Sunday, April 30, 2006

Story Meme

I have been putting this off, because I didn't know who to tag. But Noooooow, now I have someone tag. Ari tag, your IT!

The title speaks for itself. I will start a story, and the person I tag will continue it, and they can only tag ONE person (more than one person per tag would be chaotic), Let's see how many people can contribute in one month. I'll link every entry created in a journal entry for people to click in my journal and give them credit for there part in this meme. I'm curious to see how our story will end and who will write the final chapter.

Here we go.

One morning as the sun shines through little Jaime curtains, his mother comes to his bedroom. Jaime's mom leans over his bed and kisses him on his head. This in turn wakes him up and he asks, "What was that for mom"? Jaime's Mom replies, "It's for being my favorite little boy". Jaime replies, "I am your only boy mommy". They both chuckle and Jaime's mom says, "Come on, get up, I need you to do something for me before we eat breakfast". Jaime being the "Good boy", goes and takes his morning bath, brushes his teeth, and combs his hair and gets dressed. Then he runs downstairs to his mom, and asks her what it is she wants him to do. His mom tells him that she needs him to go to the Public Market to get her some oranges. Jaime asks his mom, "Is today the day". She tells him, that he is a good boy, but when it comes to the one toy that she doesn't want go get for him until he's "older", he always misbehaves. Jaime then asks his mom if he can have the change. His mom tells him no, that he can wait for his allowance next week. He then asks her if he drops the money on the ground and picks up, can he have it. His mom in a frustrated tone of voice says no, but if you find some money that is already on the ground, you can pick it up and keep it for yourself. Just make sure you only pick up change with the head facing up. If you pick up change tails up, it's bad luck. Then she kisses Jaime on the cheek tells him to hurry on and come home as soon as he is finished and sends him on his way.

When Jaime gets to the Public Market, he goes to the fruit and vegetable stand. The vender asks him what he would like today. Jaime tells him that he would like a bag of oranges. The vender laughs and says, "My my, it looks like we have a growing boy here today". Jaime says, they aren't all for me, my mom is making orange juice, and besides my mom told me not to talk to strangers". The vender laughs and tells Jaime that his mom sounds like a wise woman. Then he hands Jaime his oranges and change and then says, "today is bright and shiny day today isn't kid"? He then tells Jaime to have a good day and goes about his business. Jaime turns to walk away, not even a second later he notice something shiny catching his eyes. He walks in the direction of that which has captivated his attention. When he arrives at his deviated path, Jaime looks down at the object. It is very shiny, to the point where it looks like it is glowing, almost a blinding gleam. He kneels down to get a closer look and uses his bag of oranges to block the sunshine. When his eyes adjust and sun isn't factor he notices that the object that called to him was a quarter. For a moment Jaime gets really excited, but then he notices that something is wrong. The quarter is the wrong way, it's tails up. This makes him remember what his mother tells him. "If you pick up change tails up, it's bad luck". He turns to walk away, but then he hears something inside him tell him to pick up the quarter to save it, because it will help him come closer to buying the toy he wants. Jaime sits there struggling with himself as if two people pulling at each of his arms trying to tear him apart. Only there isn't anyone pulling Jaime's arms, but himself. One arm is being pulled towards home, while the other is being pulled to quarter. Finally an arm wins! The arm that was destined to win, the arm that wanted the toy for so long. Jaime happily picks up the quarter and then vanishes.....

Where did Jaime Go??? Hopefully Ari can shed some light on this.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Useless Stuff

Just before my ankle drama, I was going to write this post.

Have you ever looked at something and wondered, "Why did they even bother to make that"? It's a question that has been plaguing my mind for some time now. So instead of keeping it to myself, I think I will share it here.

When I look at it I say to myself, "what a waste of raw materials".
When I look at it I think to myself, "whose bright idea was this".
When I look at it I think to myself, "A six pack wouldn't even quench my thirst".

What am I talking about????

I'm talking about an eight ounce can of soda. C'mon people who is going to feel satisfied after they drink that. What possible advantage is there to have a eight ounce can of (lets say) Mountain Dew? I can guarantee that my 11 year old sister wouldn't be satisfied after drinking one can. To make matters worse, a six pack of these Mini-Me size cans cost over two dollars. I can buy a two liter for a lesser price. I don't even care about freshness, or that the fizz will eventually run out once opened. All I care about is that I am getting my money's worth. I mean who buys these things. Sadly enough people do, I see them everyday at work. What is the reason behind this smaller can. The only thing I can come up with is that the soda makers want to get rid of the somewhat satisfying twelve ounce, and is secretly and slowly making there cans smaller until it reaches the eight ounce level. All this while no one is paying attention, until it's too late. (Okay maybe its far-fetched, but I don't see another reason, except that its slightly cheaper).

