Sunday, October 22, 2006

Week of Questions (Saturday's Question)

Well at least it was supposed to be Saturday's Question, but blogger decided that it wanted to throw a tantrum. It's funny how Blogger Beta is working better than Blogger.

Anyhoo, there was a grand total of 5 votes for my poll (LMAO)

Chris had three of them. Can you say Pimp Joint? Who is Chris you say? He is the famous blog chef who always makes me hungry with his recipes. He also gave me some advice on a book that I'm (trying) to read. Visit Inane Thoughts and Insane Ramblings, You may learn something, and you will definitely get a laugh or two.

Chris asks:

Have you ever done something that you later thought to yourself "I have become a horrible person"?

Well yeah, more than once. I'll tell you about one of them though.

When I was a kid my mom tried <--(key word there) to teach me how to share. I wouldn't listen, because I was a stubborn kid. When I got the Nintendo Entertainment System, my mother tried to make me let my brother play, but I wouldn't. She would threaten to take it away from me, but i'd call her bluff. Well eventually my N.E.S. broke, and my mom bought Jevon one. For a time Jevon wouldn't let me play either, and I think I deserved that. Fast forward to 1997 when I got my first job ever, for the summer. It was that short time when I got kicked out from my mom's house by my step-father. MY father had a friend, who had a twin brother that worked as a supervising janitor (I don't know what you call his title). Well after I got my first paycheck. My step-mom hinted that she wanted me to treat her and my dad to dinner. Did I take the hint? NO! Instead I spent my money on myself, buying some school clothes, comic books, and video games. Is that selfish or what? Now that I am older I realized that, that wasn't very thoughtful of me. You'd think I would have learned my lesson completely, but I didn't. I was blinded by something that I really wanted. So I was going to get the Playstation 3. Lucky for me, that there were only about 500,00 copies made, and only about nine will be sent to every store in the United States. I'm glad that this happened, because It gave me time to see my selfishness, and I realized that my mom needed some help. What did I do??? Well that answer will be saved for a future post. Lets just say helping my mom made me feel more fufilled than any ole video game ever will. Thanx Chris!

Thanx to everyone that took time out to ask me a Question.


Friday, October 20, 2006

Week of Questions (Friday's Question)

This question comes from X. Dell, owner of the blog, The X Spot.

Perhaps this is a loaded question, but I would be curious to know if you think racism in cyberspace is worse, equal to, or not as bad as racism in real life.

Real Life Racism

I have experienced it in real life before. I posted the experience (ironically in a question meme) on my AOL journal, but I can post that portion of it here.

1) What's the worst thing you've experienced as a black man living in New York?
When I was about 16 my mom and I were in downtown Rochester at the mall (its called Midtown). She invited me to the mall to have lunch with her and we were walking to CVS to get something, and a white (forgive me I don't really like using skin color) elderly woman was walking toward us and as she was walking by she said (forgive me for being a little blunt) a Bitch and a Ni*** and then she started laughing as she passed us. I was very angry, she called my mom a bitch and I felt that she disrespected her so I turned to...I don't know, but my mom yanked my arm and looked at me as if to say its okay. I was angry, and very sad at the same time, but I had to eventually let it go, because, I am gonna have to deal with it for the rest of my life. Its getting easier with time!

I have had a few other experiences as well. One of which happened while I was at work. It's not what the man said, it was how he treated me. It was as if he thought I was a lesser being than him. The manager pissed me off when she went well out of her way to help that customer too. I walked away pissed, and I went to a storage area to collect myself. I was going to quit, but a friend and a former co-worker convinced me to stay.

If someone detests me because of the color of my skin (which by the way we as a people have NO control over) than there is nothing I can do about that. They have there opinion and I have mines. I can't say that it doesn't bother me (it does), but I won't let someone's opinion on race have control over me. There is hate everywhere, and not only is it based on color or "race", but it's also hatred towards people who have different religious beliefs, and sexual preference. I don't have it in me to hate someone, even if they hurt me in some way. I will forgive, but I won't forget.

