Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year, New Calendar! What is your calendar theme???

I was wondering, since everyone will be getting new calendars for the new year, what is your theme for your new calendar?

As you can see mines is cats. My manager at work (Diane) gave it to me as a Christmas gift. She said that just about everyone bought her calendars. Diane said that she has about twelve of them. She also gave me a ten dollar gift card too. I like the calendar more, because of the cats. I also like this calendar, because it was a gift. I guess I am more of a cat person than I thought. What does your calendar look like, and yours and yours and....

What are these stickers on me?

I have been tagged by Ari and Brandy!

My five weird habits are:

1) When I get stressed or worried about something I pick my lip. In some cases I pick it until it bleeds.

2) When I knock on the door to get to the Service Desk at work I do that knock. You know “knock na na knock knock“! Come on you know the knock that people use when they beep there car horns.

3) I am left handed! When someone at work (this applies to home too) put something on the right, when I have it on the left, I quickly put it back on the left. For example, when I paper clip my refund slips, I put the paperclip on the left side of the receipt. When someone comes along and uses my drawer, they put it on the right, and this makes Charles Angry. For all of you righty’s out there leave us lefty’s be. Everything is conformed for your use. Let us have what little space we have. We may write sloppy and in some cases with our left hands funny, but our space is still OUR space. Do not try and take what little we have. Lefty’s of the world UNITE!

4) When I lay down to go to bed I tend to act like cats in some sense. First I lay on the left side of my body, then the right. Then I finally I rest on my back, and make sure my feet our covered and wrapped in my blankets. Then I make sure my cover is covering up my arms and shoulders, and hope for the best … Sleep that is!

5) When I am walking home from work one sometimes, and I am in some serious pain, I tend to look for something to do to distract me. What is so weird about this you ask? Well one time on a very rainy day, my ankle was in excruciating pain, and I didn’t think I would make it home, so I decided to find something to distract me. I looked on the ground and I saw worms. I thought, “Hey if I would count all of the worms I see on my way home from work it should keep me busy“. It worked, I counted over 200 worms that day (for some reason 272 popped in my head). There was another time when I said the name out loud of every car that I saw. I saw a lot of cars that day.

I ain’t tagging no one! (Man did I just sling some slang!) Just about everyone I can think of has been tagged, and I don’t want to die! This would ruin my New Years celebration! So if you want me to tag you just send me an email and I will tag you, other wise find a red tag special at your local grocery store. (crazy)

All Good Things...

I just want to say first off, that I am sorry folks, but I am getting comment spam on my journal. I have decided to turn on the word verification, so this wont happen anymore.

Back to are Regular scheduled programming!

I did my final early morning shift yesterday, and all I can say now is Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Well actually until January 8th, but I usually open the desk on Sunday's, and that is why I Hardly ever post on Sunday. I have to work this evening on the Eve of the New Year, but I get off at 9:30. Well sooner than that, because most people will probably be getting there drink, and there groove on (I did one year ... BOTH). The drinking thing will never happen again. This year, I will be either spending time with my family or chillin' in my bedroom listening to some music, and or watching Dick Clark's New Years Eve show. I thought Dick Clark was immortal, you know because he never seemed to age after awhile. Then all of a sudden I wake up one morning to hear he had a stroke. Now Ryan Seacrest is co-hosting the show with him. I am a bit disappointed, well the correct word would be sad, because now its like, first the cast of the Original Series is passing on, Eddie Guerrero, Dick Clark will pass eventually. Its like everything or everyone that I watched as a child is gone (can't forget Mr. Rogers, even the Dunkin Donuts guy). Okay Maybe I am getting a little morbid here. I was just leading to this statement, "All Good things must come to and End".

2005 is ending in less than 24 hours. It is the end of what has been a devastating year in New Orleans. Many people lost there lives, and the ones that didn't lost there homes and pets. Many families had to be relocated. If anything good is to come out of this, we the people need to learn from what has happened this year and put our experiences to good use. Stop using second rate materials to build things. The cheapest bidder is definitely not the best. In the end someone's life is an expensive price.

2006 is nearly upon us, and I am hoping good things for everyone. I hope that the displaced residents from Hurricane Katrina, can get back on there feet, no matter where they are. I hope that the senseless violence of war and terrorism will end. I hope that we as a nation can get together and find some peace and happiness, and not think of just ourselves, but others also. With endings there are new beginnings, and I hope that when this year end it will give the gift of bliss to 2006.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Secret Sentence IX

Below, I wrote a journal entry and in my entry there are Blue words in bold scattered throughout it. The object of the game is to form the correct sentence from the words that I have given you! I will be giving you a dummy word to make it a little more difficult. The people who guess correctly will be put in a drawing of sorts, and the winner gets to have a sentence of their choice in the next "Secret Sentence"! However, the winner cannot guess in the next "Secret Sentence" if they submit a sentence in. I'll post the answer at the end of the week!

