Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Proud Man!

I have to say, I haven't had anything to post... Up until now. And I must say after I'm done, I may just go on an indefinite hiatus.

There is this man in my life. He has several children. He went to work almost everyday, and he worked hard to make ends meat. He worked harder in a day, than most of us work in a month, yet he brought home less than what we make. He was a Tower in his children's lives. Strong willed and stubborn in a good way. He told you what to do and you'd better listen. I wish that I can be half the man he is. I learned a few things from him... advice and what not, that is still with me today.

As he got older he may have slowed down, but you probably wouldn't have really notice it. He did a lot of walking, because he didn't drive. He would walk over a mile everyday to get to a McDonalds to get his morning coffee, and chat with his friends. He was still strong and when his namesake died in a car crash, he pushed his emotions aside and led his family in that tragic and confusing moment.

As I got older I began to see less and less of him. only at family get togethers, and even then I didn't get to go to all of them. I was never given the date in time to request off, so I'd missed my chance to see him. Next time, it was always next time... Well Next time came tonight.

Once a physically strong man, now he has all but succumb to his age. He was once able to walk miles, and now he can't even stand. Confined to a wheelchair, this proud man sat and talked with my brother and I about how he used to save every penny and put it in the bank, and how it was all taken from him by the government, for whatever reason. My brother and I think it was for his medical expenses...

Anyways even though he is in a wheelchair, and even though he has cushions on either side of his bed to protect him from a fall, my Granddad is still able to check out women and make us laugh in the process. You go Granddad! The next time I see him, I'm going to thank him and tell him how I feel, because the today was the first time I saw him, and I was kind of taken by surprise. Life is so fragile!

Monday, December 17, 2007

My Insomniac Survey Thingy

How many of us out there are "Sleepless" right now? Don't all of you raise your hand or once or anything like that. Instead take this quiz thingy I thought up.

(Warning: I take no responsibility for the things I may type here, as they may make no sense, seeing how I haven't been sleeping well.)

1. When was the last time you had a good night's rest?
Can't remember honestly, when was the last time I slept straight through the night?

2. What would you give up for your missing good night's sleep?
My Junkfood cravings and ability to taste sweets. Don't need those anyways.

3. What have you tried doing, to send yourself to Dreamland?
Lets see...Music, leaving my TV on with the timer on (sound of voices helps me sometimes), sleeping downstairs on the couch, writing a annoying quiz (like now), warm cup of milk, playing video games, riding my exercise bike, taking a sleep aid (all I get is medicine head), fluffing my pillow(s), tossing and turning.

4. Any of those "remedies actually work?
Well everything but the warm milk has helped at one time or another (the milk just gave me gas). For the most part though my body became use to those remedies and as a result I stare into the dark.

5. What is the weirdest idea you used to get to sleep?
Slept with my fan on during the winter. (counter productive when your nose is congested)

6. What do you think is the reason you can't sleep?
At first I thought it was because of my weight (still think thats a possibility), but I think it may be, because I have a stuffy and runny nose (snot factory is in business). Then there is my sore throat. Loneliness... Maybe its just a host of things.

7. Any adverse effects?
Sometimes I start laughing for absolutely no reason. (don't really think thats bad though do you???)

8. Ever been so tired it affected your motor functions?
Yeah, and I bet a police officer would mistakenly give me a field sobriety test. I can't count how many times I've tripped up my steps.

9. Mood Swings?
The Grinch has nothing on me.

10. Is your insomnia affecting others in your household?
I'll find out and get back to you tomorrow.

11. Is your insomnia affecting you at work?
Yeah, at one point I went behind the bottle machines and just closed my eyes for a few minutes.

12. Anything productive come from your lack of sleep.
Once and awhile I may get up and go on a cleaning frenzy.

13. Ever fell asleep at the wheel?
No, and fortunately for the commuters out there I don't have a car.

14. I'm so tired I....
Could hit myself upside the head with a sledgehammer.

15. Do you have any sleeping tips.
Yeah, don't ever drink before bed! You may end up waking up because you have to go potty. (LOL)

I tag no one, but I am curious. Maybe I should tag someone... Everyone... Nah! Anyone that does this. Post the link in my comments section of this post. so I can take a look.

Friday, December 07, 2007

I want(ed) to

Wednesday night, I had a woman who came in and wanted two money orders. First she tells me she wants one for $335. Then she hands me a few twenties, quite a few tens, a shit load of fives, and quite a handful of dollar bills. Not in numerical order either, she just counted it and placed the money on the counter. After I count it all (did I mention I double count), I go and print the money order and give it to her. Then she then asks for a $300 money order, and like before she gives me twenties, tens, fives, and ones. After I got them in order, I count them with the help of our adding machine. It turns out she hadn't given me all of the money yet. I only have $290 in my hand. I tell her and she tells me to give her the money back. She counts it and realizes that she was in error.

