Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Well at least I didn't see the crazy woman

I got up around nine this morning to go do my laundry, and the moment I stepped outside I began to shed. I don't mean skin either!

After watching all of those Secret Anti-perspiration commercials as a kid, I became jealous of women because "they don't sweat they Perspire"!

I don't sweat either, I pour!

You can either say I shed sweat, or you can say I pour sweat. You be the judge, either way when I wipe the sweat off of myself it feels like it's in layers. Layers as thick as one's epidermis!

I sweat in 75 degree temperatures or lower, I "pour" in temperatures of 76 degrees or higher!

By the time I got to the laundry mat I was drenched, and embarrassed because I had a blue shirt on and you still could see that it was wet. I saw one of my co-workers there, and I said hi and went about my business. I had moments where I cooled off, but if I made a slight movement, I began to pour again.

When I dropped my laundry off at home, I decided to go and get something to drink at a store. I think I bought 16 ounce of apple juice, 16 ounce of flavored water, Powerade water, and a big bottle of Gatorade. I put them into the freezer to get cold (I mean very cold), while I took a warm shower. After I got out of the shower I decided to come to journey to blogland and J-land and have a little visit.

I went to get my glasses from my bedroom, and I realized that they weren't there. When I figured out what I had done with them, the first thing that came to mind is, "I paid over $300 for them". NO I didn't sit on them this time. This time I had a "Moment in senility" (kind of like a moment in history, but people remember history). When I walked to the freezer, I sat there for a moment and thought "here we go". I opened it up knowing that my glasses are cracked or the prescription has worn off or something, because I left them in the bag, in my glasses case, with my drinks. Luckily they didn't crack or worse. They just ended up looking like this....

There's nothing like fogged up glasses! Luckily for me they didn't end up like my

Saturday, May 27, 2006

If you go....

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to say if you go and see
X-Men 3 The Last Stand this Memorial Day weekend, or whenever you plan to see it, make sure you stay until the credits finish rolling. There is an extra scene that you will miss otherwise.

Trust Me!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Random Yet Not So Random Pic and Entry: 5 of 5 (Feline Friday)

With the return of Global Warming, err...I mean summer comes all kinds of animals and insects. One little guy that I am glad to see return is a part of my post of
Feline Friday.

Feline Friday

This is...Well I don't really know his name. He was our neighbor's cat. Our neighbor had three cats; Max, Spooky, and this guy. Our neighbor passed away from cancer. When this happened, his daughter had Spooky put to sleep, because he was old and going blind. I don't know what happened to Max, but my moms "Friend" was left behind when our neighbors daughter moved. He is a stray now, but he stops over to get a bite to eat every now and again.

I took this picture early this morning. I couldn't get a better shot because he was eating, and I left the door open like a dummy and Bouk came out and let his presence be known.

I don't know why Bouk tried to intimidate him, our "Friend" brought Bouk back home when he was a kitten. Bouk was missing for a week, and we just about gave up on him. Then I see our "Friend" in the back of our driveway staring at us, and all of a sudden Bouk pops out of nowhere running for the house door. We gave our friend some cat food, and petted him and thanked him for Bouks return. I thought I'd never be so happy to see a cat until...

The beginning of this week Bouk snuck outside while my sister went out to have a cigarette, and I didn't know this at the time mind you. When I woke up the next morning, I heard someone open and close my bedroom door. I asked everyone in the house who did it. My mother told me that it was her, and that she wanted to see if Bouk was upstairs. I told her no, and I went searching around the house and outside for him. I gave up, and came and sat at the computer.

A day went by, and then another day, and I felt a sadness that overwhelmed me while I was walking to work. I thought Bouk was gone. I never thought I'd cry over a cat, but I had some tears streaming down my face (yep I admit it). Later on that afternoon while I was at work, I called home to see if Bouk came home, but to no avail. My mother told me that she and my sisters would go search the neighborhood to see if they could find him.

Later on that evening my sister Islah calls and tells me that they found Bouk two houses down at a blue house that look similar to ours. It's a darker blue, but it has a side door like ours. We figure that Bouk thought there house was ours, and he was trying to get inside of it. We were guessing that he was hiding under there porch, like he did with ours until he heard a door open. My sister called Bouk and picked him up and brought him home. When I got home that night, went and petted him for a long time. I never thought I would be so happy to see a cat.