I only have cons.

Not satisfying
A waste of materials
won't feed into the compacter of the can return machine at work
Even less soda than before
More expensive than a two liter (you get more in a two liter).

I wonder whose idea it was for these cans. One thing is for sure, I am glad I gave up soda.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Picture Tag

Okay I feel like blogging again. Probably not as much as used to, but I'll come around.

Ari, you tagged me. I promise to get you back, soooon!

Here is what I have to do:

One picture of something you made
One picture of a gift someone gave you
One picture of something strange
One picture of something with a pig (Why a pig? Why not?)
And one picture of something unique

First up!

Something I made:

My first year of middle school, I had to take home economics. Not only did I learn to cook, I learned to sew. I sewed buttons, I learned different types of sewing (I don't remember the the fancy stuff anymore). Anyways, I got to sew something that had to do with football, and in my favorite colors too.

Still kicking 17 years later.


Picture of something of something given to me:

This is one of my baby toys. In fact its the only one I have. It's my squeaky lion. It will always go where I go. Maybe I will pass it on someday.


Something strange:

I bought this at a dollar store one day after me and my friend finished watching a movie. It's only strange because of what it says....

Well they do! LOL


A picture of something with a pig:

This comes straight from my first born Nephew Jalani. It's on his Mobile Crib. Everyone welcome....


And Finally something Unique!

It's definitely unique because only some of our family members have it. I'd be surprised if any of my family other than my Mom, my Aunt Terri, my Aunt Cyndi and myself still have theirs.

It's a book that my Aunt Terri made from our Family Reunion in 1999. My Aunt Terri and my Aunt Cyndi worked hard to put it together. I only wish that I would have spent more time with them instead of staying in the hotel room. Don't get me wrong I went to the events, but I didn't go swimming with the family at the hotel pool. I didn't get to know my family on my Grandmother Emma's side (Smart). I wish I had. Still I got to spend some time with my Aunt Cyndi (My favorite aunt as my Aunt Terri put it). Actually I love all my Aunts. My aunt Cyndi is like an older sister to me. I feel like I could tell her anything.

Inside there is something else that is unique. It's the only picture that I have of my late Uncle Clifton Smith Jr. (We called him Junior.) He died in a car Accident on May 11th, 1997 (Mother's Day) (Rest in peace Uncle Junior). Uncle Junior. Left behind two kids, Brandon and Jesse. I haven't seen them since his funeral. I didn't get to see them much at all. Only when my mom or one of my aunts would drive to out to see them. I think they lived in a town called Williamsville or Williamson (don't remember exactly) The only memory I have of my cousins, is Brandon holding my hands and doing back flips off of my legs at my uncle's funeral. I miss them! I don't know how there doing, if they are alive, there condition, how much they've grown. I don't know anything, and the only picture I have of them is the one in our family reunion book. I don't know how we could have lost contact like that. It's almost like they dropped off of the face of the Earth. They are the most important things left of my uncle Junior that is tangible, and we haven't any clue as to there location. They are definitely older now. I can only imagine how much they have grown.

I guess I can tag someone. I tag
Gem, if she wants to do this tag. Unless you already have done this Gem.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

If you can't beat it post it!

Where do I begin? Okay a rusted bed spring punctured my right ankle. I wrote about it before. What I never said about it was that after awhile I noticed that it felt like there was something inside of my foot, that didn't belong there.

About three years ago my right foot (the bad one) swelled up so bad that it emulated the symptoms of having a sprained ankle. I couldn't walk home and it hurt like crazy. My mother drove me to emergency at Strong hospital the next day, and they did a blood test. They told me that I had an "unusually high blood count" and I needed to see a doctor as soon as possible. I had to wait until four months later to see a doctor, because I was a new patient, and the clinic was booked. All of this and a sore too. I woke up one morning with a sore on my bad foot, right over my ankle. When I finally got to see a doctor, they didn't have answers (as usual). Somehow I ended up finding out I had high cholesterol and seeing a nutritionist, instead of getting answers as to what happened to my foot. The doctor did prescribe some medication to stop swelling on my foot, however one of the side-effects from taking this medication was swelling. I noticed this on the bottle one morning after I woke up and my gums in mouth were bleeding. I haven't been back to the doctors (of any kind) since.