Secret Sentence IX: Late Secret Sentence, but a supremely good one that we had yesterday!

Believe it or not, I am actually writing this secret sentence in my paper journal. I just read the last entry in it, and it seems a little gloomy. I feel better now, no clouds of thought in sight. I’m writing this while I’m sitting in my favorite chair (knock on wood). I checked my AOL email from my cell phone. It’s amazing the technology that we have today. I checked to see if Omar sent me his sentence (you know, Secret Sentence VIII winner), well guess what, he did.

Whenever I have to work the morning shift, I never get any sleep the night before. All I do is toss and turn. I think I look at my clock about 20-25 times a night when I have to get up at 7am. If anyone has any tips to knock me out for a good six hours straight email them to me. When I had wrote that last post, I had given up on any sleep. I decided to come downstairs and check my email, and then I think I read one or two journals. While doing this I planned on uploading “Memory of Light and Wave” to my FTP space. It took to long however, and by the time it was halfway finished, I had to run upstairs and grab my things and run for the bus.

Almost missing the bus was yesterday’s big thing. Today was a bit weirder. I don’t know if I ever wrote this, but sometimes I don’t like it when people touch me. I don’t know why, but sometimes when people touch me I feel uncomfortable. I feel like I am being violated and once and awhile I feel chills. I just want to go somewhere and be alone for a time. Today my boss Diane was trying to walk by me to help a customer who was returning bottles. Our service desk is small and cramped with hardly any wiggle room or the ability to move by one another. As she walked by me, Diane said, “excuse me Charles” and then placed her hand on the back of my shoulder. I got that feeling, and I felt edgy and a little moody afterwards. I isolated my self from everyone at work but Shannon. I just want to know, how you politely say to your boss, “Please don’t touch me“?

Okay the two weirdest things that happened to me yesterday (today, the day I am writing this. Are you confused yet?).

Weird Thing #1: Diane’s daughter returned a bottle of basil dipping oil that wouldn’t open. The top kept spinning and spinning and spinning away in both directions, but the never-ending top wouldn’t come off.

Weird Thing #2: Some Idiot/Moron decided that salt and pepper doesn’t belong in the salt and pepper shakers. NO, they thought the best place for the salt and pepper would be in the middle of a roll of paper towels. When I went on my first break, I sat down at a table to put my head down, and as I was doing this I moved the roll of paper towels out of my way. As I was doing this, the roll started spewing pepper out everywhere, followed by the salt. Whoever did this, I am wishing the worst possible torture on you.

My friend and Co-worker Shannon did something for the first time in the 7¾ years that I have been working at my job with her. She doesn’t like doing this, because it makes her feel awkward. Today Shannon didn’t have much choice. I was kind of hoping to see this and just had to convince her to go home and get… Am I teasing…Good! She was scared to go home because, she wasn’t sure if she could leave the store on her fifteen minute break. I had to convince her that this was an unusual circumstance, and make her call the manager on duty. The manager agreed with me and then Shannon went away for a time, but when she came back, she had them… I finally got to see her pair of glasses (yippee). Shannon normally wears contacts, but she left them in her eyes overnight for a few nights, and one of her eyes became infected. She had a contact in her right eye, and none in her left, which is the infected eye. Both of her eyes started bothering her, so I convinced her to get her nemesis and I must say that she looks fine with them on, contrary to what she thinks. She said the same thing about me, and ironically I feel the same about my glasses. I was just happy to see this, because she never wore them outside of her house….Never! Curiosity is such a wonderful thing.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It's Morning and I am not Here!

I am going to be a little bit scarce this week. I am working the morning shift three out of the five days that I am scheduled. Like I said the last time I had to do this, "I am not a morning person". I have to be off for the bus at 6:18am, well actually earlier than that, because yesterday I either missed the bus, or RTS decided that they were going to run on the holiday schedule. If that is the case than that means the eight Browncroft wouldn't be running and I would be SOL. So I was about to start walking when I decided to check and see if the busses were on Regular or not. I called my mother and asked her, because her husband is a RTS bus Driver. She told me that she think so, so she told me to come back home and she would give me a lift. You don't know how happy I was that I didn't have to walk to work.