Funny how our "Friend" shows up four days later.

Monday I posted and entry and asked everyone to use there imaginations and tell me what they saw in the tree! Here are everyone's answers including mines!

Ned Porting thinks it Jeanne D'Arc, or similar, but definitely a she, blindfolded and tied down.

Antonette sees several different wild animals.

Tatty Tiara sees a pronghorned antelope.

Chuck says he see an Ent.

Ol' Lady says she sees a new life coming into the world.

DesLily says she sees a face in the middle knot. (I see it too!)

I thought these were all very intriguing. I'm still looking for the animals (I saw one), but I did see the face, and the Ent.

I see two things in the pictures.

First: If you look at the bottom left corner of the tree, you will see a seahorse.

Second: Look over at the hole on the right side of the tree. If you look closely you'll notice what looks like an ear. Even the that part of the tree itself where that bulge sits resembles an ear. A tree with hearing ability perhaps???

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Random Yet Not So Random Pic and Entry: 4 of 5

What's wrong with this picture?

Nothing right?

I was just thinking, if the trees had feelings and opinions, would they judge others?

If the purple leaf colored tree was able to socialize with the other trees, would they speak to it?

Would the other trees talk badly about the purple colored tree or would they, welcome it with open arms?

Would that tree care what if they think badly of it, or would it soar high above there negativity?

I wonder if that tree wants to belong?

Just like me!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Random Yet Not So Random Pic and Entry: 3 of 5

Normally when I see an opossum, I either see them running away from me, or I see them as roadkill. This opossum has seemed to just mysteriously dropped dead. It didn't even have the courtesy to step into the street and get splattered. I won't even mention the flattened cat I saw on Culver Road.

Okay maybe a little gross and a little mean, but it just through me for a loop as I was walking by it, and it also brought back a memory.

(For some reason I thought this happened in 2003)

The morning my brother and I got up to walk and get our
Buffalo Bills tickets, we were in for a surprise. At the time Tickets.com was selling Bills tickets and, my job conveniently is a Tikets.com outlet. To get there we walked down Culver road, which is a main street with a lot of traffic during the morning hours.

East High School's Stadium is located on Culver road. Before they built a brand new 2 million dollar stadium, there was worn out old stand that used to be there, protected by a 10-15 foot metal fence.

My brother and I were walking by this fence, when all of a sudden an ambulance pulls up by us. One of the EMT's rolled down his window and said, "Look up and think rabies". We looked up and on the top of the fence sat an opossum. I wondered how the heck did that thing get up there. Opossums aren't sleek like cats, they look round and bulky. Yet this opossum has found a way to keep it's balance up at the top of the fence. Jevon and I both laughed and took a step back. We thanked the EMT's and continued are walk.

We didn't get the tickets we wanted that day, because of the handbill system. It works for the most part, but even with the number one ticket you aren't guaranteed to be first. Heck you could end up being last if your very unlucky. I was number five, and number 2 was picked to go first. Everyone after number two (3, 4, 5, etc..) goes afterwards. Number one was last. You'd think my brother and I would have gotten Bills vs. Raiders, but noooooo! The people (and I used this term loosely) didn't have a clue to what they wanted. They took forever to make a decision, and by the time it was our turn, the Bills/Raiders game was sold out. We were pissed (no other way to describe it). So we purchased tickets for the Detroit Lions game and we got good seats, because no one else really wanted that game (I'm guessing). It turned out to be a good game though (Bills won). It was Halloween themed, and the Bills Mascot was dressed in a women's bathing suit.

It was fun, we had a good time. Jevon and I were staring at the cheerleaders, and they new it! (LOL) Everyone was doing the
wave while the Bills were on offense. I heard on the radio on the way back home, that we were supposed to do this when they are on Defense. Still it was fun, especially when some guys started chanting Joey sucks (Joey Harrington).

