheatin', people leaving
dying, and livin, losin and forgivin
growin, sayin no, and being who you are
Who you
who you are

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My New Best Friend

Today and for the next few days this box will be my best friend! I will carry it wherever I go, and I will treat it with the utmost respect. This little box has saved countless sleeves from becoming soaked from mucus in my nose (commonly referred to as snot). It will be at my side, it will be at my computer desk, it will be with me while I watch TV, It will be with me while I rest. My newfound friend gives me it's soft cloth like substance that he secretes from the top of his well....Box Top, and it does this willingly, without any hesitation. Therefore I must thank this ever so generous entity for making my day a little better! Thank you Mr. Tissue Dispenser, I won't ever forget the sacrifice that you've made for me!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Being sick makes you do stupid things

In regards to the secret sentence!

The Dummy forgot the dummy word! I'm not going to edit either. Call it a freebie!

Secret Sentence V

Below, I wrote a journal entry and in my entry there are Blue words in bold scattered throughout it. The object of the game is to form the correct sentence from the words that I have given you! I will be giving you a dummy word to make it a little more difficult. The people who guess correctly will be put in a drawing of sorts, and the winner gets to have a sentence of their choice in the next "Secret Sentence"! However, the winner cannot guess in the next "Secret Sentence" if they submit a sentence in. I'll post the answer at the end of the week!

Last week Judith Heartsong guessed it correctly and this week she gets to provide us with a sentence! I didn't eat the whole thing by the way!

Secret Sentence V: Opening up has left thyself "Alone Again"!

Looks like I'm back, and yes I didn't get any sleep. I still have my sore throat, and I still have a slight fever. Let me add a few more items to the list:

Snot Factory (check)

blurry vision, worse than normal (check)

weakness (check)

fatigue (check)

sneezing (check)

Chest Hurts (check)

It felt like I was having a heart attack, but maybe I was having problems with my lungs or something. It feels better now, I probably would be near death and still refuse to go to the doctor.
I feel like I could be the poster boy for Theraflu, or Ty Cold and Sinus. I had to get up and go and get some tissue from the store, and while I was there I bought some air sanitizer, and throat drops. My throat is somewhat better, but I bet that is only because of the drops, as soon as it wears off, I am going to wish that I could just rip my throat from right out of my mouth.
Earlier this morning when I was typing the previous post I even forgot what I was going upstairs for (worse than normal). I couldn't think straight and I was ready to give up and just leave my computer online and just stay upstairs, but I remembered that I needed my glasses. As I was going back downstairs I had two visitors waiting in front of my doorway they were looking at me with puppy eyes as if to say, "Please Sir I'd Like Some More". However that wasn't what they wanted, they wanted to terrorize my bedroom, so I let Bouk and Jet (Kitten X finally has a name) go upstairs. I came back to my computer and then I forgot that I had to get a tea bag from my room (yeah they are in my room, they seem to vanish quicker in the kitchen). Which reminds me, I have to go and get a tea bag now!

Salada Tag Line: Some people fall for everything and stand for nothing.

After I was done with my entry, and I finally felt like I was tired enough to go into a coma, I went upstairs and tried to sleep. I had a few obstacles. First (Stupid Me) I let the cats in my room and they took over my bed. I was fine with it, because I didn't have the strength to kick them out as long as I had my covers. Second, I couldn't find my TV remote to turn my TV off. In the end I ended up watching Farscape on TV. When it went off, I had finally found my remote and I turned the TV off. Third Obstacle, the lights are off and the cats get to play. They got up and started play fighting, oh but first Jet decided that he was going to sit upon my chest and impair my breathing. I mustered up the strength and then I got out of my bed and was given a fourth and final Obstacle. Jet decided that he was in trouble and he went under my bed searching for refuge. Bouk knew what time it was and he clocked out of my room. Jet kept moving from arms length so I couldn't reach him. So I decided that I was going to scare him out. So I kept lifting and dropping the box spring, no luck there. Then I slid my crystal chest set at him. Jet finally ran out and ran next to my fan. As I lunged for him he ran and I managed to grab his tail and pick him up and kick his fast little a** out of my room! Peace at last! Peace but no sleep. I think I stared at my little heater the whole night. I can't tell you how many times I wiped my nose with a sleeve on my sweater, that I wear to bed at night during the cold weather. I didn't even care. I didn't have any tissue, and I certainly wasn't going to wipe it on my covers or sheets. Now here I am probably grossing people out and you know what I am not care! (I Just Love Saying That).