I don't know if there is going to be a Secret Sentence this week. Omar is missing in action, so I don't know what to do. Should I wait and see, or should I use my own sentence??? Well I be off, I have to finish getting ready.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Revealed Sentence VIII

This weeks winner of secret sentence, was the third person to guess it right. The first person to guess correctly was Lord Of Butter! I can only imagine what his sentence is going to be (LOL)! Thank you to Angelia for giving me last weeks sentence (She was the SSVII winner). The correct answer is, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times". Hope everyone is having the best of times this holiday season.


Saturday, December 24, 2005

Decisions, Consequences

Yeah, but in this case, Hell hath no fury like little women scorned. My two youngest sisters Islah and Ablah had some kind of dispute over the phone yesterday, while I was at work and look what happened. They get into a fight and the phone jack gets hurt in the process (poor Phone Jack what have they done to you?) It had to have minor surgery from Dr. Patricia, but it came out okay...Kind of. As you can see it has two tape braces, but also from what I got from Dr. Patricia, it is literally hanging on by a thread. Phone Jack only has about a month to live. I swear my sisters make some bad decisions sometimes. They both want to do something that only one can do at a time (for instance using the phone line), and there stubbornness has led to this consequence. Which reminds me.

Recently I have been playing this game called "Indigo Prophecy"(Mature Rating folks, thumbs up). Its a pretty fun, yet interesting game. You control at least 3 1/2 (for different perspectives) characters while playing, and it's not like your typical game, because you are (if you have the playstation 2 version) are using the L1, R1, L3 and R3 buttons. The game starts off in the bathroom of a restaurant and the main character "Lucas Kane", is sitting in a stall cutting symbols into his arm, and his victim is coming from the urinal heading to a sink to wash his hands. Lucas (who is possessed by a myan oracle) gets up and staggers toward the clueless murder victim, and he stabs him in the heart three times. After he regains control and realizes what has happen, Lucas has to make decisions. Does he Hide the body in a stall, or does he leave it lying in the middle of the floor. Does he leave the knife where it is, or does he try and hide it. Does he leave the blood all over the bathroom or does he clean it up. This is neat game, because it's a game of choices, and the choices you make will lead to different consequences. The choices I made led to Kane losing his girlfriend, and becoming "Dead Lucas" (not alive, but not completely dead either). He also ended up with Carla Valenti which is the cop that was hunting Lucas down.

It reminds me that the decisions we make in life will lead to some sort of consequence. Do I go to the bathroom now, or do I wait until later. Should I walk home in the snow (and wear myself out some more after a hard day of work), or should I call a cab. Should I tell this girl that I have feelings for her, or should I keep it to myself (which led to the consequences in this post). Now my sisters made a decision. One couldn't wait for the other to get done with the phone line for whatever reason (phone call, internet). It wouldn't really affect Islah, because there is another phone jack upstairs in the hall, but the internet service on the other hand, would be affected. The damaged phone jack is in the kitchen, and the room with the computer in it, is to the right(sort of). There isn't a cord long enough to go all of the way upstairs, so with out the jack in the kitchen I am screwed. There decisions to fight, almost made my day a bad one, because then I would have had to make some decisions myself.

Decision #1: Do get a cable connection or not!
Decision #2: If so, should I go with AoHell (as Brandy calls it) or some other company.
Decision #3: Should I become Evil Spiteful Charles if and when I get the connection, and not let my sisters use it at all, or should I just ignore the fact that there decisions led to decisions 1 and 2.
Decision #4: Do I come downstairs at 4am to go on the internet, or do I try and go back to sleep with an upset stomach.
Decision#5: I want to listen to some music! Do I turn the speakers on, or do I go upstairs to my bedroom and get my earphones.

Consequence#1: If I don't, eventually I won't have a phone jack to dial up on. If I do I will have to pay more $$$.
Consequence#2: More money, and I would be locked into a contract like I am with my cellphone (sigh).
Consequence#3: If I do choose the evil path, my sisters will hate me and probably not speak to me for awhile and eventually learn something from this ordeal, If I take the high road, they will probably do something even worse, even more dramatic (sigh again!).

Consequence #4: My brother is sleeping on the couch (a decision that Jevon made) in the same room as the computer (sort of). I may wake him if I do. I won't get anymore sleep if I do go on the internet. If I don't go on now, I probably won't be able to log on later on after work, because of teenage estrogen.
Consequence#5: I disturb Jevon's sleep even more and he gets up and kills me, or I get the earphones and save both of our souls.

I like to think I made some good decisions in my lifetime, but I think I made as many bad ones as good ones. I can only hope that my sisters don't makes as many as I have in the past.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Here comes the oohs and the Ahhs

Okay, okay here are some pictures of my nephew!