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Random Yet Not So Random Pic and Entry: 2 of 5

This is a fine example of a random picture that really isn't! Okay the people that read my blog regularly know I am doing an experiment to see how much change I get in a month. Customers tell me to keep the change, or they just leave there change sitting on the countertop. I pick it up and drop it in my pocket.

It's not going to well right now. We had a can sitting up at the desk for donations for a charity and the customers were dropping there change in there. It's over now, but I think I would have had way more than the 38 cents that I have right now.

Some experiment!

Still I will move forward and continue until I reach 31 days (June 16th). Still I am having a little fun with it. I have a penny from 1943! I don't think it is made of copper like the new ones, because its a funky grayish/silver color now. I wonder if it's worth more than...well a penny?

I was walking home last night from work, and I was searching the ground to see if I could find some money. I guess you could say that I kind of found some money. See up there in that picture, which is kind of blurry by the way, I apologize! I was walking by one of the TV stations and I saw a five dollar bill on the ground.

At first I couldn't believe my eyes. I looked down and sure enough, I saw Abraham Lincoln on it. When I went to pick it up it felt a little funny to me. I feel money all day long (that didn't come out right), so I know when something isn't right. It wasn't a real five, it was copied on some printer paper and conveniently placed on the ground. The funny thing is that the TV station had a light shining toward that money (hmmmmm).

First I dropped it and then I walked about 15 yards away from the said money. Then I thought to myself, "why not use this to your advantage". So I walked back, picked up the fake five and took a picture of it with my camera phone. I laughed and then I thought to myself, "I hope I'm not going to be on the news".

I thought printing U.S. currency the same length and width as "The Real McCoy" is illegal???

Monday, May 22, 2006

Random Yet Not So Random Pic and Entry: 1 of 5

Use your imagination! Look at this tree and tell me what you see. Maybe you see the same thing I saw the day I took this picture, or maybe you see something totally different. In any case, enquiring mind(s) want to know. I'll post what I see with my imagination on Friday!

I got some sleep last night, but I planned on sleeping through to the afternoon. That didn't happen though. Want to know why??? Because the freakin' squirrels have left the building. That's right: The freakin' squirrels have left the building.

That's a good thing right...Wrong!

Now you may ask, "what could be worse than squirrels ripping your clothes to shreds"? I have an answer to that!




I guess momma bird got her groove on some time this year and has now given birth.

The eggs have hatched, and now the fruit of her loins are yapping away, and I CAN'T GET ANY SLEEP! So now here I am blogging about it!

If I was as evil as I use to think, I would send Bouk and Jet through that wall to feast on them. For some reason I can't do it, maybe it has something to do with the fact that I can't find either cat at the moment (Huge Sigh of frustration). Okay there won't be a massacre, but there maybe a suicide if I don't do something about it soon. I would blast music, but my nephew is still a wee lad (LOL). I hope everyone else's sleep was well.

Early Bird gets the worm, and torture Charles at the same time. Cake and eat it too I guess!

What ever happened to birds nesting in trees???

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Grumpy Charles

Yesterday I completed my 6 day, 42 hour week of work, but I have another version of 6 days to get through. Friday I started my stretch of working six days in a row, and my body is getting closed to being taxed beyond its limit. The standing up and the complaints weigh heavily on me and are starting to take there toll on what little social life I have. Right now I am in a anti-social state. If I haven't been reading your journal, please forgive me. I haven't really had time, although I made some time for a few. I have just been walking home reading a few journals and, then plopping my butt in the bed. I haven't even answered any of the phone calls I've been getting. In fact on my way home I was saying something I made up in my head over and over again!

"I don't want to
bothered while
walking down
the street
So don't try to
I'll get over it, I just need some time to myself and some sleep!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Everyday Life 16 Imagination

I wrote the last post because I was reflecting on my childhood. I had fun as a child, but I didn't have many friends. I ran and played like every kid, but there was loneliness and fear. I feared for my moms life, I feared the man she loved. Still I think I knew myself better back then compared to today. Sky was the limit, although I never knew which "man" would come home to my mom. I played with my toys, and I imagined new and different things.

I imagine things totally different now to compared to when I was a kid. For example when I was a kid I imagined that the whole world was going to end unless my toys came and saved the day. Everything that I new was based on the idea of right or wrong, good or bad!