Our red leaf friend

Salada Tag Line: Artists that jog usually become great panters. (I have no idea what the word panters is, and neither does my spellcheck)
Since I can't sleep, I thought that I could post the picture of the tree in our backyard. I was supposed to do this before, but then our "little rectangular friend" showed up at the top of our journals, and I had made a decision to stop writing in my journal. That was then and this is now. I can't sleep, because I have a sore throat and a cold, and I feel a fever coming on.

The tree in our backyard turns red in the fall, so I will just let it speak for itself! The first was taken from our backyard.

The second one was taken from my bedroom!

It was still going strong, while most of the trees in our neighborhood had lost most of there leaves.
Now I am going to finish drinking my tea. I may come back and do my next secret sentence, but I am hoping that I won't, because I want to just sleep the day away or sleep until I feel better, whichever comes first. I have trouble sleeping when I am sick though, so all signs point to me returning!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

any suggestions!

Do you know what time of year it is? It isn't Thanksgiving, and it isn't Black Friday (NO). It's Salvation Army Red Kettle time! That's right, it's the time of year where they bring out the red kettle and that little bell (I'm going to get you my pretty). I think it's a honorable thing that they do this to feed the needy, but I think they need to end the tradition of the bell! It's annoying, to have it constantly ringing over and over non-stop. It's actually a person ringing the bell, and I think some of them actually like it. At one point it felt like the bell was actually in my head. It got to the point where I started daydreaming about beating the crap into the skull of the person ringing the thing. Right in the spots where I felt it in my head, until it got stuck in there. It's only been three days since they have been here, and I haven't even felt my glasses bothering me.
I'm wishing that they would use wind chimes, yeah that would work. They are more peaceful, more calmer in the wind, and the bell carrier don't even have to hold anything. Just hook the wind chimes on to the base that is holding the kettle. I mainly think that the bell was used as a way to keep the volunteers warm, but if you supply them with hot chocolate, (with adults this next one is optional) or hard liquor I bet they would keep warm then and the alcohol would solve the volunteer shortage. Although with the alcohol there would probably be a whole new set of complaints. Instead of the bell problem, there would be, "this drunk volunteer just told me his entire life story and then he puked all over my dress/pants", or "your volunteer just demanded that I pay up, he/she said that they know that I had the [Funds]"! People would pay them just to get away from the volunteer! Okay maybe that's a little farfetched, but I want the bell to go away, or at least 1000 feet away from the store entrance! 3 days down and a month more of headaches to go!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Revealed Sentence IV

Judith Heartsong Guessed this weeks (which was provided by last weeks winner Redsneakz of Separation Anxiety secret sentence correctly this week! The answer (I believe) was based on a old TV commercial by "Alka Seltzer". I had to look it up, because I was curious!
Here's what I found and here is the answer also!
A man is sitting on the edge of his bed with a rather ill look on his face and he says "I can't believe I ate the WHOLE thing". The voice over goes into his schpeel about Alka Seltzer and then comes back to the guy who now is smiling and says "the WHOLE thing".

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Just wanted to Say!

Off To Work Everyone! Just Wanted to wish Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Drive Safely, and Chow Down!

Thanksgiving Eve (Brother Bonding)

Look closely: Do you see what is wrong with this picture? Offensive linemen normally have numbers in the 60's and 70's, and in some cases 90's, but this particular "Offensive Linemen" on the Washington Redskins in our Madden 2006 Franchise (my brother and I are playing) has number ten. numbers 1-19 are usually reserved for quarterbacks, kickers and punters, sometimes receivers and tight-ends may get them. It wasn't a tight-end playing Left Guard though, it was a the Redskins kicker "John Hall" lined up at Left Guard. My brother and I didn't notice it until a full quarter had passed. The Redskins had depleted most of there offensive line to injury, heck most of there team was gone! It's like marrying one of the main characters on a soap opera, you don't want to do it! If you do you will die! It's just soooo wrong. Take Vicki on One Life To Live! Just about every guy she has married has been laid to rest! Look at her name! Victoria Lord Riley Burke Riley Buchanan Buchanan Carpenter Davidson! You will only survive if your last name is Buchanan! So so wrong! Don't ever put your kickers in this predicament. So he was playing on offense, and it had me and Jevon Cracking up! Look at the guy he's bones compared to the other linemen! In fact we have some of our own Quotes.

