Friday, January 27, 2006

Don't Speak to Soon

Yesterday, when I departed for work, I walked to the bus stop to catch my bus....Wait: Lets REWIND! !DNIWER steL :tiaW....sub ym hctac ot pots sub eht ot deklaw I ,krow rof detraped I nehw ,yadretseY

I read an entry yesterday in The Dark Lord's Journal about trains, and I commented about how I was glad we didn't have any, and I was happy about it. I was just glad that we had buses, because I didn't have any problems with the Busline. Then I got a reminder. Yesterday when I went to go catch the bus at the bus-stop that I always wait at (always), I got screwed. The bus drove right by me! I tried waving the stupid bus driver down, but she just waved back, and then pointed to the inside (I am being polite with this) of the freakin' bus. She had an army of kids all going to East High School. The bus was so packed that there were people standing in the aisle. It hit me then, that it was midterm week for the high schoolers. What I didn't understand is why the bus driver, couldn't just let me stand on the stairs until she got to the school. East High School is only about a minute away from my stop. That was strike two!

Strike one was that RTS, (the name of the bus company). Changed the route the 8 bus that I took to get to work. The 2:30pm bus that left downtown used to be the 8 Browncroft. When it reached Winton Rd. it would turn right and head towards my job. Now it's the 8 Wyand Crescent, which turns left once it reaches Winton Rd. So now I am left with two options, I can either walk to work, or I can catch the bus downtown and transfer to the 18 University. The latter one is kind of going out of my way. I am going in the opposite direction, to transfer onto another bus, just to get to my job. So now I just walk mostly. RTS lost about 15 dollars a month from me, which is about $180 a year. I guess I will save some $$$ and get good exercise. Strike three, and I will send them a complaint.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

My Teenage Crush (since Groove Theory)

I just realized something!

I am soooo obsessed with Amel Larrieux's singing it's not funny.

She is attractive, sooooo attractive, but it's not what I am attracted to.

It's her writing ability.

It's her singing ability.

Hearing her words make me feel like I have "Infinite Possibilities".

He's got infinite possibilities
I can see them now
It's the unbroken chains of his
past by which he's bound
he's got infinite possibilities
I can feel them now
If he chooses well, then nothing
can tear him down

I love how she hits the high note.

I love the way she says oooooooooohhhhhhh!

I had to make a correction on the previous post.

Apparently Bravebird came out in 2003.

I thought it came out in 2004, which was why I put it in the 1 year category.

Her album still feels that NEW to me.

I can Get to Congo, just by listening to her song.

Dancing all of the way There.

I can't dance, but that won't stop me from trying.

Sometimes "all I got" to do is put in her album and the weight of the world is lifted off of my shoulders.

Got this place I call my home
But it's no, Taj Mahal
Got these pockets they ain't full grown
But I won't steal from no one
Got this heart well it's been broke
But it's still beating Strong
Got this song it ain't much
But it helps me carry on

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Whatever happened to Duck, Duck, Goose?

I was tagged by Ari and Angelia to do this Question Meme.

1) What is your middle name? Andrew (An Drew big a picture of Charles on a giant billboard, with his middle name in bold red ink).

2) What size is your bed? Queen
3) What are you listening to? A Garbage truck hoisting a bin of garbage into the hold.
4) What are the last two digits of your phone # ?
I Dunno, I never call myself.
5) What is the last thing you ate?
It was supposed to be a bowl of cereal, but I forgot to eat. I will rectify this soon enough. At time of me typing this, the last thing I ate was a pot pie.
6) Last person you hugged?
My sister Ablah!
7) How is the weather right now?
It’s a cold shower out there, too bad I can’t walk out in the nude with a bar of soap.
8) Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
A customer while I was at work, they wanted to know what time the desk closes. I wanted to lie to them sooo bad and say the desk was already closed.
9) What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
It depends, on what they are wearing.
10) Do you have a bf/gf ? No I don’t! What the H E Double Hockey Sticks is a bf/gf. It looks like some kind of medical condition.
11) --- whoops ---lol Where is number 11? One of the ones realized that number 1 was missing so it headed north, while it’s twin jumped off a bridge.
12) Do you drink?
Nope! Never again, I don’t want to be like “HIM”
13)Have you ever gotten so drunk that you don't remember the entire nite? Fortunately never.

14)Hair color? Black
15) Eye color?
16) Fav baseball team? I’m not into baseball!
17) Fav animal?
Right now it’s a pig.
18) Favorite season?
19) Ever cried for no reason? I always have a reason.
20) Last movie you watched? Resident Evil 2

21) What book are you reading? Decipher
22) Piercings? I used to have one in my left ear, but I let it close up.
23) Favorite movie? Star Trek: First Contact
24) Fav college team? Don’t have one!
25) What are you doing right now?
Typing the answer to this stupid and obvious question.
26) Pets?
Bouk and Jet.
27) Dog or cats?
There Cats
28) Favorite flower?
Lilacs! Hey I’m from Rochester, The Flower City.
29) Have you ever been caught doing something you weren't supposed to be doing? Yeah!
30) Have you ever loved someone? Yes, the kind of love a child gives to his mother or his siblings, and then there is that song by Mariah Carey called “Alone in Love”. That describes my teenage years when I had a crush on a girl so bad that it hurt.

31) Who would you like to see right now? My Family on both sides.
32) Are you still friends with your ex's?
Never really had an ex.
33) Have you ever fired a gun? Does a BB Gun or a Squirt Gun count?
34) Do you like to travel by plane? Hell No! You couldn’t even get me on a plane even if it has been retired and placed in the Smithsonian.
35) Right handed or left handed?
Left handed (even this question is biased toward us left handed people, I swear that one day left handed people will get the respect we so deserve).
36) If you could be with someone right now, who would it be? Amel Larrieux is married so, I’d have to say…There isn’t anyone I want to be with at this time.

37) How many pillows you sleep with? One, but if my ankle gets to aching I pull out two more.
38) Are you missing someone?
39) Do you have a tattoo?
No, and I never will after that vision that I had. It was scary!
40) Do you watch cartoons on Sat. mornings? Sometimes. I miss Shaman King.
41) Are you hiding something from someone?
What if I am?
42) Do you play an instrument? I used to, but I lost the ability to play a tune with my under arm.

I was tagged by Ari to do this second one. Whatever happened to hide and seek? LOL

Fifteen years ago, I:

Was Fifteen

Was in ninth grade.

met my best friend ever.

had my coat stolen from my locker during winter

Was very shy too!

Ten years ago, I:

wanted out of my virginity.

was depressed.

wanted to die.

realized city schools suck.