Today my imagination seems to stem from my dreams to live a happier life! I may see things as a kid from time to time, but not everyday.

As I grew older and I saw the grim reality this world had to offer, my imagination seemed to dim. Reality is much more harsh than the world that I saw through my eyes as a child. Stress, Worries, violence, is too much for any adult to handle. I dulls the mind and makes us become numb. As the metamorphosis from childhood to adulthood occurred, I noticed that there was less and less time for dreaming. School may have helped get me prepared for the real world (not really), but it sapped some of the life out of me too. Deadlines on homework assignments or reports could be a pain, but it was part of the progression to becoming an adult. Now most adult's lives revolve around these "deadlines" and "assignments". I'm sure there are some jobs or careers out there that are really fun, but the average adult today doesn't really feel like they are living there dream.

Imagine that the key to your happiness is placed on one of three roads! One road is filled with barbwire and traps, the second road is paved really well with beautiful flowers, but there is a man with an evil look holding a contract and a pen awaiting your arrival, and the third road is a cracked and ridged road that heads toward darkness and the unknown. Which path would you take?

Okay now think of it this way. Would you scratch and claw your way past others to get to the top, would you sell your soul to the devil to make your life better, or would you
"Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!" .

Life was so much more simple as a child, if only everyone was given another moment as a child, maybe the world would be a better place to live in afterwards.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

My Super-powered Super Toys

I didn't have many toys when I was a kid, and only some of them were what I would call "Ultimate toys" (Transformers). The ones I did have however kept me busy and expanded my imagination.

Out of all the toys I had, I only have two left from when I was a kid (not counting my squeaky from when I was a baby). When I used to play with my cousin James, there were two toys that were my favorite.

One was so powerful that it crushed anything it bounced on!

The other was so fast and so aerodynamic it could jump off things it used as ramps and plow right through them!

Okay, okay, so a little 25 cent ball I got out of a vending machine couldn't really damage anything, but to me it ruled the cosmos. Back in the day it was a translucent white color with the blue dots and it could hit the ceiling from the floor. Now its urine colored, and it doesn't even know what bouncing is.

My diecast Hot Wheels Lamborghini couldn't actually go real fast or jump really high through anything, but it's was my favorite kind of car. Back then it had an excellent paint job, now it's got some wear and tear. Lamborghinis used to be my favorite cars.

The both worked together and defeated many foes. Foes that would always come back to plague the Universe (hey I only had so many toys).

I also remember this miniature plastic muscle man with a red shirt. The red shirt was the only clothes that he had on. Actually it was a half of a shirt (nothing on the back). He was the muscle behind the team, with a little frame.

I had a diecast Tonka Truck too, which eventually broke and my uncle Junior improvised for me. It became my carrier/mobile base.

I had other toys as well, but I kept the two in the pictures because they were my favorites. I used to love lamborghini's. It's a shame my toys lost there powers!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned!

I remember when I was a teen, I loved rap music. Whenever my mom would give me some money (what little she could), I would save it to go to downtown Rochester, and by a new cassette. One day I went to Record Town (Which is no longer there by the way) to by a cassette. When I handed the clerk my money, it was wrinkled and crinkled up. The guy asked me if I cared about my money. I replied, "yeah". Then he told me in a frustrated tone that I should keep it neat then. Ever since I have been for the most part.

I remember another lesson that I was taught. One that played a role in me writing this post. When I was a kid, I remember two lessons that my grandfather taught me

One: Keep up with current events. ("Watch the news Andy")
Two: My grandfather told me to save my money, even the pennies. He said that pennies add up, and that if I see one on the ground pick it up. Pennies do add up, and I do save them!

The Main reason behind this post.

For the last couple of days one of my co-workers (a fifteen year old) has been coming up to the desk to buy herself some lunch. The first time I cashed her out she did an honorable thing by donating her change which was about $1.93 to JDRF (juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). The second time it was four cents, which was no big deal. The third time it was about .$61, and when I went to give it to her, she wave me off and walked away talking on her cell-phone.