Online Racism

As far as racism online, I have never experienced it or had to deal with it. I heard that the KKK has a website online, but I won't humor myself to go and find out if it's true. I will stay in my neck of the woods and hopefully anyone who hates me based on my skin color will stay where they are.

Let me end this post by quoting my three favorite words when it comes to me not wanting to know when some kind of disaster ends the world (nuclear war, asteroid collision).

Ignorance is Bliss!

Thanx X.Dell

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Week of Questions (Thursday's Question)

This Question comes from Judith HeartSong, home of the Heartsong Award and a very great painter. I gave her question some thought, and you know what. I still find myself thinking about it as I'm writing this sentence

Judith asks:

What is your greatest dream?

Well Judith let me see!

Well I want to be happy (everyone does, right).

I want to live comfortably (I don't need to be rich).

I want to be a father someday.

I want my nephew to grow up happy and not go through the same living conditions I went through as a child. I don't want him sleeping on a couch or having a mattress with bedsprings sticking out of it. I wouldn't want that for any or my future nieces and nephews, or any children I may have in the future either.

I want to be able to trust people!

To find myself!

To become more independent!

To be able to call my dad.

To be able to make peace with myself in regards to my dad not being in my life as much as a parent should be (I wish I could have seen him everyday, or at least talked to him).

To find the love of my life!

Judith I could go on and on with this list of things, suffice it to say that the best dream I could ever have is one without worry or loneliness, and I worry about everything, including other people, and things I have no control over.

Judith, thanks for taking the time out to answer the question.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Week of Questions (Wednesday's Question)

This question comes from Kelly who had a weekly question meme that I liked called "Easy Question", that she used to do every Sunday in her AOL journal. (Easy Like Sunday Morning)

Here is her Question:

"How much schooling have you finished and what did you like most or least about it?"

Well Kelly I Graduated high school and I tried college two years later. I didn't want to say that I didn't ever try. I went to a college here in Rochester called MCC (Monroe Community College). Honestly, I am not good with college terms. I don't think I went a full semester. I think I took a quarter of college, and I did pretty good. I passed all of my classes, but one of them I barely passed. It was a business class, and I found out pretty quickly that it wasn't for me. As I got to know the place better, I realized that community college was a lot like high school (can we say DRAMA). Everyone was still acting like kids, and I still felt left out. Although truthfully there was this one guy that tried to reach out and make a friend, but I felt uncomfortable being there, so I did what I do best. I pushed any possible friendship with him away.

What I liked about college? Some of my teachers were nice, and my counselor helped me pick some of my classes even though he didn't have to. I liked the independence of it. I didn't have to worry about having my parent called. Although I would have liked both of my parents to be a bit more supportive, motivationally speaking.

What I disliked about college? It was like High School. I graduated high school and I was glad I didn't have to go back. Somehow in a way I ended up back in "High School" and I wanted out. I signed up for a second (quarter, semester...I dunno LOL), but my fears and my dislike caused me to drop all of my classes and do something else. I wish I kept at it though, I probably would have had a career that I liked, rather than a stressful job.

Thanks Kelly!

Oh and don't forget to check out In My Opinion. Its a great read!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Week of Questions (Tuesday's Question)

So...Did you think about that sentence in my last post that I asked you to remember? Just in case here is what I said.

I guess it wasn't meant to be though.

Chelle who is the owner of the fantasy hockey league Pucks and Fat Lips (which I am going to win by the way), and the blog owner of Half Full or Half Empty (which I have read 1938389298383 times) asked me this question. It is a Toughie! As is Chelle's other question that is in the poll (PLUG) in my sidebar. Why not take a sec and pick the question you like me to ask.

Today's Question:

Do you believe in fate?

When my high school crush moved to Jacksonville that I thought to myself that being with her wasn't meant to be.

After I graduated high school I thought that I wouldn't live to see the age of 24.

I think fate is a tricky thing! If you are walking down the street and you bump into someone that you are attracted to, and the chemistry and whatnot is there, and you instantly hit things off, then perhaps its fate. However if you are turned down for something or by someone and you believed in your heart that it is meant to be, then is it fate?

