Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My Sleepy Bio Poem

I remembered reading Rebecca's journal entry about a Bio Poem way back in August, and I said I would try it, but I chickened out, because I am not good at poetry. Tonight I couldn't sleep, and so I looked through all of my stuff in my "My Documents" folder and I saw the template there staring me in the face. So decided to give it a try again and this time I did it and I liked it. It's a creative reflection of how I am feeling right at the moment I am typing this.

Tired, Sleepy, Fatigued, and Weary
Son of Patricia, A Mother that is Sleeping
Who is Awake, Zombified, and Grouchy
Lover of Beds, Pillows and SleepingPills
Who fears Medicine Head, Insomnia and the Boogeyman
Who Needs 100 Sheep, Massages, and a Anvil to the Head
Who gives Lukewarm Milk, a cup of Tea, and Chloroform
Who would like one Nights Rest, no Noise outside, and a little Privacy
Resident of Sleepy Hollow


The Dark Lord Omz said...

I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus blue sneakers!!! LMAO!

Tilly said...

Hi Charles,

This poem was great. Full of lively interest. At least you got something out of not being able to sleep!


Judith HeartSong said...

this is wonderful!!!!