Thursday, August 30, 2007

August Artsy Essay

I'm not good at segways, but if you anyone doesn't have anything to write about, and needs some inspiration, I recommend that you enter Judith Heartsong's Artsy Essay contest. Read this post first before you join in

sqUEEZing every last drop
of sunshine out of Summer

I know for sure that I didn't squeeze every last drop of sunshine out of summer. In fact I think that the clouds were absorbing my sunshine. Turning the rays into raindrops. I love raindrops, but not the ones that were falling onto me. they were dark and dank. Every time one would hit me I felt I lost a bit of myself.

The clouds were overwhelming and the sky above my sanity seemed to sink. I was ready to give in when I heard a familiar sound. Fitting the title of the ringtone is called, "All I Got", because I was at the end of the rope and all I got left before I fell into a void was a tiny string. When I answered my phone a cloud simply vanished. It was my friend, she wanted to know if I wanted to come over and spend some time with her. At first the clouds clouded my judgment, making me think that if I was to go and visit my friend, that I would rain on her parade. I didn't answer her question on the first call, but hearing her voice made a few of the clouds vanish and the sun peer out. I don't think she has the faintest idea how much it meant to me that she called, when she did.

After we were done and we said goodbye, the clouds reformed where those patches of sunlight had appeared. I felt like I was going to scream, until realized the error of my ways. I picked up my phone and called my friend back. I asked her if her offer still stands and she said yes, so I headed out. As soon as I stepped outside the REAL sunshine shined down on me and sun-washed those figurative clouds away. When I got to her house we chatted about nothing and such, but it was just mostly being there with her that made me feel an aura of bliss.

When it was time to go she gave me a hug and I walked to the bus-stop. I don't remember much about getting on that bus, but when I got on the second bus I remember looking at the sun as it was starting to set. It became orange and beautiful, and I thought to myself, "I haven't really been looking up lately, but I'm glad I did today"!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Last Weeks Path Of Pain

At the end of the week, I should do a post, or at least a paragraph in my post about the highlight of my week. If I was to do this though I would have to say last weeks highlight was that I sprained my left ankle...Again. I remember the first time I did it,it was during the summer of 1996. I was playing basketball with my brother, and I went to make a jumpshot. I don't know whether or not I made it, but I do know I let out several four letter words out of pain in front of my little brother (at the time). The doctors made me walk then, so I had no complaints because I wanted to see the movie Independence Day with Will Smith anyways.

This time around (Monday), I was on my way to work. I hadn't left my street yet, and I while I was walking I was trying to play a song on my MP3 player. I wasn't paying much attention to what was in front of me so, I didn't notice that a squirrel lost his nut. At least that's what I think was inside of that green thing that looked more like a green golf ball. When I stepped on it with my left foot, the left side of my foot touched the ground while the right side was facing up. Can you say ouch as loud as you possibly can, while mixing some four letter words in there. Oddly enough though I didn't let the pain stop me. I still ended up walking to work. While walking the pain slowly, but surely went away. I even worked my seven hour shift with little or no discomfort. It was as if I willed it away or something. After my shift was over though, the pain slowly returned. When I started walking home I could barely walk on my foot.

Tuesday, I walked up to the Eckerd around the corner from my house to get an ace bandage and some Aleeve. Lets just say that was an adventure. It took about 20 minutes to get there. Normally its a five minute walk there and five minutes back. Since McDonald's is across the street from Eckerd (soon to be Rite-Aid) I decided to stop there and got breakfast. By the time I got back home, my ankle was in worse condition than it was in before. I ended up taking the bus to work, even if I ended up an hour early. Standing was torture, I don't know how I even made it through the day, considering my other ankle is pretty bad too. Sometimes you just can't call in though, there wasn't anyone who could cover me. I got through the week, but my ankle is still bothering me. I'm gonna soak it after my day is finished.

Update: Couldn't sleep so I came back to make corrections to this post. I knew it would need some considering I have a metaphoric gun to my head. My sister was standing in back of me wanting to use the computer that she abandoned earlier. I took over it, but I ended up hurrying my typing so she would stop staring a hole through my skull. Why I put 2006 I have no idea. I first sprained my left ankle in 1996, the year Independence Day (a couple of days before) was released.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

GoGo Powerful Memories

Memories are a tricky thing. You never forget the memorable ones, but you can forget the last place you left your keys. Most of the time whenever we remember something from our past, it is triggered by something like our senses, or a new memory all together.

It's weird, because a couple of Saturdays back I was watching Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive (the newest version of Power Rangers). Yeah I watch Power Rangers...You got a problem with that? LOL...I have been watching it since I was sixteen. Anyways, I watched the episode where the newest rangers (overdrive) lost there powers. So the Sentinel Knight recruit five former Rangers and restore there powers. As they were revealing who the previous rangers are, I was watching. And as I was watching, I was listening. While I was listening, I heard a familiar voice. When I heard this voice, in an instant, I said to myself, "That voice sounds so familiar". The second Black Ranger ever in the Power Rangers series' name is Adam Park, which is portrayed by Johnny Yong Bosch. When they powered down and I saw his face, I was sure that I have heard his voice, but the face wasn't as familiar. So I later on I decided to log online to do a little research, and it hit me.