I don't know whether or not her family is rich or something (if so she wouldn't be working there), or she is a spoiled brat, or if she didn't have pockets in her pants, but I know one thing for sure, she isn't being very fiscally responsible with her money. It's frustrating because, I see people who would be happy to have that sixty one cents. I know I would have been when I was a kid. I told her as she was walking away from the desk the third time that even change adds up, she just ignored me and kept on talking on the phone and walking away. I was so frustrated that I wanted to turn her upside down and shake her as if I was checking to see if she had change in her pockets. I bet I would be rich right now if everyone on Earth that said "Keep the Change" gave there money to me. I have about $30.00 worth of change sitting upstairs in my bedroom right now. Last year I cashed in over $100.00 at a coinstar machine.

I am going to do an experiment. I am going to see how much money people throw away when they tell me to "Keep It". Starting today for the next month just to see how much change people throw away.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Another sign that it's time for a new job

Last week I had a weird dream.

Sidenote: Now that I think about it weird should be a definition of "dreaming".

I dreamt that I had to be at work at 7am. In my dream I woke up four hours late, and when I tried to get to work I couldn't. It was as if something was making me stay put, because I couldn't move. Then all of a sudden everything faded to black, as if I blacked out or something.

When I came to within my dream, it was 9:39pm which was way past my shift. I panicked and I became stressed. I was lying sideways on what seemed like a bed, and there was a clock with a red LCD display. All I could do just like in the first part of my dream, was just sit there.

Another sidenote: I thought we couldn't dream in color!

When I really woke up, I actually thought I had to be at work at 7am for about a second.. I had to be there at twelve and boy did I feel relieved.

After that nightmare I realized that I worry too much about my job and not about myself.

I worry that I will be late,
I worry that my till will be short,
I worry that I will get a complaint,
I worry that my manager will get mad at me if I quit my job,
I worry I will leave my job on bad terms (fired).

I can understand worrying a little about my till being short and getting a complaint, but to worry about my manager getting angry at me is well...Stupid! She isn't the one that has to provide me with a home. She isn't the one that is putting food on my table. She sure isn't going to be there for me through the rough patches in my life. Don't get me wrong I care for the boss lady, after all she fought to keep me there after my drawer was short $100 twice, but she tends to think that we (as her part-time employees) have it good. She thinks that we are doing her wrong by leaving (at least that happened when one of my co-workers put her two weeks notice in). Although I like working there, I am not making enough money to live off of. So I have to make a decision. My manager's feelings, or my future. You'd think this would be a easy decision!!!!!!


Friday, May 12, 2006

You think you have car problems...

...you should try living in the owner of the car in the picture below shoes for a day.

On one day particular: Wednesday May 10th, 2006!

If you have the ability to use time travel, and the power to posses a person's body do so now.

(Click Picture to see larger version)

Seriously, I was at work and a customer comes up and tells Shannon (co-worker) that there is a car on fire in the parking lot, and that we should call 911. Shannon does this, and then the guy comes and says it again, "there is a car in the parking lot on fire, you should call 911". (only at my job). She heard him the first time !

When the owner of the car came outside he was going to go in his car. Another customer had to stop him, because there were flames coming from the hood and from the bottom of the car. It could have blown up. The car owner is Russian and he couldn't speak any English, so we were lucky that there were other people in the store that could speak his language. It turns out that his prescription was in the car, and he wanted to get it out of there. No one would let him fortunately.

When the fire fighters got there, they immediately started dousing the car with water, but it wasn't having any effect. So the fire fighters decided that they needed to pop the hood open, but they couldn't get in there by conventional means because they didn't want to risk blowing themselves up inside the car. This in turn spawned an interesting question that a customer asked as he was leaving the store. "How many fire fighters does it take to open a hood of a car"?

Intriguing question considering!

The guy said he saw five fire fighters at one time trying to open the hood by the way!

Shannon and I both left the desk by that point. All of our attention was on the car. Lucky for us we only had one customer at the desk, and he was filling out "Numbers" and Win-4 cards, while being distracted by the burning car too.

They finally got the hood open by using something that looked like lock cutters. They cut the levers (I don't know the exact term for them) used to lift the hood open.