Spent most of my time in my bedroom.

Five years ago, I:

Lost my virginity.

got drunk for the first and only time.

Went on a spending spree with my income tax money.

Lived in Charlotte NC.

Let my anger overwhelm me..

Three years ago, I:

Seen The Bills Play against the Detroit Lions (Joey, Joey, Joey, Joey…You Suck!). The Fans were ribbing Joey Harrington almost every play.

My brother went to college.

I missed him.

I became depressed again.

Work became tedious.

Amel Released her Album Bravebird

I went out and bought that baby in a second.

All of my pain and sorrow went away for 46 minutes and 49 seconds.

Wished that the album never ended.

One year ago, I:

Started a journal (too, well nearly a year).

Turned 30.

My mother shared a secret battle that she is going through.

Swore I was going to get a car.

Four months ago, I:

Was complaining about the heat.

Was in a bad place as far as anger was concerned.

Thinking of the Katrina victims

Feeling useless as far as helping.

Wishing for a new pair of glasses.

Yesterday, I:

Wrote in my journal.

Took a shower.

Watched Resident Evil 2.


Took a $200 personal check for 8 twenty-five dollar gift cards that the MOD approved, without the customer being signed up for check cashing on her card! That really made my day!

Today, I:

am dreading going to work.

Don‘t want to work with somebody at the desk there.

Am trying to finish this tag.

Read a few journals.

Will see if that new $20 Win For Life ticket is out. It’s hard to believe that someone will actually spend $20 on a ticket, but someone will. I admit that I may try it once.

Tomorrow, I:

Haven‘t thought that far.

May stop the “One Day at a Time” mentality.

Will be working my sixth day straight at work with only one day off this week.

Will cut my hair off.

See if I can put Bouk on a diet. He just ran by me and I felt the floor move. Damn that is one heavy cat.

Will start asking people in a annoying tone, “When will we get our W-2 forms”?

I am tagging Gem, if she hasn’t did either one of these.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I spit on rules with pork juice.

My mom married a Muslim, Okay. I just had to point out the reason I am writing this post. It was in the 90's when this happened. I remember when I first met him. I was eating a bologna, and cheese sub that I bought at a corner store across the street from us called the Underground Railroad. I loved going to that store because Mr. Boone made some great subs and he actually had penny candy. Anyways my "Step On Me Father introduced himself to me and as he did this, I was taking a bite into my sub, and he made this look on his face like he was grotesqued out of his mind by something I did. I would figure this out later on when I found out that him and my mom got married like a month after meeting each other, which in turn tore me away from my cousin James and my Aunt Lori (we lived together). I could tell that the minute I saw that look on his face, him and I were going to have problems (boy did we). Immediately after moving out of our home, my mom tells me that the whole Christian thing (not in those words, but by actions) was wrong and that we would have one more Christmas, but after that it would be no more. Boy was I really beginning to hate my Step On Me Father. The one thing that clinched it for me was when I was told that there would be no pork in the house (Worse possible torture). I was pissed, I went on a rampage. You can take Christmas from me, you can tear me away from my second mom and my brother at heart (because I can still go and visit them), but the one thing you will not, and must not do is tear me away from my porkchops! They did and I was mad, because I couldn't have pork in the house, it was beef this, or chicken that (don't take this wrong I love chicken). I couldn't have pepperoni on my pizza, couldn't get subs from the Underground Railroad (Mr. Boone was retiring anyways). I remember I used to look forward to going over my dads house for pizza, although it wasn't as often as I liked it, and they didn't have porkchops either.

I remember one time I stayed the weekend at my dad's house and him and my stepmom ordered pepperoni pizza. They left it out over night and when I got up the next morning I was going eat some more, but my dad told me not to because it was left out, and the cheese would make me sick. I insisted, but he said NO, so I had pork withdrawal symptoms for the rest of the day.

You just don't know, there are times when I just throw that "No Pork" rule right out of the freakin' window, and just go berserk. Sneak a pepperoni pizza in the house, buy a bacon mushroom melt from Wendy's. Just yesterday, I bought a box of pepperoni pizza Hot Pockets. I still haven't managed to get my hands on some porkchops in the last 15 years.

Man I can't wait to get my own place. Then I will make my own set of rules. Anyone against me eating pork, whether it be in my past, present, or future, will have to watch me eat a pepperoni, and watch me eat it slowly and see the drool slip from my mouth. Including my mother, and my step on me father who isn't welcomed in my home, but I will let him come and help me move. He will still have to watch me eat a pepperoni in his case it will be a sausage.

My Pork Poem:

I love Pork,
Pork Loves me,
Get a taste of that swine,
and you will gladly,

Get Hooked on Porky,
and it will be good to you,
Won't you join me,
and say you love pork too!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Secret Sentence XII

Below, I wrote a journal entry and in my entry there are Blue words in bold scattered throughout it. The object of the game is to form the correct sentence from the words that I have given you! I will be giving you a dummy word to make it a little more difficult. The people who guess correctly will be put in a drawing of sorts, and the winner gets to have a sentence of their choice in the next "Secret Sentence"! However, the winner cannot guess in the next "Secret Sentence" if they submit a sentence in. I will take guesses until Thursday and post the answer on Friday! I am asking that you email me your answers, this way everyone will have a chance and no one will know who the first person to guess correctly is.

I'm Wavering the Dummy Word This Week!

Last weeks winner was Ari, she was the first and only person to guess it. It was so easy, that I could have put thwip in as a hint and it would have stuck to your brain like Spiderman's webbing. Secret Sentence XI's answer is "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility". That was a quote from "Spiderman's" Uncle Ben, which is the driving force behind the reason that Peter Parker became Spiderman. It was his uncles last words, but it wouldn't have been, if Peter had stopped the criminal that stole a bag of money from a wrestling promoter that jipped him. This next Secret Sentence is well, its a challenge to say the least. There is one word in it that is very challenging. Lets see if I can use it! I hope somebody can guess it. Lets just say that if you look at the words you can logically figure it out. I normally do SS on Monday, but I have to work at 7am tomorrow, so this is an early version, because I ain't getting out of bed until 5:45am, and I'm going back to bed when I come home.