Fast forward back to three weeks ago when I started soaking my feet. My feet started hurting pretty badly, and for some reason it didn't click as to why until I took my shoes off one night to soak my feet in some hot water. I walked my sneakers to death. I wore them out so bad that it felt like I was standing one cement even when I was on a soft mat. Eventually I got new sneakers, but not before the sore appeared again, in the same spot. This time it became very infected, and the infection had spread about a half inch in radius, away from the sore. It occurred to me that it may not be your average sore, that it may be something worse.

I remember when I had the first sore, my dad told me and my step-mom that it looked like an ulcer. Here is a link to a AOL journal entry from last year, if you want to see my foot out of curiosity used to think that ulcers only occurred in one's stomach, then I got a wake-up call. He told me that people with diabetes can get them and they have to be careful or they can lose there feet. Recently I learned that you can get ulcers without being a diabetic. This made me feel a little better. It meant that I don't have to worry about diabetes just yet. I'm just worried about my foot right now. One of my fears is that I will lose my foot one day, and that I won't ever be able to walk again. I mean some of the pictures I seen on line of ulcers were gross and they made me worrisome.

recently I got some tips on healing my ankle from a co-worker who has diabetes and had an ulcer on her leg. She told me to by Gauze, sterile pads, waterproof tape, liquid antiseptic, and a ace bandage for support. All of my weight from standing keeps causing my sore to keep opening.

I stayed up all night last Sunday thinking about how this happened to me. The conclusion I came up with, is the trauma to my foot as a child. It always seem to come back to this. So then I realized that my heart and mind wasn't in blogging. So I decided not to write for a week and see if I would feel better afterwards (body and soul). My foot doesn't hurt as much as before, but I still don't feel ready to blog right now. I will just play it by ear and post when I am ready. It can be tomorrow, it could be another week from now, it can be a month from now. I just wanted to post this and let everyone know why I hadn't written in awhile.
I'm sorry that I didn't post a reason for my break from blogging.