Jevon: What the...I see someone with the number ten playing on the offensive line!
Charles: Yeah right, I think you were seeing things.
[Looking at instant replay]
Jevon: Yes I did look, HAHAHAHAHAHA.
Charles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (Laughing Hysterically), I got to see who this is!
[Jevon is going into the Depth Chart]
Jevon: It's the freakin' kicker, John Hall! (Laughing Hysterically)
Charles: What The Hell he's doing there (still laughing).
Jevon: I dunno, but I am going to exploit him!
Charles: (Head Coach) John Hall, (John Hall) Yeah coach (Head Coach) we need you on offense, our offensive line is depleted, go and play left guard! (John Hall) Coach are you crazy, I don't know anything about it!
Jevon: (John Hall) I'll get smashed coach!

Then Ablah walks in the room and asks us why we are laughing. We explain to her that the offensive line has ran out of players so the Redskins put in there kicker. She asks us what is a kicker and then I am like....

Charles: Sigh! (shaking head as if to say why bother) The kicker kicks the balls.
Jevon: The kicker kicks the "Balls" LOAO (laughing our asses off).
Ablah: Jevon your nasty!
All togheter: Laughing uncontrollably!

At the end of that game Jevon had 105 points, over 200 rushing yards, over 450 passing yards, and 18 sacks! I matched him with 101 points that week. We have gotten good with this game. I think it's time to move on to a harder difficulty level.

The day before thanksgiving!

Last night was a good one. I had the day off so I got up and I watched Star Trek II: Wrath Of Khan. There were a lot of good quotes in that movie, one of which I used in Secret Sentence. The other ones that I liked were....

Kirk: There's a man out there I haven't seen in 15 years who's trying to kill me. You show me a son that'd be happy to help. My son. My life that could have been... and wasn't. How do I feel? Old. Worn out

These quotes came from and entire scene, but there is one part in blue that I liked the most!

Kirk: Khan, you bloodsucker. You're gonna have to do your own dirty work now, do you hear me? Do you?
Khan: Kirk. You're still alive, old friend.
Kirk: Still, "old friend." You've managed to kill everyone else but like a poor marksman, you keep missing the target.
Khan: Perhaps I no longer need to try, Admiral. [beams the Genesis device away]
Kirk: Khan... Khan, you've got Genesis, but you don't have me. You were going to kill me, Khan. You're gonna have to come down here. You're gonna have to come down here.
Khan: I've done far worse than kill you, Admiral. I've hurt you. And I wish to go on hurting you. I shall leave you as you left me, as you left her: marooned for all eternity in the center of a dead planet, buried alive. Buried alive.
Kirk: KHAAANNNN. [echo]

Khan: Ah Kirk, my old friend. Do you know the Klingon proverb that tells us revenge is a dish that is best served cold? It is very cold in space.

I enjoyed this scene too, although it made me sad (when I was a kid and now). It was after Spock sacrificed his life by going into the radiation chamber and reactivated the warp drive to save Enterprise from Genesis Effect.

Kirk: Spock. Spock: Ship... out of danger?
Kirk: Yes.
Spock: Don't grieve, Admiral. It is logical. The needs of the many outweigh...
Kirk: ...the needs of the few.
Spock: ...Or the one. I never took the Kobayashi Maru test until now. What do you think of my solution?
Kirk: Spock...
Spock: I have been and always shall be your friend.
[Holds up his hand in the Vulcan salute]
Spock: Live long and prosper.

I'll miss the Original crew, I even mentioned to my brother that Star Trek will never be the same again, especially now that Deforest Kelly and James Doohan are gone. I mentioned it to him during brother bonding, while playing Madden 2006.
Which reminds me......

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

An Axe and Two 38's!

My Mom Sent this via Email to me:

An elderly woman had just returned to her home from anevening of Religious service when she was startled by anintruder.As she caught the man in the act of robbing her home of itsvaluables, she yelled, "Stop - Acts 2:38!" (..turn from yoursin...).The burglar stopped dead in his tracks.The woman calmly called the police and explained what shehad done.As the officer cuffed the man to take him in, he asked theburglar, "Why did you just stand there? All she did was yella scripture to you.""Scripture?" replied the burglar, "She said she had an AXEand two 38's!"