I heard Jalani cry for the first time last night. He has lungs, but he isn't loud as Jevon was. Jevon had colic, when he was a baby. He kept crying and crying. I don't think I got much sleep, when he came home. Jalani, well he has been quiet for the most part. Well as far as I know, because my sister (for the most part) has been hold up in Jevons room (long story, he is sleeping on the couch) ever since mother and son came home together.

I took the picture above last night with my new camera phone (my old one can't hold a charge anymore). I was worried about my flash on the camera phone so I didn't take anymore than one. Its funny, last night when I heard him crying, I went to go see what was wrong. Still don't know, but my mom had him in her hands and he was still crying (she has the touch, but it didn't work on him). I don't know why or if I am the cause, but when I came in the room, he stop crying. Jalani actually stopped crying. I was shocked, and no one else noticed this but me. I started waving at him, and making faces, and goofing off. Then I noticed that he was looking at me, but not looking at me. I don't know if he can actually see us or not yet, but at least he heard me.

I took this next one with my digital camera. I couldn't resist. I had to turn the flash off, so I wouldn't wake him. I was sitting there snapping away with the camera. Half of the pictures I had to dump, because you really coulnd't see his face. I don't know if you can even see his face in this picture. I learned something new that day. Babies like to be wrapped up like Jalani is in this picture, because it kind of reminds them of the womb. Neat huh!


Recently I realized something. Not only am I the only black person at the service desk, but I am the only single person at the desk, and I am the only guy at the desk. I don't have a problem with two of the three, but it sucks being single up there. Four out of the six are married, and the other two are engaged. I mean is this a family oriented service desk or what. I feel like the black sheep, or a defect in the perfect item. Not that I haven't tried to be with anyone. I was interested in one of my co-workers at the desk. I actually/finally mustered up enough courage to ask her out, but I was too late. I found out that one of our co-workers (now former co-worker) had already beat me to the punch. This is alright though, because I think he is a better person, a better man than I am. I think he is meant to be with her, and he makes her happy. As long as she is happy, I am happy for her. I guess that's all that matters right. Someday...I guess.

Seven years of going no where

Seven years ago he started working at his current job. This young man started from the bottom as a cart associate. Not few months later he was promoted to a cashier, because of his hard work. Oddly enough he liked cashiering, but he wanted to learn more about the front end. So eventually two years later he decided to inquire about becoming a runner (they call it CSL now), and he finally got his shot. He was one of the best runners on the front end, but he eventually became tired and wary from the stress of the new responsibilities and walking home from work at 12am.
His eyes started looking towards the service desk. It wouldn't take long for a position to open up afterwards. He curiously went and asked for the new spot up at the desk. However after a couple of months he was having problems at the service desk as well. They started cutting hours and leaving gaps in between shifts. He would be alone for a half and hour and he was still in the process of learning. When the stress got to him, he lashed out at the managers, and the store manager put him back on the front end.
He was relegated back to being a cashier, but he eventually couldn't take this anymore, so he asked to be a runner again. His request was granted and he resumed his role as a runner, but he decided to go and learn a little bit about another department called Price discipline. One day while running the front end, one of the managers decided to ask him to hang tags while he was running the front end. He agreed and went about his business. A few hours later, he finds out that the service desk is closing early and that he has to take care of refunds too. This infuriates him, not only is he running the front end, the manager has him hanging up tags too. Now she wants him to handle refunds as well. He lashes out at the manager, and she lashes back, and then the words insubordination comes up. She sends him home, and the next day he comes back to work. He is directed to the managers office where the Store Manager does the unnecessary speech and the talking, when she plans on firing him anyways. Finally when the Store Manager is done, he leaves and goes home. Visibly upset, but determined to get his job back. He goes home and calls a union representative. The union rep. Calls back the next day and tells him that he has a meeting in about a week, because the store manager went on vacation. So he waits the week, and when he gets to his place of employment, the union rep. Says that they are mad at him (Yeah so, he is mad at them). Finally he gets his job back, but they make him continue to run the front end, even though he didn't want too. About a month later his Maternal Grandmother (actually his step-grandmother...His real maternal grandmother died of cancer before he was born) died from a stroke. It was a breaking point for him. His aunt offers to take him with her and her family to her home in Charlotte, North Carolina. He stayed there for about four months, and decided to come back home. One day while he and his mom are shopping at his former job, the customer service manager offers him, his job back. He accepts, and he becomes a cashier again. Eventually the service desk manager needs help at the desk, and she offers him his old job back. By then most of the stuff that was causing the stress is gone. He agrees and he ends up at the desk again. Recently, he has been having some issues with customers and money in his till. He still suspects someone of stealing, but the sixty dollars that was missing, "Mysteriously ended up back in the office".