Friday, April 14, 2006

100 Things

  1. My Favorite Super Hero is Spider-Man.
  2. My favorite cartoon as a kid was Transformers.
  3. My first big wheel was called The Green Machine.
  4. I used to love doing hook slides with it.
  5. The first dog I ever had was stolen from me.
  6. The first dog I ever had was stolen for me.
  7. I used to have a "Little professor" calculator, because I had problems with math.
  8. My second dog was taken from me, because we couldn't have pets in the house we were moving into.
  9. I didn't understand why, because the stupid house had rats and roaches.
  10. A rusted bed spring punctured my right foot, just below my ankle.
  11. I almost lost my foot.
  12. We used to have a rat, almost as big as our cat, in one of the houses my mom used to rent.
  13. A woman pointed this out on thanksgiving night to a police officer, while giving a report about the drunk man that smashed his car into my mother's Chevette.
  14. The first bike I ever had was wrecked by a kid with a big head.
  15. I thought he couldn't balance my bike because of his big head.
  16. I used to be a smelly kid in elementary and one year of middle school.
  17. My brother broke my Atari when he was a baby.
  18. My sister broke my Metroplex Transformer when she was a baby, by sitting on it.
  19. I didn't let my brother play with my Nintendo, until I realized that he could kick my butt in it.
  20. My Nintendo eventually broke, and my mom got Jevon one.
  21. He wouldn't let me play with it at first because I wouldn't let him play with mines.
  22. I once closed my then three year old sister Islah in a dark hallway, she laughed. I was scared of her afterwards. I thought she was the devil's child.
  23. I love my step-mom as if she was my second mother.
  24. My step-mom took me to the hospital when I hurt my ankle, and when I got the chicken pox without a second thought.
  25. One point in my life I had a thing for older women.
  26. I realized that it was because I couldn't have the girl I wanted.
  27. She said she didn't date guys younger than her.
  28. I am only one month and fifteen days younger than her.
  29. I used to think "sudden death" in the John Madden Football game meant that someone would drop dead suddenly, and his team had to forfeit.
  30. Only two people noticed I had a brand new pair of glasses.
  31. I missed my first day of high school, because I couldn't open my eyes.
  32. I was so tired from the night before, because we were up until 2 in the morning moving into a house.
  33. My mom actually tried to get me up to go to school that day.
  34. In case you hadn't noticed, we used to move a lot.
  35. Two of my favorite teachers had similar names. Mrs Clancy (homebase/art teacher), and Mrs. Lancy (English teacher).
  36. My first summer job was at a high school, under remodel.
  37. I was cleaning, moving and tossing that entire summer.
  38. My favorite Junk-food is Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies.
  39. I could eat a whole box of them in a day.
  40. My favorite soda is Cherry Coke.
  41. I could drink a two liter of Cherry Coke in one day.
  42. When I was in elementary school, I barely passed each grade.
  43. I would have passed the fourth grade the first time around, if my teacher didn't convince my mom to hold me back a year.
  44. I felt embarrassed looking at the other kids that passed in the fifth grade, while I was still in the fourth.
  45. I was told that I was ugly when I was a kid.
  46. sometimes I still feel that way.
  47. I wrote a few rap songs when I was thirteen.
  48. I threw my raps through a hole in an unfinished room in a house we were renting, in the hopes that someone would find them and make me famous.
  49. The house burned to a crisp after we moved out of it, along with my hopes of becoming a rap star.
  50. I think the landlord burned the house down, because it was crapola.
  51. My cousin Chris once taught me a trick to make a home phone ring back.
  52. I used the trick as an April Fools Joke on my mom and Aunt Lori.
  53. The furthest I have ever been away from home is Alabama.
  54. I play my birthday for the Lotto "numbers" game.
  55. It never comes out until the day I decide not to play it.
  56. I wish I were closer to my dad.
  57. I wish I could find my true love.
  58. I wish to get married someday.
  59. Someday I would like to be a father.
  60. Some days I have to fight myself to get out of bed.
  61. I hate when people say I am to young to be complaining about pain.
  62. I wish those people could feel what I feel when I start walking, or standing up for a long period of time.
  63. I prefer Phazers over lightsabers.
  64. My favorite Character in the Star Trek universe is Data.
  65. Damn the person who came up with the idea to kill Data off.
  66. I once accidentally put on a pair of clean boxers and the dirty ones I wore before I took a shower.
  67. My ears don't match.
  68. No one notices but me.
  69. Sometimes I pick my lip until it bleeds.
  70. When someone hurts me, I hold a grudge for a very long time.
  71. When I am half asleep, my thoughts tend to be chaotic and irrational.
  72. My aunt Annie bought me a life sized, stuffed, Bozo The Clown doll when I was a kid.
  73. My cousins and I dismantled it with our WWF Wrestling moves.
  74. I broke my aunt Annie's radio when I was a baby.
  75. She will never let me forget this. LOL
  76. I can be an impatient person.
  77. I am the second most clumsy person on Earth.
  78. although I seem like a loner, I really want to be around people.
  79. Although I have lived in Rochester most of my life. I wasn't born here.
  80. Blue and red are my favorite colors.
  81. Blue represents peace to me.
  82. Red represents the struggles in my life.
  83. I once walked to (1.86 miles) and from (1.86 miles) work during a blizzard.
  84. I worked 12 hours that day, and then I turned around and did it all over again the next day, but this time there was nearly two feet of snow on the ground.
  85. I had three learner's permits before I finally got my driver's license.
  86. I used my bad foot as motivation to get my license.
  87. I spent nearly $1000 on driving lessons.
  88. The first book I ever read with chapters in it was Charlotte's Web.
  89. My first born Nephew is named Jalani.
  90. My favorite NBA player of all time, is Patrick Ewing.
  91. My favorite Rapper is Rakim.
  92. My favorite Singer is Amel Larrieux
  93. When her album braverbird came out, all of my pain and sorrow went away for 46 minutes and 49 seconds.
  94. I used to like the way paper bags tasted.
  95. I didn't help my sister Chandra take her tricycle upstairs and she fell down the stairs with it.
  96. It's one of many things that I regret.
  97. My favorite season is the spring.
  98. I find I am more calm and collected during the winter.
  99. Sometimes I get lost in the stars.
  100. I hope to find peace someday.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Picture This!