The fire fighters soaked the engine good, and prevented an explosion (good work). The car is totaled, but at least the customer got his prescription.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

11:37 the computer was mines, 11:38 it's teething time!

Yesterday When I decided that it was time to read journals, I came downstairs to prepare to get my fix. I think I got as far as Gem's journal, and Gem's journal was the first one I started to read. I got half way down the post I was reading, and then my sister and her friend walk in the house and interrupt my internet blogging experience. Chandra needed to type up her resume, along with her friends. At first I was about to turn into evil selfish Charles, but then I realized my mistake, and I decided to let them do there thing.

I actually finished reading Gem's post, and I left a comment, but I wanted to read the other entries I missed. Oh well, I posted my comment at 11:37am and by 11:38am I was looking for something else to do. I was about to go and lay down, and as I started to walk upstairs, until I felt a presence. I turned to my left and I noticed my nephew Jalani sitting in his car seat.

I sat down next to him and started talking to him. I was acting goofy and I was trying to get him to start sucking on his fingers (he's teething). There is something about Jalani's smile. It seems infectious. He was sitting there trying to talk to me. I would talk back, and he would just smile. I noticed that he was strapped to his seat, so I unlocked it and picked him up out of it and sat him on my lap. I then stuck my right hand out for him to grab my fingers with his hands. Did I mention that Jalani is teething. He wanted to put my fingers in his mouth, but I wouldn't let him. Then I decided to pull out my camera phone to let him hold on to it. He grabbed it and (yep) he put it in his mouth. I had to take it from him. Then we got off of the couch and walked around the house. I went into the kitchen with him and I opened a cabinet door and let him close it. We went back and forth and back and forth until, Uncle Charles got tired.

We went and sat back down on the couch and I let him play with my fingers. During this time something distracted me in the adjacent room and I lost focus and control of my hand. Jalani took over, and he knew what to do with my hand. He had my index finger, and as soon as he realized that I wasn't paying attention to my hand, Jalani yanked my hand and put my index finger into his mouth. He got my full attention and he knew it. I had to pull my hand away, and he laughed at me. I laughed back, and told him that he can't have my fingers in his mouth. Then I started making funny sounds. I made kissing sounds, I made chomping sounds and I pretended that I was biting him. I had my nephew rolling.

I was glad that my sister asked to use the computer, I had a pretty good time with my Nephew, and I wouldn't trade it for the best journal/blog in the world.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I didn't watch a scary movie, but it seemed like it!

Last night I went to bed late. I always say that I will go to bed early, but it never seems to happen. Just like tonight, it never goes the way I plan it.

Last night when I went to bed I was pretty much exhausted, even then I was fighting my sleep. I wanted to see The Simpsons. I couldn't though, because I was very tired, and I could barely keep my eyes open, because of the light from my television made my eyes hurt. The TV didn't cause me to have tired, sore eyes. That was all me! I stayed on the computer most of the day, and then I went and watched the Chronic (what) cles of Narnia!

After all of that my eyes just weren't the same. I thought I was going to go blind: they hurt so bad. Finally I went to sleep, but I woke up during the middle of the night. I don't know what woke me, but when I regained consciousness I felt horrible. Not only did my eyes still hurt, but my teeth hurt because apparently I was grinding them in my sleep.

After I got used to the annoyance of the pain coming from the left side of my mouth, I felt something else rather peculiar. I was dripping of sweat. I mean my shirt was soaked. It was like someone took a big bowl of water and pored it on me. This happened to me once before, but never with grinding teeth.

I tried my hardest to go back to sleep, but my body and mind couldn't because I couldn't stop thinking about why I was sweating, also the pain from my teeth was pretty bad. I came to two possibilities as to why was sweating and why I grinded my teeth in my sleep.

One: I had a pretty bad nightmare that I can't remember.
Two: I had a seizure and I can't remember it.

I don't know how I came up with #2, but it made sense to me when I was half asleep. My mother thinks that it's because I don't pray before bed. She thinks that demons were haunting me. Well admittedly I don't always pray, but I do from time to time. Plus when I am thinking to myself, I'm not always "talking" to myself.