Here I am posting this blog entry at the age of 31! I willed myself into believing that I wouldn't make it to the age of 24, in fact I contemplated suicide at one point. I felt as if I had no reason to live so I wanted it all to end. So I somehow tricked myself in to believing it would, and therefore wasted 5+ years of my life to depression.

Then there is Armageddon. "It's the end of the world". In some religious beliefs, God is supposed to bring an end to the Devil's reign on Earth. While doing this us sinners are going to be judged to see whether or not we are worthy of life or death. Whether its Heaven or Paradise! Whether it's Hell or Oblivion! One way or another the world as we know it is fated to end right?

Do I believe in fate? It depends on the circumstance!

Thanx Chelle

Monday, October 16, 2006

Week of Questions (Monday's Question)

I know I said that I wouldn't answer any anonymous comments, but the one (the only one) left on the post seemed a little intriguing.

The anonymous question was:

Have you ever been married, or in a serious relationship that you would have jumped off a cliff for that girl?

Have I...No! Let me explain

I have never been in a long-term relationship of any kind whatsoever. Part of me wishes that I was married, or in a relationship, but I don't feel like I'm ready. Don't get me wrong, my heart is there, but I am not confident in myself, and I don't feel like my social skills and abilities are mature enough. Then there is the issue of growing up in a home with a "man" that beat on my mother. Sometimes I question whether or not this has affected me in some way. I don't want to be like him, and yet I fear that somehow he has scarred me for life with that experience. I feel that the scars he left behind left a part of him (the part that I resent) embedded within me. It scares me, it prevents me from opening up to a woman that I like, right along with my other insecurities.

When I was in high school there was one girl that I would have jumped of a cliff for. I would have taken a bullet for her, I would give her a kidney...I would have given her my heart. I guess it wasn't meant to be though. Remember the previous sentence, because tomorrow's question has something to do with it!

Whoever your are anonymous commenter, thank you for leaving the question. I appreciated it!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Week of Questions (Sunday's Question)

Since today is Sunday and we all know what Sunday is about for me this time of year I have decided to answer PrivatePigg's Question first.

Actually PrivatePigg gave me the option of answering any of two questions that he asked me. Since I don't know anything about baseball (I like it some of the time), I decided to answer his other question.

The Question is:

Will the Chicago Bears win the Super Bowl?

My answer is:

With all of the talk about The Philadelphia Eagles, and how this is Donovan Mcnabb's year, I think the Chicago Bears are being overlooked. Plus there isn't anyone in the AFC to challenge them (not even the Colts). I'm going to take a word from My brother Jevon's vocabulary and say that the Chicago Bears Defense is "Beastin". There defense is brutal. The way they dismantled my Bills was surprising to me. I thought that the the game would have been a "little bit" (a teeny weeny bit") closer. I know my Bills have a below average Offense, but there Defense is pretty good against the pass, and a bit lacking against the run.

The Bears went through about seven quarter backs within the last, what four years. Then all of a sudden Rex Grossman steps up and here comes Bernard Berrian (who's that? LOL), and lets not forget about Thomas Jones. It's kind of reminiscent of when Tom Brady and the "unknowns" from the Patriots won there first Super Bowl. So to answer your question, the Eagles don't stand a chance in the NFC Championship game. Here come the Bears. Yes they will Win the Super Bowl!

Thanx for asking the Question!

Friday, October 13, 2006

>>>Civilized<<< Gangsters???

There is something that has been nagging at me for awhile now. There is a comparison that I want to point out. I know this may seem a bit far-fetched, but bear with me. Oh and trust me, you won't see this coming!


1. Group of troublemaking young people: a group of young people who spend time together for social reasons and may engage in delinquent behavior.

2. Group of criminals: a group of people who work together for some criminal or antisocial purpose.

3. Group of workers: a group of people working together, especially a group of laborers.

Attack in gang: To attack somebody as a group.

Encarta ® World English Dictionary

Usually people in gangs are willing to commit unspeakable acts. Violence, uncaring, willing to do bodily harm to forcefully take something that belongs to others. A person or people could end up hurt in a hospital or worse (dead in a morgue).