Secret Sentence XII: Reflections of Ari'isms LOL

Last Saturday Friday I was playing with Jalani. He was awake, wide awake, I mean the boy's eyes almost popped out of his head. It was so creepy, that I felt like he was trying to use >>>>{{{{Mind Control}}}}<<<<>>>>{{{{You will bring me my ba ba, you will bring me my ba ba, you will bring me my ba ba}}}}<<<<). Ba Ba....(Shaking my head) What was that! Seriously, after I stopped tripping on that I started waving hi to him. Jalani smiled and tried waving back to me. He still haven't got control of his hands, but I can tell that he was trying. Then something strange happened. Jalani formed his hand into a fist and stuck it out. How many 1 month old babies you know that want to touch fists? I know one now, so I did it and he smiled. No lie, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, its like babies nowadays are much more evolved then we were, and what is up with my 10 year old sister getting her...You know (shhh...she'd kill me if she find out I posted that). I also had the opportunity to hold Jalani. I was scared before, but now I find myself wanting more MORE (mwahahahaha). If only he'd keep that head still. I felt like he was going to wiggle right out of my arms, onto the floor.

Grandma had to babysit today on her day off from work. Yep it hasn't been six weeks yet, and already my sister Chandra is working again. My mom watched him all day, and when I came home she decided that she was going to fry some bacon, and she forgot to turn the fire on low. I don't know what's worse, the fact that she burned the bacon or the fact that I couldn't smell the thick gray smoke coming from the kitchen. In fact I didn't even see the smoke until my mother yelled, "Dammit I thought I turned the stove on low". So I learned two things about myself today. One: I can breathe thick gray smoke when I am not thinking about it, and Two: I need help, someone call IAA (Internet Addiction anonymous). My mother was distracted from her grandbaby. Jalani isn't as loud as my brother Jevon was when he was a baby, but I could still here him from downstairs. I can't imagine what I would be like if I was a grandfather. I'm not even a father yet, so giving $1 bills to my grandchildren isn't even registering in my head yet. My Grandfather used to give all of his grandchildren $1 bills when we were younger. I remember when I was little I used to call him Grandpa, and he didn't want us to call him that, he preferred Granddad. I wonder if mom will have some sort of preference like that as time go on. As a uncle I know I will, Jalani and I will be having a little talk in about five more months (LOL).

I stole this thing from Ari, who stole it from Chuck!

You Were a Porcupine

You have created your own path in life, and you encourage others to do the same.

Even as life progresses, you always maintain a sense of wonder and innocence.

A Porcupine huh! At least I know I couldn't be touched, unless it was a female porcupine. How do porcupines do it anyways, does a male porcupine even have a penis? Now I am all curious like (Stop Pricking Me).
I wonder??? How many readers have I lost now, I lost count??? LOL!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Over before it Started!

This is The Cat!

I originally did a post about it in June, about how I wanted to ride The Fast Ferry, and how I also wanted to visit Canada. Now that won't be happening, and you want to know how I found out!

Yes a sign at a restaurant called Sticky Lips BBQ gave me the heads up! (I want to try there food so bad!! every time I walk by there, the smell of barbecue makes me Sooo Hungry)

"Ferry for sale, Call City Of Rochester! Will Sell for a song!"

If there were so many problems before, Our officials should have let Turkey get there hands on it. I guess I won't never be riding on the Ferry, at least I can still travel to Canada, as soon as I can get all of the necessary paper work taken care of.. Crazy!!!

Which reminds me, are there any other cities out there in the U.S. that accepts Canadian pennies, dimes, and nickels like Rochester does.

A weird thing From Rochester.

I was reading Jackie's Journal one day, and she post weird things about New Jersey. I liked the one with the Grinch Jumping over the bridge that was hilarious. The most recent entry was about a van with monsters on it called The Mad Monster Mobile.

This inspired me to look down the street from my house and post and entry about something weird about Rochester. Once we did have a car that was shaped like a shoe, but they are gone now, and I never got a picture (before I had a digital camera). There is still one thing that is unusual however. I have to start at the beginning to help you understand why this happened. A few years upon moving into our home, there was a home down the street at the corner of our street and Culver rd. Our Neighbors were upset because the owners of the house didn't keep up with the paint job on there house, and they were worried that the property value of there homes would go down. I don't know if there is a law that says that you have to paint your house when the paint is going bad, but I know there isn't a law that prevents you from painting your house whatever color you want it to be. Out of defiance of the neighbors (I have to say that this is so cool) the owners of the house painted the house, but in there color of choice......

Click for bigger Picture!

Orange and Yellow, and now some of the neighbors have named it the "Pumpkin House". I'm surprised that we weren't targeted for our backyard. I could only imagine.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Reflections (from mirrors and the heart)

It's amazing how you plan on doing something, and then you do a complete 180 degree turn in the other direction.

I originally planned on doing an entry on our cat Jet, but I started reading other journals and I changed my mind.

I had to write about how I am feeling write now, because I don't want to leave it inside of me and let it consume my heart like I have done so many times throughout my childhood.

There are two things on my mind that I have to get out.


I just read a post on Jodi's journal called Mirror about how she felt afraid to look in the mirror. I think that this is a beautiful entry, but for some reason I just couldn't post a comment to let her know what I thought. It's just sometimes I feel scared that I might say something wrong, and hurt a persons feelings, which I can also tie back to a entry that Patrick did on comments. Why do I get like this, I can relate to what Jodi says, because I don't feel good about my looks, but I hold back what I feel! I tend to do this a lot, and let me tell you holding back how you feel can really suck sometimes.


I know a lot of you guys out there think that I am a nice person, but sometimes I don't think so. Last year, my family on my dad's side of the gene pool threw a surprise party for my aunt Dorothy. I was closer to my family on my dad's side of the family when I was a child, but as I grew up, we seemed to have grown apart (or to put it precisely, I drifted from them). My aunt Linda called and asked me to come to the party, I agreed, but I wasn't sure that I wanted to go, because at the time I was suspended from work and my brother Jevon and my sister Chandra were hit with a big problem, which also affected my life, and because it also involved something from my past. I Also didn't want to go because the party was at 11am, and I had to be to work at 3:30pm. She told me that I could still come and that someone would take me to work when the time came. I was just down, and I didn't want to go, because I was afraid that I would bring everyone else at the party down. So the day of the party my cousin Ta-Ta-Tanisha called my cell-phone and I just let it ring. She called two more times and left voicemail messages. I just laid in my bed staring at my ceiling. Not only that, but even before this I didn't want to go and see them. I didn't feel like I fit in. Everyone on my Dad's side of the family are Very spiritual. They keep trying to get to me to go to church, and in my Dad's case to the Kingdom Hall, but I choose not to, because I always feel like I am being pressured. When I was a kid I went to church with my aunts and cousins, and when I came back my dad got upset with me (although he didn't show it) and told me not to ever go there again. He had me go to the Kingdom Hall every time that I stayed over with him, or when I lived with him those two short times. I felt like I was in the middle of something, I felt trapped so I got out of there and I ended up distancing myself from everyone. It's all my fault, because I never tell them how I feel! I just bottle it up and keep it to myself and not say a word, and now its come to this. I am scared to call any of them, because I didn't go to the party. I love them all, but it's just so hard for me to say, "I LOVE YOU"! I know part of the reason stems from my childhood, but I haven't grasped the entire reason, I can't find the rest of the pieces to the puzzle.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Our Darkside Answers (I managed to fit it all on one post)

Remember when I asked asked ten of my own dark questions. Well here are the answers that some of you guys and gals. I must say that I liked all of Chuck's answers. He had me laughing so much, that I had tears coming out of my eyes and I almost fell out of my Chair!
My answers are in red!

