Thursday, December 01, 2005

Enough of this!

I remember when I was a kid, my English teacher Mr. Mulley had a interesting topic that we discussed in class. First though, for the next 3 days he let us watch a movie called Menace II Society, and then when we were finished we discussed gangs, violence and the black youth of America. He told us that a lot of us age 21 and under were dying from homicide and asked us for suggestions on how to stop this from happening. I for one refused to believe it and we had a moment of heated discussion. I am beginning to think he is right!

Well actually I have thought this was the case for awhile now. There has been over 50 homicides in Rochester this year, and at least seven of them were youngsters, ages 19 and under. Not to mention the fact that a two year old boy got shot in the face by a stray bullet, while waiting with his family at a bus stop. He survived though and it wasn't life threatening. With all of this happening Rochester officials brought up the topic of "CURFEW". It was all over the news and the radio. One morning I was listening to the "Water Cooler" on 104 WDKX. They were talking about the issue of having a curfew. Officials were saying that anyone out during curfew would be sent to a "detention center" and have there parent or guardian contacted and have them pick up there child. One listener called in and said a curfew was a good idea, but who was going to enforce it. We don't have enough police officers to man the streets for criminals and wayward children. I also remember some one calling in saying that it is getting crazy out on the streets, and that he is a former thug and he is scared (that one I kind of thought was ignorant). There was a suggestion different times for different ages by one caller.
I think it was:

ages 12 and younger until 7pm
ages 13-15 until 9pm
ages 16-17 until 11pm

There was a lot of talk, and now its like no one has never mentioned the "C" word at all. Nothing has been done, haven't heard a peep about on the radio or the news since September. I think the only significant thing I've noticed is that "WHEC CHANNEL 10" Has this reminder just before they start there 11 o'clock news. They say, "It's 11 O'clock, Do You know where your children are?" I commend them for that, at least they have done something to make a difference.

This is getting out of hand, I mean come on does anyone deserved to be killed for a pair of sneakers, because someone looked at you the wrong way, or because they have something you want. It's irritating to see the nonsense and the lack of respect for life that has plagued our country (heck our world). I lost a step-aunt in the eighties and my cousin John John in2000. He was just stopped at a stop sign and someone pulled up next to him and shot him. I was told that his last words were that he didn't think he was going to make it. I was lying in my bed at 6am and my mother hands me the phone and tells me its my father, he tells me not to get upset or panic and then tells me to sit down. I was in shock and if you think I was sad, imagine how his mother and father must have felt. Our Family was saddened and one family has been torn apart, because John John's daughter will never get the chance to know him and his wife is now a widow.

Guns...Why were they invented, it seems like they take it from one step to another. From rocks, to arrows, to knives, to guns, to bio weapons, to nuclear weapons. Again why were they invented? I would like to know this, because they have only led to sorrow and pain, and in the end, it may lead to all of our destruction if we aren't careful!


Karen said...

I'm so with you on this one. I don't understand how a person can feel like they have the right to take the life of another. Watching the news and hearing about all these things happening breaks my heart. I always think about the family and how are they supposed to live without their loved one. Very sad.

Char said...

Mutually Assured Idiocy, or whatever it was called. If we ever unleashed all the destruction stored up in this world I wonder if there would be any power that could judge how heinous we had become, it goes beyond comprehension really.

Kelly said...

sounds like you have done a lot of thinking on this one. it's all so pointless sometimes

Ari said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

I remember back in high school, we had security guards that would break up the daily fights and such. One time, one of them was even stabbed. He was okay though. It's odd to think back on it now, because at the time, I don't think I even blinked. I had become so accustomed to it, that it became an everyday situation. We had locker checks every week. There were certain clothing we were not allowed to wear.

That was all ten years ago. I can't even begin to imagine what it is like now.

It's very scary to think about.


Jackie said...

The same sort of crime is happening here where I live. This year, with a few weeks left to go, has a record amount of homicides since the coke/crack gang epidemics of the 80s. The majority of the victims and murderers are young black men (some teenagers) by gunshot. I'd hate to be a parent in the urban areas. I'm sort of out of the equation as a middle-aged white woman, but it saddens me all the same. So much loss of potential. So much hurt for the families. I wish I had answers to your questions.

Bon & Mal Mott said...

We're sorry this tragedy touched you personally, Charles, but we all know how violent the streets of Rochester are. Until we can somehow breed violence out of the human species or until people stop feeling that murder is fine, the tragedies will continue to occur. It doesn't say much for us humans, does it?
Bon & Mal