Friday, December 16, 2005

Why Bother!

I was going to do another round of The Gripes, but I decided that the gripes wasn't appropriate for the way I am feeling right now. Hence The title of this entry, "Why Bother!

#1: I used to constantly clean up the messes in the living room downstairs from my sisters including the 24 year old (she was a teenager back then). After I was done, it took them about 1-2 days to mess it up again, so I basically went on strike. WHY BOTHER!

#2: Back in September I went to a store called Media Play to order two CD's (Final Fantasy X"s and Final Fantasy X-2's soundtracks). It turned out that both CD's were limited and were on backorder, but I ignored the clerks warnings that I may never get the CD's. On top of that disappointment and overwhelming obstacle, I found out two days ago that Media Play (every single one of them) is going out of business. WHY BOTHER!

#3: The last house we moved into had a regular size (not those tiny ones near the top of the ceiling) window in the shower. Whenever I would go and take a shower, I would get paranoid thinking that someone could see me through the blinds, so I would step up close and personal to the shower head and the drain, while the water was hitting me at full blast into my chest. All of this so I could avoid embarrassment of someone seeing me or my shadow. When we finally moved to this house I thought, "Hey at least I don't have to worry about taking a shower with a window in the bath anymore". Here at our current home there is a window next to the toilet (boy was I wrong about not worrying). Who create these layouts of homes anyways? WHY BOTHER!

#4: I am on vacation this week, and I was hoping that my brother Jevon, would spend a little time with his older brother and go and chill or something, especially since his birthday was on the 12th. I kept giving him hints and such that I wanted to spend some time with him, but he didn't seem to pick up on them. In fact he kept asking me almost daily, if I had to work everytime that I saw him (my mother also kept asking me this). I guess he was too busy with his girlfriend to remember that he has a brother. I don't know what my moms excuse for forgetting (old age perhaps). WHY BOTHER!

#5: I put salt down in our driveway like my mom asked me too so that she could get up the driveway , but it got so cold that the salt isn't even affecting the ice. Now we don't have any salt at the moment. WHY BOTHER!

#6: One day this month when I was walking to work from home, it had snowed the night before. Some of the sidewalks were relatively clear, it looked like the sidewalk on Blossom rd. Was done by a sidewalk snow-plow. When I got to a certain point near a building I notice that some idiot plowed a parking lot and left excess snow in the path of the sidewalk. So I had to walk around the snow via the parking lot (That was so inconsiderate of them, and it was a waste of my energy). WHY BOTHER!

#7: This one ends on a positive note! I donated some money to the relief effort, for the victims of Katrina. At first I wasn't sure how I was going to send it to them. I didn't have checks, I don't trust using my card on the internet, and they don't accept cash. So I sent them a money order. I waited, and then I waited some more wondering and hoping that they got my money order. Months go by and I gave up wondering (I was like WHY BOTHER). Finally in the mail I got a post card so now I ask myself why bother, its because I care!


Two Write Hands said...

Love the moral to this story!

Stephaine said...

I'd tell you you're a nice guy, but why bother? I know, because you are.

The Dark Lord Omz said...

You the man. A great entry.

DesLily said...

how nice to get your acknowledgement now at the holidays!! your own little present!

Jackie said...

Aw, on the last one! :-)

Did I tell you your brother shares his birthday with my brother? (And the late Frank Sinatra.) I didn't spend any time with my brother for his birthday, but there's a good reason. CA vs. NJ.

Ari said...

Oh that's awesome!

Oh and about the FF soundtracks, I'm not sure if you are able to burn cds of your own, but try here:

That should be all the music from the game.


ChasingMoksha said...

Next time you want to know if someone gets something, send it with a signature confirmation. Where does the salt come from that you guys put down. Do you buy loads of it and store it somewhere?

Tell those girls to clean up, like yesterday.