Picture This:

Picture me leaning back in a green office chair with wheels, leaning all the way back in it. In front of me is a lightly wood colored piano stool, with a pillow on top. On top of that pillow is two size 12 feet resting comfortably, because one of them is hurting, and needs to be loved. Especially since about four hours ago some gauze was stuck to the sore on my right ankle. I was complaining and praying to God like a little baby, because I couldn't get the stupid thing off without screaming like a little girl. God answered my prayers, thank goodness. I had to go to our bathtub and rinse my foot in water, and the gauze finally came off. Then I resumed being the Manly Man Charles, after I said thank you God. Guess where my keyboard is, they rhyme with pegs.

Picture this:

I once did a post on my AOL Journal on gripes, and one of my gripes was and still is people who don't wash there hands after using the lavatory. There is this woman that comes in once and awhile (well actually she has been in the last two days) at my job. You want to know how you can tell when she has to go to the bathroom? It's the clearest sign in the world, She puts her hand in between her crotch. Clearly she has to go badly, but instead she chooses to come scratch instant lotto tickets, as if she thinks she is going to miss the big winner or something. I don't know what's worse, the fact that she does this, or the fact that I take her little winning tickets from her and cash them in. It's a good thing we have hand sanitizer up there!

Picture this:

My mother, well she has been buying this wrap called a Gyro Pita for some years now. She never offered me any, and when I asked her to let me taste she told me to get my own. Knowing that I don't have a car, she said this. I couldn't believe that she wouldn't share with her first born, especially when she taught me to share (it took forever though). I mean I wanted to try it so badly, I could taste it. I think she gave my brother Jevon some of her Pita before. Come to think of it, she gave Ablah some before too. I felt left out and I so desperately wanted to try it for myself. You know, like the kid that sees little Timmy with a Hot Wheels so he wants one too! Finally I asked her to take me to get some Gyro Pitas for myself, and mother dearest says okay. One year goes by and I ask her again. A couple of months more go bye bye, and I ask her one more time. Finally we go to the restaurant and I get two Gyro Pitas, and the I have to wait 30-45 more minutes because my sister Ablah and my mom wants Chinese. I bit my tongue and then I joined in and bought some Chinese food too. When we finally got home, I couldn't wait to inhale that thing like people do air. You could mop the floor with the amount of drool dripping from my mouth. You'd think they made gold edible or something. In the end though it turned out to be fools gold. The Gyro Pita tasted good, but it didn't taste GREEEEAAAT! I was expecting more, but I got a "yeah well". I got more of a buzz out of my shrimp fried rice. It's been awhile since I had Chinese food.

Picture This:

Picture me walking around the Thunder Plains in Spira. Battling fiends with my awesome sword skills and my Blitzball Uniform. Not only that, but I am also searching for treasure, and Cacti while listening to some cool music that seems to be everywhere that I walk. All of this while I am trying to dodge 200 lightening bolts in a row (Ari corrected me. No wonder I gave up on it. LOL), so I can get my friend Khimari his legendary weapon. "I know it's selfish, but this is my story!" Who am I? (I'm not Charles LOL)
Take a Guess! Pleeeaseee.

Monday, April 10, 2006

I have the Rant Cold (it will take 3.6 grams)

Recently we have added a new product to our list of items that we have to I.D. people for. Cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, lighter, lottery tickets, meet your new friend Pseudoephedrine.

For Those of you that don't know what Pseudoephedrine is, all you have to do is look in your medicine cabinet for cold remedies like Sudafed, Tylenol cold, Robitussin, Benadryl allergy and cold tablets.

This all started because of a illegal drug called Crystal Meth or Methamphetamine. The suppliers when out of there supply of Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine would turn to something called smurfing. They send multiple people into a store and by cold remedies with Pseudoepherine in them and use them to make Crystal Meth. Well I guess it has finally caught up to the people making these dangerous drugs, because now the U.S. government has enacted The Combat Meth Act. This law states that a person can only purchase 3.6 grams of a product with Pseudoephedrine in it per day, and 9 grams per month. I'm sure they'll find a way around this law, (probably will increase smurfing and smurfs) but I bet it's still a nuisance.

I think it will be harder on people in the retail business. Now we have to proof people, as if our lives depend on it, because they do. If we "knowingly" sell Pseudoephedrine items over the limit we can be fined up to $25,000 dollars and imprisoned up to a year. Not to mention the fact that we will lose our jobs. I work at a service desk, so if I ever get a customer with (oh let's say) Sudafed, I will just send them back to the registers.