She then tells me that she doesn't have any extra money and she thinks she knows why. She tells me that she wasn't supposed to get a $335 money order, but instead a $325 one. Add this to the fact that I have a long freaking line behind her of people that also want help. It made me feel so anxious, because I was alone in this endeavor and there was no one else there who could help me. Because of my anxiety I didn't hear her say $325, for some reason I heard $330. So I wrung her up for the $330 money order and cashed the $335 money order as a check. When I realized what I had done, I was so pissed at myself and at her, but I stayed calm and I fix it. Well actually I can't say I stayed calm, because I ended up counting my drawer to make sure everything was fine. I kept messing up my count. By the time it was over a few customers had left out of frustration. I can't say that I blame them.

There are some days where I want to just quit this job. I just feel like I can't do customer service anymore. I lost the happiness I felt somewhere in the ten years I've been their. I want to try something else, but I don't know what.

I found out that my nephew has learned a new trick. I was tired one night, and I just wanted to go home and unwind before bed. When I finally arrive home from work, my nephew runs up to me and says, "Hi Charles"... I think thats just about all he says to me right now... "Hi Charles...Charles this and Charles that Charles, Charles Charles. LOL

Anyways as I was saying, he said hi, and I said hi to him, and picked him up for a moment. I don't know if I ever said this, but Jalani likes magnets. Just about every time he sees me, he wants me to take him to the fridge, and hold him while he plays with them. I wasn't really in the mood that night. My back was killing me, so I told him I can't hold him much longer. I put him down and wave bye (Bye Charles). I go upstairs and change into my night clothes and then come back downstairs and sneak and get my dinner. Jalani must have noticed me, because a few minutes later he revealed his new ability. The little brat opened my door and climbed up my stairs. Then this little boy (nephew, what nephew LMAO) must have asked me a ton of questions while pointing.

"What's This"

"What's That"

I was borderline crazy at this point, and when I realized that I wasn't going to enjoy my Die Hard movie, I gave in and answered his questions and gave him the attention he so craved. Thank goodness his mom called my phone a few minutes later to bring him downstairs. Unfortunately though when I turned to answer my phone, my nephew turned his attention on the pail of water I was using to soak my feet. He is such a handful, I wanted to pull my hair out...If I had some.

A few days ago, as I walked to work, I came upon a little mound of snow on the sidewalk. I guess it had got there from a plow that must have drove out onto the street (I dunno). Anyways, I was in a good mood (come to think of it, this may have been Wednesday the same day as the money order debacle), and for some reason I had this... Ahhh ...temptation. There was this tiny hill of snow, and I have legs... So I um... jumped over it. Not realizing that I had just gotten over some serious back pain. I felt fine afterwards, but then I realized that maybe I shouldn't have done it. I still smiled though. It was great feeling like a kid again. Only problem is I don't know kids who have back problems. Some of the discomfort came back as my shift at work was coming to a close, but this pain wasn't as bad as before. If I measured that pain using my right foot as a "scale", the pain I was feeling was naught (kind of like a bug landing on your arm...annoying). That night walking back I payed for it a little, but I didn't have no regrets. Jumping over that hill like I did when I was a kid made me happy, and brought back some nice memories. So I guess in the end thats all that matters. In fact I wanted to jump over it again as I was walking home, but I didn't take that chance

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Honesty with a price


A word you don't here much today. If someone were to find an Ipod inside a public place, do you really think they are going to give to lost and found. Heck, nowadays you can't even come forward and reveal a murderer without the threat of becoming a victim yourself. Their always seem to be a catch. In my past I admit there were times where I've been dishonest, I think I've punished myself more than anyone else would if they had the chance though. I'd like to think I've learned lessons over the years, but not everyone learns from the error of their ways.

A couple of weeks ago (a lot happened then). I had a young girl come up to the desk. Behind her was her grandmother (at least I think it was her). She tells the child to go ahead. I ask, "Can I help you", and the little girl proceeds to say that, "this was left in a cart". The little girl hands me a wallet bulging with money. I mean it this thing look like it could rival a quarter pounder with cheese, that wallet was so fat. I take it, and thank the girl for her honesty. She smiles and walk away, and I felt really proud of her. You'd think that would have been the end of that, but Noooooo!

I call the manager on duty and tell him about the wallet. I leave a note in the office with the wallet stating that there wasn't any ID. I tell the person in charge of the front end about the wallet just in case the owner comes back when I leave and that its locked up until the next morning.

After that was all said and done and my shift was over I went shopping for dinner that night. When I come to the front end to check out, I notice the grandmother of the child and another woman asking the front end runner a question. After he answered her and wrote something on a piece of paper I went over and asked him a few questions myself.

It turns out that the grandmother had an ulterior motive. She wanted to claim the money herself if the wallet wasn't ever claimed. When I heard this I thought to myself, "Is there nothing sacred anymore". Here I was praising these people for doing the right thing, and all they were really thinking about was getting the money back for themselves. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad that they turned the wallet in, but if you seen how determined they were to get there info written down to claim that money, you'd probably feel the same way as I do. They weren't going to ever get that money to be honest. Even so, it's a good thing the rightful owner did come and claim what was his.

What ever happened to just doing the right thing?