1. What do you think is the weirdest thing that I have ever ate? While we are at it, what is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

Chuck: I think you've probably eaten a dog biscuit. But then again, everyone has had at least one dog biscuit. Except me. So that's not so weird, except in my book.
Now, as for my eating, do you mean "eaten and swallowed?" Cheap Jokes R Us.

Deslily: I ate a fried grasshopper once (tasted like a burnt potatoe chip)

Jodi: Hmmm..Dunno...Me? Honestly I am sure I have during the college deluge of fine spirits and I seem to have memory lapses of this time period. I would even go as far to say...this is most likely a good thing.
That I remember? I eat chips with Jam. Jalepinos on everything. Ketchup on eggs. Mayo with fries.

The weirdest thing That I have ever eaten was Chitlins (chitterlings)! The small intestines of pigs, especially when cooked and eaten as food. Trust me I will never eat them again, they taste nasty!

2. How old do you think I was when I lost my virginity? Have I lost my virginity???

Chuck: You lost your virginity when you were 21, but you're looking for it again. Sorry, Charlie. Once it's lost, it's gone.

Stephanie: (I liked this answer LOL) I don't know perhaps you should look under the bed.

Jodi: You have? Hmmm....

I lost my virginity when I was 25 at about 8pm on New Years day of 2001. I can tell you what street I was on, what I was doing before, what I was watching on TV...etc.

3. How much Chuck could a wood “Chuck” Chuck, if a wood “Chuck” could Chuck wood?

Ari: Depends on whether or not I'm in a french maid outfit or not. Mwahahaha

Chuck: You know, if I never, ever heard this fucking quote again, it would be way too soon. Just saying.

Deslily: a chuckfull of wood?

Jodi: I think we should ask Chuck

Stephanie: What kind of wood is it? WoW LOL

If you only new! Last year I tried to clean our backyard because some idiot dumped some car batteries back there, not to mention 5 years worth of leaves, trash and debris that was blown back there from other yards and our stupid cement barbecue grill that has been deteriorating for the last 10 years (we haven't used that thing since my graduationtion party/19th birthday party. Then there is the heart of this question. The bushes in our backyard is almost as tall as I am, and my stupid stepfather doesn't want me to cut them down, only to trim them. There are over 15 of those huge bushes in our backyard, i'd kill myself if I did this alone. Then there is the wooden fence that surrounds the neighboring houses in our back yard. It has given way to time and weather. I don't know if I ever put this in my journal, but I hate being called Chuck (no offense Chuck), in fact there is only one person to date that is still alive after calling me this name (LOL, actually Pon gave me no choice). Hence the question!

4. If I had three wishes, what do you think they would be?

Ari: Peace, love and harmony. Cuz that's just who you are. HAH! Yeah right! Just kidding! Most likely this would be the answer, but I would put that in one wish!

Chuck: You mean, aside from the obvious Miss America type wishes, although the thought of you in a strapless gown does not set my heart afire. Nothing personal - you're a hunka hunka burning love, but you're not my type. Well, of course wish one would be Amel Larrieux, but I'm so down with THAT wish that I'm having it too. Hm. Wish two would be a car, I'm guessing, and you don't even need a hugely expensive sled - just something nice to get to work and to bring your future wife out to dinner in. And since this is me making your wishes for you, I'm going to wish that you wished for a dedicated OC-3 connection to the internet, at no charge, for the rest of your life. How'd I do? You did Great LOL! You got two of 'em!

Deslily: money, power and 3 more wishes!

Stephanie: That I had great wealth, health and the ability to play any video game extremely well.

Jodi: Well the first one, is for three more wishes. Second one a big old plasma TV and the third??? Peace and good will.(Hee hee)

5. I think Amel Larrieux is hot, but who do you think I want to have one night with (you'd be surprised)?

Ari: Halle Barry? Grunting like Tim Allen! Or growling like this girl April I know, she had a sexy growl!

Chuck: Living or dead? I'm guessing you're a Josephine Baker kinda guy - shameless yet prissy in her own way. Maybe Venus Williams? I'm hoping however, that the answer is NOT Jaye Davidson. He's kinda creepy, and it pisses me off that he's got such a large package if he's such a fem.

Deslily: someone younger then me thats for sure! lol

Stephanie: her sister! She doesn't have any sisters...Sigh! In fact she is a only child.

Jodi: Noooooo....Not you

Actually I would like to spend a night with Drew Barrymore even if its just to chill and talk! Not necessarily in the way the question was written either. I don't know, for some reason I am attracted to her. I just think she is beautiful and funny. I like humor! I remember that time on David Letterman Drew flashed Dave for his birthday! I was so in shocked, and I wish that it was me in Daves chair!

6. If someone slipped and fell on there bottom, do you think I would take the high road, or the one at the bottom?

Deslily: ummmm.. huh?

Chuck: If there was blood, you'd be there helping in a second. But, if there were feet flying in the air, you'd be busting a gut, big time Yep I sure would!

Ari: Um. High road. Because breasts are higher than bottoms.

Stephanie: I think you would take the high road while snickering.

Jodi: Depends. All in all I think a giggle would be waiting.

7. If I was chosen to execute someone, what do you think my method of torture, I mean execution would be?

Deslily: I don't tIink i want to know!

Chuck: I bet you'd put rotten vegetables on someone and then let them be attacked by stoats. And there wouldn't be a way for them to weasel out of it either.

Ari: Man, I could never see you executing anyone. Kill them with kindess? I could try.

Omar: (which strangly enough was the only question he answered. I thought he would have went crazy with these questions) My brother, this answer is too simple. Being members of the darkside, we are notorious for the dreaded...lightning from the finger tips...we have that skill set. For example please observe Tom Cruise executing Oprah. Tom Cruise Kills Oprah

Stephanie: An eternity of dealing with the worst customer you have ever had. LMAO

Jodi: To listen to Barry, and flashes of Colin Firth Wow Really Laughing now!