Thank you to all of the drug dealers and drug users everywhere. I really, really appreciate you making my job a little more difficult. Thanx!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Wikipedia Birthday Meme: 4 Events, 3 Births, and 2 funerals

Paul of Aurora Walking Vacation has a Cool Meme over on his blog. Here are the instructions!
Here's the way of it. Look up the date of your birthday in Wikipedia (Example: 18 June). From the date page, pick three interesting historical events that occurred on that date, two births, and one death. I've given you four, three and two, because I wanted to. You could say I don't follow instruction well if you wanted. I prefer to look at it as bonus memology.

Here's mines:

Here's what Happened:
1178 - Five Canterbury monks see what was possibly the Giordano Bruno crater being formed. It is believed that the current oscillations of the moon's distance (on the order of metres) are a result of this collision.

1873 - Susan B. Anthony is fined $100 for attempting to vote in the 1872 presidential election.

1923 - Checker Cab puts its first taxi on the streets.

1981 - AIDS is identified.

Here's who was born:
1942 - Roger Ebert, American film reviewer

1942 - Sir Paul McCartney, English singer and songwriter (Beatles)

1963 - Bruce Smith, American football player (Wow I learned something new about one of my favorite Buffalo Bills of all time.)

Here's who passed on:
1902 - Samuel Butler, English writer (b. 1835)

2002 - Jack Buck, baseball announcer (b. 1924)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The only time that I would like to be weary

I am looking at Amel Larrieux new video Weary over, and over again on This just made my day.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Drowning in others eyes

I walk into fog banks of laughter

And inside there lies eyes of uncertainty

I feel them Penetrate and Shatter

What remains of my heart and sanity

Monday, April 03, 2006

My new Nemesis is Dumb and Lost

Last month I wrote a post about my Grandmother's fur coat being ripped to shreds by squirrels. Well I went to take a look at my spring/summer clothes that were in my closet, and I noticed that my shirts have fallen victim, some claws and big teeth. Well I don't really care about the dress shirts, but my black Nike T-shirt is ruined. It look like Mcgruff the Crime Dog took a bite out of crime or something. I didn't have that many T-shirts to begin with and now this. All I got to say is MOTH BALLS it is! I don't care about being humane, I don't care if the squirrel eats them and die. All I care about is whether or not, I will have to deal with that same smell the last time something crawled up in my walls and dropped dead.

You know how they say, that there is no such thing as a dumb question. Well yesterday after the pharmacy closed, a woman called and asked if the pharmacy was open. I told her no, and then She asked me what time it closed. I told her 3pm. So then she goes to ask me to connect her to the pharmacy anyways. (I thought to myself) Ummm...{{{HELLO}}}, I just told you that they were closed. So then I proceed to tell her that no one was there, and then she gave me an attitude and sad bye and hung up. I laughed it off, but sometimes I get some of the dumbest and obvious questions when I am at work.

It's amazing how after awhile something gets boring. Then you realize you miss it, or something like a new gadget reminds you of a feature of some sort on the item you were bored with. Then you go to look for it and you find that you've lost it or it's missing. Which unlocks a ton of frustration. Okay there is this webcam that I bought in 2001 when I was in Charlotte, NC. My Aunt had the internet, and the Yahoo messenger on her computer. I bought the webcam, so my brother and my sisters could see me, and I could wave hi to them and such. I also bought it to chat with my friend. Well when I came back to Rochester, I found that I had no use for it. Recently I realized that I have a broadband connection (FASTER). Well actually I already kind of new that part subconsciously. When I logged on to the Yahoo Messenger one night last week, I looked the menu options and I noticed the webcam feature. I was like, "Oh Yeah I forgot about that". So then I clicked the webcam button, and noticed the "Super Webcam" feature. (Broadband, Super Webcam, Broadband, Super Webcam) I put two and two together and I was like, "OH YEAH, I got a not so new toy to play with". I have the webcam near my computer, and I went to plug it in and log on, but the messenger couldn't find it. It turned out that I deleted the software for my webcam awhile back, and I forgot about it. So I went upstairs and looked for the disk and I couldn't find it. (JOY) After awhile I just gave up and went to bed. What a tease! I wonder what else I will end up desiring for that I can't find?

Saturday, April 01, 2006

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