I'm going back, and staying here!

What’s up everyone! We didn’t get that victory I was hoping for, but Joe says that they are putting up a disclaimer, and that plays a part in this post and my decision. After carefully thinking and listening to other people’s advice, I have decided to resume My AOL Journal! I will be using my Blogger journal as a 2nd journal to mingle with my friends there. Everyone said basically the same thing, “Go with your Heart”. My heart is with my AOL “Am I Thinking That” Journal. It won’t be the same with that eyesore at the top, but I won’t be the same with my posts either. I’m going to see how far I can go. I won’t be holding back as much as I have in my other entries (and believe me I have been holding back). I may make some people upset at me with my jokes and my thoughts, but please don’t get offended. It’s not my intentions to hurt anyone. My thoughts, My Journal, This is My Story, This is My fun, and everybody is welcome to come along for the ride. It doesn’t matter if your “Blogger” or “AOL Journals”.

What’s up Losah’s Club!

Monday, November 21, 2005

This is different kind of Lay Away program!

I posted this in my yahoo 360 Blog, which I haven't been using, so decided to put it here.
Originally posted October 11th 2005

Look Closely: I just want to know, who would put a tombstone on lay away. Just thinking about the words "Lay Away" gives me the creeps. Are they gonna "Lay Away" my body as well if I ever died and No one could afford my tombstone. "Here lays Charles, he couldn't afford his tombstone so we had to put his body in a freezer and use it as collateral" I can only imagine what the future will hold, maybe they'll cremate people and place there ashes inside of the tombstones and place them in grave yards. Am I getting carried away? Can you say Futurerama!

I'm not dying, but I can sort of relate!

Five Stages of Grief:
Denial (this isn't happening to me!)
Anger (why is this happening to me?)
Bargaining (I promise I'll be a better person if...)
Depression (I don't care anymore)
Acceptance (I'm ready for whatever comes)

Actually I was already depressed, so that one is out of place for me. I became sad, after the "Great Exodus" occurred. I didn't feel like reading or writing in my journal for a short time, and then I got my journal here at blogspot and still felt empty. I felt this way right up until Redsneakz answered my Secret Sentence and I felt better. Now I am willing to compromise. If they put up a disclaimer or give us an option to choose which ads we want, or just take them down totally I am all for it. Eventually I will probably just accept the stupid Ad considering there is one on my yahoo profile and resume my AOL journal. If so, I still will used this journal too.

Secret Sentence IV:

Below, I wrote a journal entry and in my entry there are Blue words in bold scattered throughout it. The object of the game is to form the correct sentence from the words that I have given you! I will be giving you a dummy word to make it a little more difficult. The people who guess correctly will be put in a drawing of sorts, and the winner gets to have a sentence of their choice in the next "Secret Sentence"! However, the winner cannot guess in the next "Secret Sentence" if they submit a sentence in. I'll post the answer at the end of the week!

Last Week's winner was Redsneakz of Separation Anxiety, he was the first and the only to take a jab at it. Congrats, oh and sometimes I do wish I that "I am the King Of The World"!

Secret Sentence IV: I Bet A Lot of You Will Be Saying This Soon!

I think I will just post an entry "in honor of Thanksgiving" It's that time of year already. Yesterday when I was talking to my brother Jevon, he mentioned that he couldn't believe that Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Come to think of it now that I think about it I can't believe either. It seems like summer was only yesterday, and it seem like Jevon got his car a few weeks ago. It feels like time is at a accelerated rate. I guess maybe everyone was looking forward to turkey day. I know I was, because not only do I get to "pig out", but I get to spend some time with my family. I'm hoping that either my Aunt Lori comes over, or that we go and visit her. She was at the baby shower, but she came after I left.

Another good thing about Thanksgiving is that, every year my job runs this promotion for customers and employees to earn 250 points (one dollar equals one point) to get a free turkey. Every year my mom and I team up and get that sucker (gobble, gobble). Of course it's kind of like spending $250 on a turkey, but we still shop a lot regardless. Especially myself, because I work in the place and all that food makes me hungry.