When I got up to take a shower I thought up another possibility. I sleep with the fan on at night, and it did get chilly. When we sleep we aren't as active as when we are awake. Are heart rate slows and are body goes down to the essentials. I am not moving when I am sleeping, and there is cold air blowing towards me. So what does a person do when they get cold.

They :::Shiver:::!

That would explain the grinding teeth, but not the sweating. Whatever the reason, it didn't matter after 11:38am.

More on that tomorrow!

Friday, May 05, 2006

An unposted entry, until Now!

I was going to post another emotional entry, but I don't think I will this time. I'll see how I feel tomorrow, and then maybe...

I wrote this post just below this paragraph, a week before I started working out. I never posted it on my blog because of the silliness of it, and because of my foot (again, another reason to amputate LMAO)

Last week when I started my workout, I wore my new pair of sweat pants. I planned it all two weeks prior, what I didn't plan for was a unforeseen issue from wearing them. After I put my new sweat pants on, I started hearing a funny noise. One that sounded strangely familiar. It was a sound that I heard during my childhood. I swore I would never forget this sound, but somehow I did. I can't even remember type of pants I was wearing (update I do now they were quarteroys), but I remember how much attention I was getting. It wasn't for the look either. Just like the sweat pants my pants from my past went SWISH.

It didn't affect me when I was on my exercise bike, because my feet weren't together. When I tried to loosen up my arms however it was a different story. I would walk around, and as I did (swish, swish). As I rubbed my legs together, they went swish, swish, swish. It didn't end there either. When I went downstairs to take my PS2, all I could focus on was swish, swish, swish, swish... When I was playing DDR Max 2, I think all of the swishing, is what caused me to have a bad game and not fatigue. I'm not surprised I didn't have the swishing in my sleep, because it has been awhile. Reminds me of my first week as a cashier. I was wringing up and cashing customers out in my sleep. Kind of how Uma Thurman's Character (Black Momba) was punching walls while she was sleeping in Kill Bill Volume 2.

Until next time: Swish Swish!

Feline Friday

I took this picture not to long after we got Jet. He was very energetic that day, and eager to play. Apparently a little to eager, and it seemed like he wanted to stay right where he was. To this day I don't know how he got in this laundry basket, without knocking it of of the chair. It's near the edge, plus the way it's positioned it looked impossible for him to jump in. Cats are amazing creatures aren't they.

If you have a cat, why not participate in Feline Friday. Post your entry and go over to Steven's blog,
"(sometimes)photoblog" and leave the link to your post.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Finally let the side-effects begin

I can finally, finally, FINALLY, say without a doubt that my foot FINALLY doesn't hurt anymore. I had this thing since the end of March/Beginning of April, and it's may now, and I still have a scab on my ankle. At least I'm not wearing gauze, sterile pads, waterproof tape, or an ace bandage. I will be wearing something similar to the ace bandage however, it hopefully won't wear out as fast. Right now I am wearing an Ace ankle brace, which is something that I should have been wearing quite awhile ago. I don't think that this particular type was out when I was first told to start wearing one, but I am glad it's out now. The other braces that I had before were very uncomfortable in my shoe, and hurt most of the time. In those cases I knew how to put them on. In the case with this new brace I haven't a clue. I just needed something one night to get me home without feeling any kind of pain from the sore even though it had scabbed over, and from the swelling on my foot and lower leg. I think I have it on right though, because it's comfy and it's giving my ankle the support I need. Another plus from the brace is that the swelling on my leg and foot has dramatically been reduced. There is swelling there, but it doesn't cause me any pain.

There are two significant side-effects from being down an out with this injury:

One is is that I would just throw my things anywhere on the floor, and I let everything pile up and collect dust. So eventually I will have to clean up my bedroom (and no I didn't leave any dirty underwear lurking about). My bedroom isn't really that bad, especially when I compare it to "The Black Hole". My sister Ablah's room is a natural disaster waiting to happen. If you stick an arm in there, you better be prepared to lose it, because if something goes in there is a possibility of it never returning. I don't even think she has come across her remote for her television yet. I think that my Favorite Yellow Bowl has gotten sucked into that abyss never to be seen again by me. Anyways when I clean up, I am going to do the whole thing, which includes me buying a closet rack to hang my clothes somewhere other than the little market behind the door where squirrels lurk.

