Saturday, December 24, 2005

Decisions, Consequences

Yeah, but in this case, Hell hath no fury like little women scorned. My two youngest sisters Islah and Ablah had some kind of dispute over the phone yesterday, while I was at work and look what happened. They get into a fight and the phone jack gets hurt in the process (poor Phone Jack what have they done to you?) It had to have minor surgery from Dr. Patricia, but it came out okay...Kind of. As you can see it has two tape braces, but also from what I got from Dr. Patricia, it is literally hanging on by a thread. Phone Jack only has about a month to live. I swear my sisters make some bad decisions sometimes. They both want to do something that only one can do at a time (for instance using the phone line), and there stubbornness has led to this consequence. Which reminds me.

Recently I have been playing this game called "Indigo Prophecy"(Mature Rating folks, thumbs up). Its a pretty fun, yet interesting game. You control at least 3 1/2 (for different perspectives) characters while playing, and it's not like your typical game, because you are (if you have the playstation 2 version) are using the L1, R1, L3 and R3 buttons. The game starts off in the bathroom of a restaurant and the main character "Lucas Kane", is sitting in a stall cutting symbols into his arm, and his victim is coming from the urinal heading to a sink to wash his hands. Lucas (who is possessed by a myan oracle) gets up and staggers toward the clueless murder victim, and he stabs him in the heart three times. After he regains control and realizes what has happen, Lucas has to make decisions. Does he Hide the body in a stall, or does he leave it lying in the middle of the floor. Does he leave the knife where it is, or does he try and hide it. Does he leave the blood all over the bathroom or does he clean it up. This is neat game, because it's a game of choices, and the choices you make will lead to different consequences. The choices I made led to Kane losing his girlfriend, and becoming "Dead Lucas" (not alive, but not completely dead either). He also ended up with Carla Valenti which is the cop that was hunting Lucas down.

It reminds me that the decisions we make in life will lead to some sort of consequence. Do I go to the bathroom now, or do I wait until later. Should I walk home in the snow (and wear myself out some more after a hard day of work), or should I call a cab. Should I tell this girl that I have feelings for her, or should I keep it to myself (which led to the consequences in this post). Now my sisters made a decision. One couldn't wait for the other to get done with the phone line for whatever reason (phone call, internet). It wouldn't really affect Islah, because there is another phone jack upstairs in the hall, but the internet service on the other hand, would be affected. The damaged phone jack is in the kitchen, and the room with the computer in it, is to the right(sort of). There isn't a cord long enough to go all of the way upstairs, so with out the jack in the kitchen I am screwed. There decisions to fight, almost made my day a bad one, because then I would have had to make some decisions myself.

Decision #1: Do get a cable connection or not!
Decision #2: If so, should I go with AoHell (as Brandy calls it) or some other company.
Decision #3: Should I become Evil Spiteful Charles if and when I get the connection, and not let my sisters use it at all, or should I just ignore the fact that there decisions led to decisions 1 and 2.
Decision #4: Do I come downstairs at 4am to go on the internet, or do I try and go back to sleep with an upset stomach.
Decision#5: I want to listen to some music! Do I turn the speakers on, or do I go upstairs to my bedroom and get my earphones.

Consequence#1: If I don't, eventually I won't have a phone jack to dial up on. If I do I will have to pay more $$$.
Consequence#2: More money, and I would be locked into a contract like I am with my cellphone (sigh).
Consequence#3: If I do choose the evil path, my sisters will hate me and probably not speak to me for awhile and eventually learn something from this ordeal, If I take the high road, they will probably do something even worse, even more dramatic (sigh again!).

Consequence #4: My brother is sleeping on the couch (a decision that Jevon made) in the same room as the computer (sort of). I may wake him if I do. I won't get anymore sleep if I do go on the internet. If I don't go on now, I probably won't be able to log on later on after work, because of teenage estrogen.
Consequence#5: I disturb Jevon's sleep even more and he gets up and kills me, or I get the earphones and save both of our souls.

I like to think I made some good decisions in my lifetime, but I think I made as many bad ones as good ones. I can only hope that my sisters don't makes as many as I have in the past.


Kelly said...

So many choices, sometimes life is NOT as easy as people think

Karen said...

Sweetie, you are way overthinking! Sometimes we have to turn off our minds and just let our hearts steer for awhile. It may be surprising but when you make decisions from the heart & soul and not your thoughts, they are usually the right ones. ;)

Chris said...

We just switched to BellSouth DSL from Comcast Cable Modem. Yeah cable is supposed to be way faster but my cable has crashed 20 times a day and 6 service calls later, they can't fix it. I told them I'd rather drive a domestic car that I know will work vs driving a Jaguar that's always in the shop.

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