I remember last Thanksgiving I had two helpings of Turkey, well actually I had two plates full of food. I ate them both too. I guess you can call me a greedy little son of a (expletive deleted). Last year I didn't stay downstairs though, because I had to work and my Aunt Lori and my Aunt Terri had came to visit, and things got a little noisy. They were watching "Soul Plane" and they were laughing there butts off. I was tired and I didn't feel good, but I did say hi and chatted with them a bit. This year I am going to make it my goal to stay downstairs and be with my family. I'm kind of hoping I can, but if my steponme-dad is there, I won't be within the vicinity of the premises (actually within the confines of the living room). I'll just go upstairs and play against Jevon in Madden, or play Indigo Prophecy.

Oh yeah, that reminds me, not one, but two football games will be played on Thanksgiving day. I completely forgot. I will be camped out at the TV. First I have to work though. I work 10am-3pm. The store is closing early, for us to spend time with our families. It always does, but this is like the first time we closed at four. I remember it staying open until 6pm when I first started working there. You want to know what the funny part of all this is. When we close, people still drive in the parking lot looking to shop. They see the parking lot empty, and employees walking out in bunches and they ask, "are you still open". No, No we aren't, but you can go to the mini mart that is affiliated with us, they are still open. It's funny, Full-Timers get to have the freaking day off, but Part-Timers have to work. I am glad that I get to work, but you'd think they'd give me more hours. It's a holiday, and we get holiday pay and premium, and guess what I want to get paid! $400 check would be pretty nice, although I'd probably see $100 less. I'd work the whole day if they kept the store open. I see $$$$$ people!

I wonder what we are having for dinner? Yes, I know it's bad when you don't plan ahead, but that is how my mother works. She never plans anything, last year we ate at a pretty good time(6pm), but the year before, I think we ate at about 8pm. It's all worth it in the end though. Turkey, Dressing, Collard Greens, Macaroni and Cheese, Macaroni Salad, Green Beans, And rice, Crab Salad, Salad, Sweet Potato Pie, Banana Pudding, Cherry Surprise Cake, Soda, Juice (mainly for Jevon because he doesn't drink soda) we are going be chowing down. Let's get this thing started now! Out of curiosity, what are you Guys and Gals having for Turkey day?

I am Thankful that I get to spend some time with my family.
I am Thankful that we are all healthy for the most part.
I am Thankful that I am going to be a uncle.
I am Thankful that I am loved.
I am Thankful that we are going to eat.
I am Thankful

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Patrick's Weekender's Saturday Six (A Little Late)

Okay a lot Late!

Patrick's Saturday Six

1. What was the last movie you watched at a theater completely alone? Would you have enjoyed it more or less if you had gone with someone to see it?

The last Movie I went to see alone was War Of The Worlds. I don't think it would have made much of a difference, because I was too busy paying attention to the movie to even notice anyone was in the theatre.

2. What was the last non-sexual thing you did around the house completely naked?

Uhhhmmmm...I...uhhhmmmm....I forgot my soap in my bedroom, so I had to leave the shower and run upstairs to get it. I am soooo glad that no one was home. Well Bouk(our cat) was, but I think I blocked out his reaction (LOL).

3. How well do you know your neighbors? Would you like to know them better or not know them?

I don't know my neighbors at all! You know after years of them throwing there garbage in our garbage can, and throwing there trash in our backyard, along with constantly, threatning my brother, parking in our driveway, drama from baby's momma, and blasting music late at night, I must say that I don't ever want to get to know them. I saved there lives from a fire, there first year in there house, and I didn't even get a thank you. They were lucky, because only one room was damaged and a little of damage done to the outside of the house.

4. Take this
quiz: How much of a conspiracy nut are you?

5. Of the following "conspiracies" mentioned in that quiz, which single one would you most like the "truth" about and why? I would like to know if these new super bugs are being created by governments!

I bet things would change with the quickness if these new deadly viruses were actually bio-weapons.

6. If you had to create a slogan that defined your life, what would it be?

This is a toughie! Hmm...How about, "If they only new"! I say that a lot when I regret not telling a woman I am interested in (and she is in to me) her. For instance, there is this one woman that works up the street at McDonald's. I think she is beautiful, and I know she likes me, but I am like (insert blank stare here) "Hello" and I end the conversation at that. Clammy hands stuttering words, you'd think I was in love or something.

Revealed Sentence

Redsneakz was the only one to take a crack at my secret sentence. It was, "I'm The King Of The World". It was a line from Titanic, and I gave a hint in the title (unsinkable). Well Sneakz, if you want to, you can pick the next sentence.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Two Links and a babyshower!