The second is that now that it has scabbed over and the healing process (my
white blood cells got gusto) is in its final stages I have to overcome the urge to scratch the damn thing. I mean I want to scratch SO BAD. I touched it, but never scratch the scab. I actually came to a compromise and started scratching around it, where the infection had spread, because that itched too. It felt so good, I didn't want to stop, but eventually I did, because my arm got tired. Okay I confess, I also almost peeled off the scab. I wanted to do this because I want it done an over. I had to stop myself, because I remember from my childhood, what happened when I peeled those scabs. I'd open them too soon, and some of them would start bleeding again. Just because it doesn't hurt anymore, and because I have a scab, it doesn't mean that my sore or ulcer (which is what I think it was) is healed. Does anyone have any tips on how to stop itching. Please help before it turns into a scratching fetish.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Belated Nod

I would have posted this sooner. Heck the last two entries would have been posted sooner, if it wasn't for my foot. April 25 I put aside my little ban from riding the city bus, and I rode one to downtown Rochester to Midtown Plaza (Sidenote: the picture on Midtown's webpage makes it look better than it actually is). When I got there I went to Record Theater and looked for Amel Larrieux's New CD entitled Morning. I couldn't find it at first, because they didn't have it with all the other CD's under her name. I asked the clerk, who didn't know Amel was. I was about to walk away upset, until she told me that there was a endcap (a little endcap), right behind me that had new releases in it. I looked at all the music in the case, but it wasn't there, and then again I was about ready to give up and go to work upset. Then all of a sudden, I noticed that there were to little racks on the side of the endcap. To my surprise there they were, I was happy, but I was upset.

These record stores do there best to promote big name acts like 50 cent, but when someone that is not a part of the mainstream comes out with a new album they don't give them the time of day. I remember how I came to know of a song called Teardrop, by a group called Massive Attack. The song was being played over the speakers at the record store, that I was browsing through. I liked it and I bought the album. I bet if they would take the time to actually put some emphasis on what they are selling these record stores and the record industry wouldn't have a problem making money.

Back to Amel:

I had to get on a bus to go to work, because I didn't have time to go home and save it to my MP3 and get to work on time. So I got to work an hour early, and the entire time I was at work in the break room, I was staring at the CD wanting so badly to listen to it. I remember calling my mother telling her that I got "Morning", but I couldn't listen to it. I was dying, this was the one time that I wish I had a Discman just to listen to Amel's album. All I could do was stare at the cover, the back of the CD case and read the who participated in bringing the album to light. I haven't gotten to the dedications yet, I was too busy staring at the cover for the most part. Amel takes some good pictures. I don't think she has a bad side when it comes to taking photos. (God knows I do). When I got home, I was too tired to even listen to the Album, so I ended up going to bed. Yes I know for someone who was dying to hear that album I sure didn't seem enthusiastic about it. Well remember I have been having problems with my bad foot for over a month. So the next day, I listened to the album with all ears, a focused mind, and an open heart. I think it's a pretty good album, although I think Bravebird was better. I don't have a favorite song yet, but I do like "Trouble". Every time Amel would Say, "oooooooooooh trouble" I would start smiling. I couldn't stop either, I like the way she said it. I also really like the song "Mountain of When". When I first heard the vocals, I wasn't sure it was her. Didn't sound like Amel, she sounds kind of seductive. I like, I like, which reminds me with all of her albums there is something different about each one. I like the vocal arrangements on her new album. All of her songs are creative, artistic, heartfelt. I am kind of sad that I have listened to the whole album. I should have did one song a day or something. I didn't want it to end. Which brings up the only con about Amel Larrieux's new album. The total time of "Morning" was 38:17. More Songs, More Songs! (LOL)

Final note: I spent a little over $18 when I purchased this album. I said that I was going to get another one as a keepsake, and I am. Only I am going to Best Buy and hope there cheaper, and hope that there is a bonus song on the album Like with Bravebird (remix of "All I Got").