It's things like this that disgust me. That a group of people can gang up on someone, to get something that does not belong to them. What purpose does this hold? Does it make them feel like men?

I don't think a real man would do such a thing.

A real man would help, rather than destroy our community....Right?

Well here is another example of a different gang of sorts!

This gang is destroying our community in a different way. They get you to vote for members of there party, and say they will do there best to help you. They make all of these promises, and don't carry them out (most of the time they don't even fulfill there promises) until damn near there next election campaign. They are always asking to raise our taxes, and then for a pay raise afterwards. They get way too much money if you ask me.

We pay them to talk about improving our government, our country, our community, but they don't do anything unless they get what they want in return (you scratch my back, and i'll scratch yours).

Now we know they don't commit murder, but they would murder a rival party member's career (scandal) if they had the opportunity to. C'mon you remember Watergate, White Water, and Monica Lewinski...Right?

Republican and Democrat they are like rivaling gangs (Bloods and Crips), vying for territory. In this case, the presidency and power over the House of and the Senate. They won't hesitate to bash on one another, while wasting our hard earned money (taxes). With all of the nonsense and the investigations they are slowly and surely beating us down and taking our money from us.


Enroll or take on somebody: to enroll somebody as a worker or member, or to take on people as workers or members.

Encarta ® World English Dictionary

Well you can't elect a government official without recruiting people to help you to get re-elected. They do all of the hard work, while the politician does all of the talking and hand-shaking. Gang members recruit members too. They convince a potential member that everything is cool and that it's like a family, when in actuality it's not. In the end it's every person for themselves.

Where is your gang at when you need them most?

Where is that politician at after you get him re-elected?

Then there is graffiti!

Even politicians have graffiti. Every election year, they bust out those signs and plaster them to just about every possible surface they can find. Now they ask people to put signs in there front lawns. Think its not graffiti. Well there is a town in my city that has made it law that those signs cannot be put up until 45 days before the election. Personally I would just ban them all together, there like an eye sore.

If any kind of difference is being made, it's being done slowly. Every time we elect one party to take control over the other, it's like we are taking one step forward and two steps back. One party does one thing right, the other comes along and says that it's wrong and they'll do it there way.

Global warming: One party thinks it exists and the other thinks it's not happening.

I will NOT vote, as long as these differences of opinions and the lack of making up ones mind exist, because we as a people (as the Human Race) are heading for trouble at the rate we are going and I don't want anything to do with it. I will just live in my little part of the world.

I WILL NOT VOTE! So stop trying to get me to! If so I will send you a copy of this blog post!


Just because you were a three piece suit, doesn't mean you civilized. Just because you carry a gun and force your will on another doesn't make you a man. Stop fighting and taking and help one another instead!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Week of Questions Delayed a week!

I was going to do the week of questions (Read Previous Post) next week, but I only got six questions, and one of them was anonymous. So I decided to put it off until the week beginning October 15th, because I am hoping for at least 10 questions so I can put some of them in a poll. If you got a question you want to ask me. You something about me that you want to know about, or my opinions about something, ask away.

I think postponing it is a good idea in regards to my health to, as I have been feeling a fatigued as of late. I need to get back to eating healthy. I have an idea how too!

Until then I will be catching up on everyone's blogs and such.

"Own the Day"

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ask Away!

I have been thinking about doing this for some time now. I think it will be a little fun for me, so here goes....

Right here in this post, I am calling on everyone that reads to ask me a question. Ask me any question. I won't be able to answer them all though as there will only be one question answered per day, starting next Sunday, and ending on Saturday. However I will be putting up a poll for the question that I will answer on Friday the 13th (BoOoOoOoo). You the reader will get to pick which one will be answered.

The only thing I ask is that if you leave a comment, you must not leave it anonymously, because I won't be answering those. If you can't leave who you are, and whether or not you blog, then I can't answer it. Look at it this way, I will pimp your blog or site in the post.

By the way the winner of the poll gets to be pimped in the pimp joint, so you better make it a good question.

You can ask more than one question, but you must post them separately.

Questions must be written in the comment section of this post by this Saturday the 7th @ 11:59pm

So go ahead, Ask Away!