Bush Freefall

I Never got a chance to rest my eyes last night, or get some sleep until about midnight. I had to tear out the rug in the room here, where my computer is. Bouk Sprayed it a year ago, (along with other areas in the house). Most of our rug was gone, but the part in this room was still here. I stripped it myself and the material beneath it. Afterwards I had to wait until my mother and sisters came home, so I could see what else they needed done (my sister's baby shower is today). Well fourtantly for me not much. Ablah and I used some needle cutters a hammer and a screwdriver to remove the staples in the floor that was keeping the rug down, and then she mopped the floor. When it was all said and done I put everything back in its place (computer desk, computer, Piano, desk, fan...etc. Even when you are finished at work, there still seems to me more work.

Friday, November 18, 2005


I wonder, what day is this? Day four since they put up that ad banner? I was thinking about switching to Road Runner W/AOL, but I'm thinking Verizon right now! You know they have hundreds if not thousands of ad banners on other sites, why do they need them on journals. I mean C'mon will it hurt their bottom dollar to remove them.

Anyways, my eyes are still hurting from yesterday, well actually before that. I'm still having double vision and it's still a little blurry. My glasses were/are bothering my nose, and my eyes a little. It hasn't even been two years yet, and I manage to damage my glasses and get a little more blind. I just want to go upstairs and just close my eyes for a bit, but I remembered something. I remembered when I posted in my journal, about how I got suspended and what I thought about it. I wrote that the manager told me the dollar amount of how much the customer that I argued with supposedly spent in the store a week. It wasn't about my actions or her un-satisfaction, it was about the money. That's what is going on here, I believe our letters and our complaints are falling on deaf ears. I think the only way we may get somewhere is either with more supporters or legal action. Today we got an email concerning the service desk. The customer came to the desk on three different occasions to complain about people that are not handicapped parked in the handicapped zone. When he came to me, he asked me to call the police, but I felt it was a bit(what's the word I'm looking for) overkill! So I called the manager instead. So with that email he threatened to sue and now we have to call a manager and call the police whenever this occurs (I still think its overkill).

You know the funny thing is we got two more complaints. One was that we didn't respond to the bottle machines fast enough. If these people could only understand that there are times when we are either busy helping customers at the desk, or we are by ourselves and can't get to it. What do they want us to do just walk away from the customer that we are helping (in the middle of a western union transaction, money order transaction, lotto transaction, utility payment transaction, check-cashing transaction, phone call, wringing groceries, Bottles are like the last thing on our minds. Most of the people returning the bottles don't even shop at our store, they get there money and leave. Then there are sanitary issues. The bottles aren't even clean most of the time, and in some cases, someone brings in bottles with gasoline in them.

The second complaint was, (it wasn't my sister) that our pens didn't work! What kind of complaint is that? If our pens don't have any ink in them, let us know and we will either replace it, or give you one of ours (we have plenty).

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Journal Links and such!

Right off the bat, I just want to say, that I haven't forgotten the others that read my journal. I plan on posting more links as soon as Bouk stops jumping on my keyboard (well he is, but I am kidding still). My eyes are tired and hurting since last night. Our registers at the desk have computer monitors and I must say that looking at monitors at work and at home can be draining to my eyes. Combined with the fact that I can't wear my former nemesis as much (the broken glasses), the eyes are hurting to say the least. It seems that lately every time I say i've gotten a new enemy, another one shows up. First it was my coats, then my glasses, then generic TV's now its Ad Banners.

I'm tired of the eyesores, will someone please rid me of the freakin' eyesores. I am waiting for Joe to bust out another entry in his journal, but I don't think I can wait much longer. I think I will lurk At Scalzi's and see what he has to say. I left my last entry in my AOL journal, but I am not going to black it out. I want them to see that I am serious. Of course I might lose some friends and fellow journalers in the process. I hope AOL will come to there collective senses and remove the banners before it's too late.

You know what the worse part of this is, I had promised that I would post a picture of my tree in the backyard when it turned its fall red colors, and some people were looking forward to it. Now this is on hold, as well as any of my other ideas. It really, really sucks! Struggle between good and evil, right vs. wrong. I hope that we can all post Victory in our Journals!

Secret Sentence III

This is my third Secret Sentence, but it's my first on Blogspot. Basically this is a repeat of the last one I did with my AOL journal. The Mega Millions isn't $310 Million Dollars anymore.