My answer was going to be, "Strap them to a table and slowly stretch there limbs until they break off, while making them watch all of the worst reality shows on television, but I think I would add the stoats and worst customer in the mix along with a bit of lightening from the fingertips!

8. The Universe suddenly morphed, warped and collapsed in on itself by forms of cosmic radiation and enormous gravity wells, causing it to implode and then explode. Miraculously everyone and everything survives, but everything has changed in a weird way. What comic or Cartoon Character do you think fate would ultimately change me into? What do you think the new Crazy world would have in store for you?

Jodi is still pondering! LOL

Deslily: Bart Simpson? lol..

Stephanie: The Green Lantern What do you think the new Crazy world would have in store for you? I'd be the wife from Family Guy.

Chuck: You would be changed into Captain Underpants! And me, I'd become a nice guy.

Ari: Most likely I'd be a villain. But you'd be on the good side, and we'd be arch enemies. That would suck ass. I guess I'll just have to bring you over to the bad guys. Actually Ari I was thinking I would end up like a villian, A Marvel Character. He looks like Spider Man, but he is a Doppelganger. In fact that is his name is Doppelganger!

9. What could possibly go wrong if I had control of the Universe? I dunno, I was just asking, eveyrthing would be perfect in my world!

Chuck: I think you'd probably do in Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, which would be bad because then I'd have no one to hate.

Deslily: ohhhlord.. i REALLY don't want to know that one!

Ari: Every woman would have to go out and buy bigger bras. double take!

Stephanie: We'd have to worship that chick you have the hots for. All Hail Amel Larrieux!

Jodi: Oh MY....I plead the 5th

10. Boxers, Briefs, or free as the wind? (Guys don't have to answer, but they can share what they wear or don't wear!)

Deslily: boxers..thats like free as the wind anyway lol

Jodi: I prefer boxers.

Stephanie: Why did guys get out of this question? LOL, because some guys feel awkward when it comes to underwear.

Ari: Boxerbriefs.

Chuck had the funniest answer: Boxers, of course. My favorite is Ali, with Sugar Ray Leonard second and Marvin Hagler a very close third.

I am a boxers kind of guy!

Thanx to everyone for taking part. I hope you had some fun with this, and that we all laughed!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Secret Sentence XI

Below, I wrote a journal entry and in my entry there are Blue words in bold scattered throughout it. The object of the game is to form the correct sentence from the words that I have given you! I will be giving you a dummy word to make it a little more difficult. The people who guess correctly will be put in a drawing of sorts, and the winner gets to have a sentence of their choice in the next "Secret Sentence"! However, the winner cannot guess in the next "Secret Sentence" if they submit a sentence in. I will take guesses until Thursday and post the answer on Friday! I am asking that you email me your answers, this way everyone will have a chance and no one will know who the first person to guess correctly is.

Secret Sentence XI: His Inner Strength, His Worst Burden!

I am nearing the end of Eddie Guerrero's Book, and I am sad that it's almost over. It is a great read, especially if you are a wrestling fan, I mean you learn so much about what is going on in the world of wrestling, and even some of the terminology. I thought they called The bad guy's, "Bad Guy's", but they call them "Heels". The good guys for whatever reason are called "babyfaces" (go figure). Anyways while I was reading I noticed that he is a lot like a regular person. He didn't think he was the best looking guy out there, and he actually considered himself to be shy. It's funny when he said that, because the Eddie Guerrero I saw on t.v. doesn't even come close to the definition of the word shy. When he was a heel, Eddie was brutal, unrelenting, A-hole. Then again, when he was a babyface, he was Interestingly funny and cool. The REAL Eddie Guerrero seemed like nice person, like a normal guy trying to live his normal life to the best of his abilities. I didn't even know that he was Married until he won the WWE title at No Way Out. We base famous people's lives on there characters (for example William Shatner as Captain Kirk), and there nothing like them. Funny thing is when Eddie first came to the WWE, He was Chyna's sidekick. I didn't even know that. I thought he was one of the top wrestler's in the WWE from the get go, but I was (again) wrong. I learned that he like to help other wrestlers out, or as he put it (get them over). I think that was cool, he was a real team player. I'll Miss Eddie Guerrero!

Today is Martin Luther King Day! Last night I was joking with my brother, about how every black person in America should have the day off! He started cracking up and then told me that if that happened everything in the U.S. would fall apart. I said hey our ancestors were slaves for most of, or in some cases the rest of there lives. We should have one day of freedom from work, in fact a paid day from work. Now that I am thinking about it, it would be a nice thing, I can sure use the day off.

This whole wanting my independence thing has gotten me thinking about how I will have more added responsibility for myself. I would have to pay more bills, fix my all of my own problems, and plan for my future. It's kind of scary to think about, the power to decide and choose everything. I am so indecisive, I can't even choose what to eat sometimes, even when someone else is buying! I just wonder, when the time comes will I be capable of managing my own finances and will I make the right decisions. Life is pretty hard, sure there are some good times, but everyday won't be a great one. I just hope I am up for the challenge!

Remember please email me your answers.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Go Broncos, Go Colts, Go anybody but the Patriots this year!

I seen a lot of Brady bashing going on this morning, and I must say that I don't have a problem with it seeing how I am a fan so I decided to join in. I think that somewhere in Tom Brady's mind he is saying, " "! I want the Patriots to lose so badly. It's time for a new Super Bowl Champ. I think that they made a wise decision in getting rid of Bledsoe for Tom. Then again the Bills picked up his predecessor. My Bills have been making some bad decisions of late. This is why they aren't in the Playoffs, so I am rooting for anyone in the AFC to please put a end to the Dynasty! Go Broncos! Can't believe I just typed that!

KU PEMMC! E bnateld dryd dra Lumdc femm feh dra Ciban Pufm! Dra Bydneudc tuh'd cdyht y Lryhla...Cunno du ymm uv druca Bydneud vyhc uid drana. E nuud vun dra Lumdc, pid calnadmo E ys nuudehk vun Dra Pemmc, Dra Pemmc, Dra Dra Pemmc! Muug ehdu so aoac: Oui femm pa y Pemmc Vyh! Oui femm mega dra Pemmc! Oui femm lraan vun dra Pemmc! Dra Pemmc yna Kuut! Dra Pemmc Yna Knayd! Muja dro Pemmc! Oui femm funcreb dra knuiht dryd dra Pemmc fymg uh! PemmcPemmcPemmcPemmcPemmcPemmcPemmcPemmc



Friday, January 13, 2006

My Bowl, Where art thou?