Everyone that read this knows I love video games. One of the video games that I am playing now is one of my favorites. In this video game there is a cast of character's with some unique voices. One of the unique voices is spoken for the character Kuhn (The Propagation). The person behind the voice of Kuhn is Johnny Yong Bosch. Like I said his voice is unique, if you voice with the face, you probably wouldn't believe it was him.

Ironically .Hack//G.U. has been compared to the Power Rangers.

I love memories, the good ones anyways.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

All The Preparing In The World Couldn't...

I like to think that I prepare for things. I try my best to plan something and then execute it. As we all know things don't always go according to plan though. One always remember to bring a pen, and then it leaks through your pants (me). Or you save your video game data so you don't have to start over from the beginning, and then the power goes off in your house during the save process, causing your memory card to become corrupted (me).

Normally I watch the news for the weather report on the news, or get the info online, so I know what to be ready for. Tuesday was no different. I read the report on line, and it said that it was likely to be rain. It didn't say 50% chance, it said likely, so I took my umbrella. I got nearly halfway to work (past the TV station is about halfway from my house), when it started raining. It was a steady rain at first so I kept my umbrella down, and then...


Now I like the rain, and sometimes I walk in it with my umbrella down. Sometimes though, Mother Earth can act big and bad, and give you too much of a good thing (Like an Overdose). I know there is such a thing as water poisoning. You know when you drink to much water. What happened next had me thinking what would happen if I got too much water on my body.

End Sidebar

Then the rain it started falling diagonally...Almost sideways. I put my umbrella up just in time. Just in time to protect my head and chest, because nothing else was safe from the torrential torment that kept falling...crashing down to Earth. The lower part of my shirt got wet, but my pants were even worse. At first it got my backside. I had my MP3 player in my back pocket, so I had take that out and carry it in my hands along with my shirt. Then when I turned the corner the rain was falling toward the right side of my body. So then I had to take my cellphone out of my pocket and carry it along with my work shirt, my MP3 and my umbrella. It was tricky because I had to use both hands to hold on to everything, while keeping the upper part of my body dry.

My sneakers weren't even safe. The water got in them, and I ended up slushing (I was Jelling) the rest of the day. There in the garbage now, because there very smelly. The right sneaker was soaked more, because it had a hole at the top of it. Thats alright though, I was going to throw them out anyways when I buy a new pair Friday.

I couldn't even sit down before my shift started, because my butt was wet. Heck my crotch was wet too. You know how when you were a kid and you wet yourself (not that I ever peed in the bed), and your parents told you to go take a bath. So then you start walking and you feel uncomfortable, because your pajamas are wet, which in turn makes you start walking funny? Yeah well that is how I felt!

You'd think after that overdose of rain, I wouldn't want anything to drink, but I got a ice tea and gulped it down. Then I went up to the desk and complained about how cold it was. I was the only one who was cold...Hmmm I wonder why.

Boss Lady suggested that I use our little radiator that has a blower on it, to dry off. So I gave it a shot, so at least I could try and dry my crotch area when I didn't get any customers. The problem is I did have customers. By the time I would get a chance to go back and turn the radiator on, a customer would walk up to the desk. So I would have to put the damn thing down and then step out of the office, and help someone. It got so repetitive that I thought I was doing an impersonation of Homer Simpson when he said "Bed goes up, bed goes down, bed goes up, bed go down".

Heater goes up, heater goes down.

Thats not even the worse part. I was worried someone might see me on camera and think I was playing with myself or something. So I called it quits and just slushed my way out onto the desk and endured the wetness for the rest of the night. At least I know what I get when I get drenched...A cold!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

So Much For First Impressions

I have been debating on whether or not to post this. But THIS...It's been brewing and steaming inside my mind. Boiling until something gives.

At first when I watched the news, I thought it was intriguing because someone locally owned this website (ebaumsworld), and they sold it for over 50 million dollars. So I went there and took a look around. Looks good...videos, pictures, jokes...etc. When I looked at this one particular picture (solar Power) of four black kids toting around a stereo with one kid holding what is supposed to be a "solar panel".

That however isn't what made me upset. It's the comments below it that has me fuming. People joking about our skin color, calling us slurs...laughing it up. I'm all for freedom of speech, but this is...its just wrong.

I don't know what else to say...

How many times can I say how sad, how angry, how disappointed I feel. Other than the color of my skin, what did I do to make someone hate me. What will it take to make them accept me for who I am. I couldn't sleep the night I read those comments. It would have been worse if someone didn't actually stand up and voice their opinion to the contrary of what was said.

How can we search for intelligent life on other planets when we all can't get along here?

If your wondering why I didn't link the site to this post, its because I couldn't bring myself to do it.