Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Wow a Meme that fits my journal

Okay The Lord OMZ has tagged everyone! You see this EVERYONE, so I don't have to tag anybody. FUN FUN. I can relate to this one, I mean I made an ass out of myself in my journal.

Where’s the sleep at!
My brain feels like mush.
The softer the better for aliens without teeth!
Brains...I think I lost mines on the way home tonight. How did it slip out of my head I have no idea.

Memory Loss
I just noticed lately that I have been having problems with my memory! Its bad enough that my vision is going bad, but to go upstairs and go and get a CD off of your CD rack and end up in your cabinet full of personal effects (soap, shaving cream...etc.) is pretty ridiculous.

Why didn’t I think of that
The best I could come up with right now is Stories from a cup of sweat! Drink me please (its hot). It would kind of be like the ugly duckling (where'd that nasty cup of sweat come from?). I don't think it would work out though, because it wouldn't turn out to be a "pretty swan" Or in this case a cool refreshing cup of "Cherry Coke"!

I go to the bathroom to go relieve myself and all of a sudden Al Roker pops in my head with this big a** grin and i'm like what the....

This one's for you grasshopper
He's my bud, no he's my dog, no he's Da' Man (in the form of a grasshopper).

-I once fell during the winter from slipping on some ice and fell on my buttocks and slid about five feet from the actual buttocks impact zone.

signs that you are going senile
You take a shower and put not only put on your clean pair of boxers, but you also put on the pair that you were wearing before (I did this today....how embarrassing)

I could just erase them, but Nahhhh!


Judith HeartSong said...

golly..... I think I have made an ass of myself in almost every entry since I started:):):) This is such a funny post and I loved Omar's idea:)

Ari said...

Aaaaaaaaaaw, you're so awesome! I have slid on my butt too, so don't feel bad.


The Dark Lord Omz said...

LOL. This was fun!