Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Respect the elder shirts!

See that shirt...I bought it when I was in high school. My junior year, I had my first summer job. I was helping to clean up and clean out a high school called Eastridge. They were remodeling so they needed help with throwing out old desks and cleaning out the lockers (someone left a playboy). We waxed the floors and we cleaned the bathrooms (can you say yuck). There were other tasks too, but that's not why I'm writing this.

can't believe I still have this shirt. Just about every other shirt that I have had has come and gone, and this one is still going strong. I would say that this shirt is my favorite, but then I would be putting a contract out on its life (anyone with bad Karma stay away). I have had this shirt a little over twelve years, which is older than my sister Ablah!

I bought it from a store called Jeans West with my first paycheck (I only got two, because I got paid every two weeks and a
month is about how long I worked there). That was my favorite store, well That and the $9.99 Stockroom. There both gone now (out of business). Funny thing is, my shirt lasted longer than those stores too!

There isn't really much wrong with it. At first I was thinking about getting rid of it, because of all of the lint on the sleeves and the chest and on the back, but I was introduced to another one of my best friends (fabric softener). It got those lint balls out of my shirt pretty good. There is only a few on the letters R.E.S.U.L.T.S. There is also a stain on one of the wrists that nobody can really see, and no it's not snot. I can live with these minor nuisances though. I love the shirt! Last Saturday I wore it to work for "casual day" We have to pay a dollar for a worthy cause so we can dress down. There was a guy and his wife that came in and he said that he had the same shirt. Normally I would be like, (thoughts in my head) "You got the same shirt as me, I think it's time to burn it." This time (out loud) I was like cool! His wife told him that she boxed up and put it in storage. Now that he saw me with it, he figures that he can sport it again. It never went out of style in my book. I finally brought something back into style! Its like I am a originator or something. Call me the YTIWPOBINL...You Thought It Was Played Out, But It Never Left!

Here is tip number 2: Never Call something you really like "your favorite", or it will end up in a landfill.


Char said...

Hi Charles, I am new to your jottings, thought I'd slip a comment in here first up. El shirt is of quality, as is the story around it, rock on!

The Dark Lord Omz said...

Dude it's back in style. Trust me..bust it out with THE RESULTS.

DesLily said...

Ummm 12 yrs huh? not too shabby.. but i refuse to tell you how old some of MY clothes are LOL LOL...

ChasingMoksha said...


I wear some of mine around here until they are shreds and every one sneaks and steals them and throws them away when I am not home.


Ari said...

I have this sweatshirt. It's actually a Christmas shirt, but it's my favorite, so I wear it year-round. I'm not ashamed to say that.

It's really ugly, but it's the most comfortable one I own. I love it!

I like your shirt. It's so not out of style! Wear it proudly!


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