To explain the picture and why I am writing this, I have to go back...(Where Conan), all the way back to the 1980's. When I was a kid, my Mother and my Aunt Clara used to participate in tupperware parties.

Sidenote: Tupperware parties have since seemed to be replaced by sex toy parties. Man what a difference in decades.

My mother purchased two different sets. A white translucent set with tan colored tops and the other was an all yellow set like the one pictured above (I had to dig for this one). Two of my favorite out of the sets of tupperware were of the yellow kind. One was our sugar container, and the other is the reason why I am writing this post. When I was a kid, I used to sneak in the kitchen and eat plain sugar (a weird thing about me when I was a kid). I remember when I was finally caught, I had an accomplice join me in my thievery. Just when I thought my goose was cooked, I came up with a clever excuse. "We were trying to bake something for you Ma". It worked, although I wonder if she new that I was lying. Maybe she was tired of spanking me to death.

The second container was a bowl. It was slightly more round and curvy and is half the size of the container at the top of the page. Whenever I ate food, whether it would be cereal or Macaroni and Cheese, the yellow bowl would be the bowl of choice. I ate ice cream in it, I even felt its pain when I saw a the spot where someone had melted it partially. I had this bowl ever since I was a kid, and it's going on nearly 20 years now since that tupperware party (I was there). My bowl has vanished, vanished off the face of my planet. It has disappeared into a unknown reality. My bowl is gone, and I will never be the same again. I had become attached to that bowl over the years, and I really couldn't eat anything that required a bowl, with out it. It just felt so awkward. When it was lost for a time, I would literally find foods to eat that didn't require a use of a bowl just so I would feel right. When I found it in my sister Ablah's room, I went ballistic on her. It had sentimental value, and now it's gone, just a memory. The only person in the house that understands how I feel is my mother. Everyone else just shrugged it off, like it was nothing. I know it seems weird and trivial that I am complaining about it, but that was my bowl, and I miss it! I recently bought a new bowl, and it doesn't seem right, it's just not the same.

Revealed Sentence X and a suggestion on missing blogger comment alerts!

First I just want to say that I haven't been getting all of my notifications for the comments left in my blogger journal. I got two yesterday, and they were in my spam folder. So I was wondering if it had anything to do with that, so I turned my spam folders settings to low. I am waiting for a comment to see what happens.

No one got This weeks Secret Sentence correct...Sorry! It was a toughie and I guess Galen Brannagh Stumped everyone...Cool! I liked it however this quote. I also like Ari's version. I tried giving a hint by using a mathematics formula called logic p~q. My math Teacher Mrs. Densmore used to refer p as being "if" and "q" being then (boy was that a bad idea as a hint). So I figured that it would help with the first word if and when you get to the the other half (comma) of the sentence I was hoping that you guys would figure out that the word "I" was next. I also put two of the words together on purpose to help, but I guess it was too hard. The answer to Secret Sentence X is "If I had a nickel for every time I heard that one, I wouldn't have to work for you". Since no one guessed correctly this week, I'll use a very popular quote. I am soo sure that everyone will get this correct. I was wondering do you think I should change the requirement of posting the answer in a form of a comment to sending a email, or should I just leave it the way it is, because I noticed that some people give up typing the answer when they see that others have posted there's.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Everyday Life 14

When you are a child life is carefree. You get up and do what your parents tell you. You go to school listen to your teachers, you come home do your homework. You play, and when its all said and done you go to bed. What happens when you grow up? You go to work, you have appointments, you pay your bills, you take care of your children. Sure you have time for yourself, but sometimes it isn't enough. Then there is your future, of course you have to think about the what if's, and retirement. If you don't plan ahead you may not be set for your future. There are unforeseen roadblocks, but you can soften them up if you are prepared for them.

Everything you want doesn't always necessarily go according to plan. When I was a kid there were two things I wanted to be when I got older. A teacher, or a firefighter. Neither one of those dreams ever came to light for personal reasons, but at least they were my dreams. I never planned on working at a grocery store. In fact I was one of those kids that made fun of the cashiers (paper or plastic). Fate can play a cruel ironic joke on you sometimes. I never really made a plan growing up while I was in school, and I didn't have anyone to guide me. My dad...well he was to busy with whatever he was doing to care about me, and my mom, well she was to busy supporting me and my siblings by working her butt off. When I was in high school, I really wanted to join this after school program called Prism, but I never planned on the teachers in charge telling me that I would need a parent to accompany me to the first meeting. It really sucked, because math was my favorite subject in high school, and my teacher Mrs. Densmore really wanted to encourage me to learn math, so I could do something with it in my future. Heck I probably could have been an engineer by now, but my mom had to work and well I barely ever saw my dad, so I didn't even bother.

I never planned on ever being an uncle. My sister Chandra once told me that if she ever had children, to kill her. I told her I would remember this, but I didn't take her up on her request. She doesn't remember saying this (whether because of time or by choice). I do, and now she is a mommy and that makes me uncle Charles.

I definitely never planned on being in this house. I was like, "as soon as I graduate I am out of here". There was too much hatred, for my step-father for me to even come downstairs to the living room and now here I am still living in the house avoiding him whenever he shows up.

Who knows what other curb balls I will get thrown at me. One thing is for sure, they I will learn from them and I will plan for a better tomorrow.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Secret Sentence X

Below, I wrote a journal entry and in my entry there are Blue words in bold scattered throughout it. The object of the game is to form the correct sentence from the words that I have given you! I will be giving you a dummy word to make it a little more difficult. The people who guess correctly will be put in a drawing of sorts, and the winner gets to have a sentence of their choice in the next "Secret Sentence"! However, the winner cannot guess in the next "Secret Sentence" if they submit a sentence in. I will take guesses until Thursday and post the answer on Friday!

The last Secret Sentence winner was Galen Brannagh, and I must say that this weeks SS is going to be a toughie! I didn’t think I would ever get one this long, but hey I still like it. Oh and Galen, I don’t think it’s lame!

Secret Sentence X: Remember this math (p~q)

Tuesday when I was at work, it was boring for the most part, until my co-worker went on break and then all hell broke loose. I had to fend for myself, so I moved as fast as I could, just to keep the line from reaching the exit. No managers ever came to check on how I was doing and, and when I was done with the chaotic situation, I didn’t even get a “Nice Job” like some of the other employees there. Every time I work my butt off not a peep, but if I do something wrong, I hear something for sure. I just want them to notice the positive and not just the negative. I guess it’s because I am not a part of there little click. I don’t want nothing to do with, the drama at my job. I just want to work and go home. I am so tired of the he said she said crap, and the stories about how someone got drunk and acted like a fool at some party. It’s like high school, and some of these people there are my age or older.