Below, I wrote a journal entry and in my entry there are Blue words in bold scattered throughout it. You have to form the correct sentence from the words that I have given you! I will be giving you a dummy word to make it a little more difficult. The people who guess correctly will be put in a drawing of sorts, and the winner gets to have a sentence of their choice in the next "Secret Sentence"! However, the winner cannot guess in the next "Secret Sentence" if they submit a sentence in. I'll post the answer at the end of the week!

Secret Sentence: Unsinkable Delusions of Grandeur

I wasn't able to go online yesterday, because it was very windy outside. I guess the wind was so powerful, that it knocked the phone line out. I wonder if ours was the only one affected or not. Anyways I get on this morning to ease my "withdrawal" from not being able to go online yesterday, and I wasn't able to edit or add entries to my journal for time. I started throwing a little fit, and then I just calmed down, and went to the message board and posted a comment about it. Then I came back to my journal, still no change, then I looked for my syringe and some drug residue and.....oh yeah this is a journal that's right! Well figuratively, the residue was any hope of me being able to post my Secret Sentence entry, which I'm doing right now. The syringe is my stupid computer, which can't connect with out a phone line (dial-up, you got to love it).
I can honestly say that the last couple of days have been interesting. I don't know if I wrote about my "half empty, half full" windowor not. Well either way the window pane was partially sticking out, the seal on it gave out and the window was more like a spoiler on a car. A few months ago I tried to grab the window, but I couldn't bring it back into place without gettingmy hands stuck. So then I got a band-aid and tried to use that, I failed with that not so brilliant idea. Finally I used a pair of tweezers and I got it in place, but only temporarily. It popped back out, dangling in the wind as if it was trying to tell me to let it go so it can fly freely into the wind as if it was the "King Of All Windows". Can you imagine me trying to talk to a window. "Look Mr. Window, if you come loose you won't go anywhere but down." Sunday night it was very windy, and I didn't even think about the window. I just wanted to watch the Bills game and then slip away quietly into the night (as closed to death without going over...the price is right.) Eventually I fell asleep, with two minutes left of the Bills game (Go Bills).
When I woke up in the middle of the night, I noticed that my window shade was a bit more action filled than normal. When I saw it blow over my lamp I knew. The stupid window made a "break" for it. I didn't even care. I was very tired with the erratic work schedule and lack of sleep. So I just let lied there in bed and went back to sleep. When I woke up Monday morning, I went outside to look for the remains (i'm saying it as if its a dead body or something). I was surprised that the window only broke into two pieces, because it fell from three stories. Of course after I brought the stupid glass into the house, I went and got a garbage bag and covered the hole. The only problem with that is the noise that the bag makes.
The Mega Millions is $310 Million Dollars. What in the world is going on. I feel like the NYS Lotto is out to make me go crazy. It's a good thing I have off today (LOL). Someone else gets to deal with the insanity. Let me just say that I have my ticket, because you got to be in it to win it. I remember a joke that my mom sent me via email. There was this woman praying to God. She asked him to let her win the lotto jackpot, and when she didn't she asked him why. In response God told her that she has to buy a ticket first. It's amazing that I can't get one number in that stupid jackpot. I wonder what I would have to say to actually win. Maybe I should make a rap about it. Ahem......just kidding! King Kong, Mega Millions, and Lotto (well someone actually won the lotto jackpot.
Speaking of Lotto. This guy named Ron won $5000 dollars on a instant ticket...AGAIN! Thats right...again. He won it once at our store earlier this year, and before that he says he won at a Mobile gas station. He also won $1000 twice at our store and he also found out that he didn't have cancer. He plays the $5 and $10 dollar tickets. The ticket he recently won on is called "250,000,000 Bonanza". Wish I had some of his luck, maybe it'll rub off if I rub his bald head.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I Have migrated (for awhile)

I can't believe I'm doing this. I invested so much time into my AOL journal. I can't believe that they had the nerve to post ad banners in our journals. I am upset to say the least, but I think I will be posting here to for the time being. By the way for those of you who don't know me, my name is Charles. I have a AOL journal called "Am I Thinking That?" I don't see any advertising here, but who knows that may change too. I think the banner on my AOL journal is like an eye sore.

For the record I like Blogspot already, because there is so many more options when it comes to composing a entry post.