I went to the laundry mat today (no crazy women this time either). While I was there I actually managed to read three chapters in Eddie Guerrero’s book. I couldn’t get any kind of flow Tuesday night, while I was at work. Usually it’s quiet there and no one comes to the desk, but not last Tuesday. While I was at the Laundry mat, I learned something about myself. There were two young ladies there washing there clothes and one of them seemed interested in me. They both had kids, but that wasn’t the problem. I came to realize that I’m not confident in myself. Part of me wanted to say something to her, but I didn’t. I was interested, and I even stared at her reflection in the dryer glass while the door was open.

I think it’s because I’m not happy with the situation that I put myself in. I am 30 and I work at a grocery store, plus I am still at home (mainly because I don't want to live alone) and let’s be honest, this is not a good thing (NO)! I realize that this is part of what has been nagging me for a long time. I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship and not be dependant of others, especially my mother. Although I do pay rent and the phone bill, I still think it’s time to move on with my life and move out. The heart of the issue is low self-esteem and Anxiety problems. Personally I think I just don’t love myself. So how could you love someone if you don’t love yourself? I don’t know, but that I do know that this question has been bothering me for a long time now.

Another thing is my weight. Well to be more precise, it’s my body’s physical condition. I’m not grotesquely obese, but I’m not at what would be considered my ideal weight either. I actually want to be in the shape (I’m flabby LOL) I was when I was 13. I used to ride my bicycle all of the time and lift weights. Somewhere along the line of aging, I lost the will to exercise, and I began to blame the pain emanating from my childhood ankle injury.

Okay so it’s 2006 so I should have resolutions right (WRONG)! I can’t solve everything in 2006. I can try, but there isn’t anyway for me to get everything done in one year, which is why I don’t make new years resolutions, I make goals. These goals don’t even have to include a clause in it requiring me to get my act together before 2007, because that is crazy, and it’s actually a bad thing sometimes to have a deadline. So I won’t be any having resolutions.

Goal Number One: My independence is a key to my happiness. If I don’t do this I will never achieve any of my other goals, so I will make this goal happen.

Goal Number two: Getting a car is important, because I can go and find better jobs with better pay in other areas, instead of one 1.86 miles from my home. Plus I can go anywhere I want, when I want to, and whenever I am ready, and I don’t have to worry about someone changing there mind. I would only have to worry about the car breaking down (joy). I guess I just have to make sure that I get a car that is worth every penny that I paid for it and not one that is worth a nickel. I heard that there is a monthly car auction in the town of Victor somewhere. Maybe I will check it out.

Goal Number Three: Getting my body back in shape is important to me, because I feel tired all of the time. My lack of exercise may also be a reason why I have trouble sleeping at night two. I am thinking about creating a journal for exercise and learning how to love myself, but I am having trouble on where to start.

Goal Number Four: Find My Soul Mate!

I’m sure I have many more goals than this, but these are the main ones, I could have put go back to college, but I have to see about that after I get my own place.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Just a reminder!

Stamps officially go up 2 cents to 39 cents. I wished they had raised it to forty though, because then we wouldn't have to worry about the extra penny. "Keep the Change man". Well thank you Mr. I think I am the first one to use this joke before! It will definitely change my life (can't even buy penny candy anymore). My real issue is that damn two cent stamp! People must have asked me a number of times yesterday, "Do you have the 2 cent stamp"? It was ridiculously repetitive, and I wasn't the only one they were asking. They also asked Shannon, and the Assistant on the front end. Sad thing is it is only going to get worse. Before you know it the words "two cent stamp" will becoming out of everyone's mouth, so they can finish of the 37's and not waste there money on the new 39 cent licker or sticker... Depending on which one you get.

Friday, January 06, 2006

My Powers Over The Darkside (Raising my left eyebrow with a evil Grin)

I can't believe I am writing a disclaimer!

Please, Please don't be offended by what I wrote. Its all good, my only intent is to have some fun. No intentions to upset or harm anyone...That is All!

Read the questions and then answer them. The Dark Soul will pick the answers he like most and post them on a future journal entry.
Now i'm asking that anyone who wants to participate, to send me there answers via email (

1. What do you think is the weirdest thing that I have ever ate? While we are at it, what is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

2. How old do you think I was when I lost my virginity? Have I lost my virginity???

3. How much Chuck could a wood “Chuck” Chuck, if a wood “Chuck” could Chuck wood?

4. If I had three wishes, what do you think they would be?

5. I think Amel Larrieux is hot, but who do you think I want to have one night with (you’d be surprised)?

6. If someone slipped and fell on there bottom, do you think I would take the high road, or the one at the bottom?

7. If I was chosen to execute someone, what do you think my method of torture, I mean execution would be?

8. The Universe suddenly morphed, warped and collapsed in on itself by forms of cosmic radiation and enormous gravity wells, causing it to implode and then explode. Miraculously everyone and everything survives, but everything has changed in a weird way. What comic or Cartoon Character do you think fate would ultimately change me into? What do you think the new Crazy world would have in store for you?

9. What could possibly go wrong if I had control of the Universe?

10. Boxers, Briefs, or free as the wind? (Guys don’t have to answer, but they can share what they wear or don’t wear!)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

SS on hold

Secret Sentence is on hold until Next Monday. I already have it written out, its just I normally try to post it on Monday. I didn't get to do this, so I am going to modify it so I can make it work Like I plan. I also plan on bringing something else back (just this once) for kicks. Right now I am sitting in a chair, with a cat in my lap who insisted on sitting there, and I am trying to type this entry with one arm over his back and fur flying everywhere. How can he be shedding? We haven't even gone through a month of winter yet.

Finally I am Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I wouldn't let him on the desk, so Bouk as heavy as he is, jumped off of my lap. Man what a relief. He is the fattest and heaviest cat that I have ever seen.

I plan on doing something, that I had been debating on doing, but I figured that there is no harm in it, so I will throw caution to the wind and give it a shot. I found inspiration and the cool idea from this journaler's entry. I also plan on doing an entry based on my income tax entry, and an a comment I replied too. I figure that it's a worth while story/memory to tell.

for now I have to go, I have to run for the bus and such ..........Later!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Three little letters that could ruin a new year

December 29th I received a little (well actually its pretty big this year) booklet in the mail. Not only will I be using it, but it was a reminder of what happens at the beginning of the year. I don't see why this isn't considered a tradition. Maybe the government could turn it into a holiday, so we can take the day off and do this annoying little thing (big thing in some cases) December 29th I went downstairs to check my mail, and I received my income tax forms, and its thicker this year than in previous years.

I remember when I got my first W-2 form in 1998 (well actually my first was in '94, but I was a being claimed as a minor so no worry there), I didn't know what to do with it. I had to ask my mother for help. She told me her secret. She would go down to the IRS building downtown on East Ave. and have them do her taxes for her. She showed me where it was, and I went there and they did both my Federal and my State income taxes for me. I was so happy to get this done, it was a relief, a weight off of my shoulders. It was our little secret and at first very few people new this, and then all of a sudden the cats out of the bag and it whispered to every single desperate W-2 carrying, IRS filling, paper cut, person searching for help in Rochester. The result ... Three years ago the IRS decided to only do the State, its up to you to fill out the Federal.

So I decided that I would do my own income taxes. Yep I do my own now, and I don't need any help, well I had my mother double check the math the first year. I am getting better at this, and I can't wait to get my W-2 form in the mail. Mines are easy, because I don't have any kids, no house, no stocks, I don't live in Yonkers, I don't own a business and I am not married (not saying that I don't want to be married someday). I don't even have to worry about checking which party I belong in, because I don't want to or need to be a democrat, republican or a independent (I wish they would stop with the labeling already). I am not a voter. Only problem is we (we being the employees at the job I work at) don't get our stupid w-2 forms until nearly the end of January. What I wouldn't give to be one of the first people to get it in the first week. Last year I didn't get mines until around January 26 (or was it later than that) When something comes up, I like to get it over and done with. I got my tax forms, now send me the freaking w-2's. I know its more frustrating for some people than for others(what is that saying, "Nothing is certain but Death and Taxes"). I have my motivation though!

Monday, January 02, 2006

I Like Chess!

I found this at Angelia's A Fallen Angel Under a Dark Moon. I must say that I like this survey. Now let it be known that I am the Black Knight (LOL)

A Black Knight

You scored 5 Power-Finesse, 2 Leader-Follower, 4 Unique-Ordinary, and 2 Offense-Defense!

The rules don't really apply to you, do they? Impediments for you are opportunities, not obstacles. You are dashing and flamboyant, and you like to be right in the middle of the action. You like to protect your team and your King and Queen, by fighting off those who would dare to threaten them. In the long run, however, you cannot win the game alone. It is impossible for you to checkmate your opponent all by yourself, so you appreciate and value your teammates.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 96% on Power-Finesse
You scored higher than 12% on Leader-Follower
You scored higher than 67% on Unique-Ordinary
You scored higher than 23% on Offense-Defense

~No Generics~

Yeah I am doing a repeat entry ... So what! (Just kidding) I just have to explain why I put this tag up that I made. Read the entry below and you will understand why. 10/25/05

Quality, not Quantity or less expensive!

I initially took this picture, because the power in our house went out this summer. The Electric company was working on something and they knocked out the power on our block. I never used it, because it reminded me of that night. We had a lot of Drama going on, a lot of "heated discussions". I think its because it was hot and everyone was grumpy.

Now I'm using it because of my television. I remember when I first bought that thing. I asked my mother to take us to Wal-Mart the day after Thanksgiving two years ago so I could buy it. First off, I just want to say if you want to get the item, get there early. I did I got my mom up at five in the morning, she had to take my sister Chandra to a friends house anyways. When we got there we noticed that the line to get in was huge. Jevon and I thought we were going to be at the end, but it turns out that the end of the line would eventually stretched all of the way to the one side of the store, slightly around it and then all the way back to the beginning of the line, which was at the front door. We were way better off than we had first thought. While we were waiting a Wal-Mart employee was giving out the tickets for items that they were sure to sell out almost instantly. The Television was one of them. So I got the ticket, and when the doors open, everyone made a dash for the door. When we got in there to our surprise we were the first ones to get in line at one of the registers. I gave the cashier the ticket, she wrung me up and cashed me out and bam, done right.... Wrong I had to go find the stupid thing (as a note the editor of this Journal refers to any and every inanimate object as "Stupid" out of frustration). So Jevon and I headed to the electronics (Jevon was dodging and weaving like he was playing football)department, and we didn't see any 27" Symphonic TV's there. So we asked a clerk, and he told us to go to Floral. We went to floral and their wasn't any televisions there either. Then I got a call from my mother telling me that she was still here and she wanted to know how much longer it would take for us to get the television. I told her of the situation and then we went looking for someone that we thought might have a clue. We found a manager and he told us that it was outside on the side of the store. Back into the cold we went, and while we were in the cold we waved to our mom to tell her to follow us, and then we ran to the side and stood in a line to wait for them to unload my T.V. off of a truck. When I finally got it, I had to take it out of the box so it would fit into the car and lift that heavy sun of a gun into the car by myself because there wasn't enough room for two people to place it in there. When we got home I carried that thing up the stairs myself too. My mom can't lift heavy things, and for some reason I didn't want to bother Jevon with it so I carried it up two flights of stairs to get to my bedroom and I just placed it on the floor to get my bearings. My back was killing me, but it was like a good pain though, I had a 27" T.V. and that's all that mattered.

I have had that thing for two years, and I bought it, because I thought my 19" Phillips/Magnavox T.V. was going to die on me. Last night my stupid T.V. started puttering and the screen went black and then cut off. Never came back on, so now I HAVE A NEW ENEMY! Not the coats, not the glasses, not the T.V. My new Enemy is the maker of Generic TV's, VCR's, the works. I hate You Mr. 2nd rate, Low Quality, Cheap Parts, Sub-Par, Profit Margin, Generic Company Executives! Suck my big toe and then place yourself on the bulls-eye I made outside my house so I can drop my television on your "you know what" from my bedroom. My Phillips/Magnavox T.V. is still going strong. Its in our living room for all to see now, and I purchased it seven years ago. Guess what kind of T.V. I am getting!

If you think about it the power is out again...for my television....Forever! At least when I put it out to the curb on Garbage Day someone will take it and either use it for spare parts, or sell it as scrap metal. My contribution of the week!

Revealed Sentence IX

The Lord of Butter was Secret Sentence VIII winner, so he got to provide the sentence for SSXI. Two people got it right. Redsneakz and this weeks winner. Sneakz was the first to guess it right, although he didn't put the word "me" in it. He was leaving a comment for "you" (that is me). I understood this so I will give leeway for things like this. This weeks winner is Galen Brannagh! Thanx for playing, and thanx to Chris for that funny comment, I laugh every time I see it.