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Wow a Meme that fits my journal

Okay The Lord OMZ has tagged everyone! You see this EVERYONE, so I don't have to tag anybody. FUN FUN. I can relate to this one, I mean I made an ass out of myself in my journal.

Where’s the sleep at!
My brain feels like mush.
The softer the better for aliens without teeth!
Brains...I think I lost mines on the way home tonight. How did it slip out of my head I have no idea.

Memory Loss
I just noticed lately that I have been having problems with my memory! Its bad enough that my vision is going bad, but to go upstairs and go and get a CD off of your CD rack and end up in your cabinet full of personal effects (soap, shaving cream...etc.) is pretty ridiculous.

Why didn’t I think of that
The best I could come up with right now is Stories from a cup of sweat! Drink me please (its hot). It would kind of be like the ugly duckling (where'd that nasty cup of sweat come from?). I don't think it would work out though, because it wouldn't turn out to be a "pretty swan" Or in this case a cool refreshing cup of "Cherry Coke"!

I go to the bathroom to go relieve myself and all of a sudden Al Roker pops in my head with this big a** grin and i'm like what the....

This one's for you grasshopper
He's my bud, no he's my dog, no he's Da' Man (in the form of a grasshopper).

-I once fell during the winter from slipping on some ice and fell on my buttocks and slid about five feet from the actual buttocks impact zone.

signs that you are going senile
You take a shower and put not only put on your clean pair of boxers, but you also put on the pair that you were wearing before (I did this embarrassing)

I could just erase them, but Nahhhh!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Secret Sentence VIII

Below, I wrote a journal entry and in my entry there are Blue words in bold scattered throughout it. The object of the game is to form the correct sentence from the words that I have given you! I will be giving you a dummy word to make it a little more difficult. The people who guess correctly will be put in a drawing of sorts, and the winner gets to have a sentence of their choice in the next "Secret Sentence"! However, the winner cannot guess in the next "Secret Sentence" if they submit a sentence in. I'll post the answer at the end of the week!

Last weeks winner was Angelia. Not only did she guess Ari's sentence right, but she was also the first one to take a shot at it.

Secret Sentence VIII: Two Charles', Two Cities

Sometimes I just think the world is out to get me. Yesterday my till was short $60. I don’t know….you know what I actually have a funny feeling. I’m not going to say anything here, except that I am “suspicious”. I hardly have any customers today, I didn’t do anything with requiring large sums of money, and my till is $60 short. I went and talked to the manager on duty, before I left, because I wanted him to know how I felt, but I didn’t mention my “suspicion”, because I don’t have any proof. Last month my till was $100 short (so was my “suspicion“), and I could figure it out. I count and then I double count, and in some cases I even triple count and I end up short. Funny thing is I was thinking that this was the worst time I had at work, but it isn’t. I can handle a complaint, but being accused of stealing or incompetence. I am not a thief, and I may forget what I am getting or what I am doing from time to time, but I never forget to get charge someone for something. I just got off of vacation and now this happens. I will just leave it at that.

I must thank two people today.

First: Ari for sending me the link to and how to download “To Zanarkand”, which is the theme song to Final Fantasy X. Actually it was a remix, but I still like it, I also found the original in the MIDI format. I can listen to the original on my computer, but I can’t save it to my new phone, or MP3 player. Her idea/suggestion turned on a “light bulb of determination”. I went on to look for “Memory of Light and Wave”, which is the theme to Final Fantasy X-2, and I found it and downloaded it too. It is funny that the record industry wants us to legally purchase and download music, but they don’t provide us necessarily with the music we are looking for. Everyone doesn’t like the “Mainstream”. I don’t like all rap or all R&B, or Rock and Roll, and I don’t think the music industry knows what is in the best interests of the consumer, or a community in general. Some of the music that comes out nowadays isn’t very artistic or in some cases from the heart. I think it’s from wherever greed lurks. Sign of the times I guess, but I am getting away from my point. My first Secret Sentence quote was, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one“. In some cases this can be a bad thing. Both of those songs were on video game soundtracks and the company that release them (I guess) didn’t think that the albums were going to sell. Well guess what, they did, and both albums are on back order. This led me to go to Media Play, and guess what…it is going out of business. Not only that, but the clerk told me that she didn’t think I had a chance of even getting them. So then I decided that I would go and try and find it on Napster, and even They didn’t have it, so I get Ari’s comment and now I am a happy camper, because I got the songs illegally mind you, but I didn’t have any other alternative.

Second: Gem for sending me a Christmas card, and a little card inside that I am going to use as a book mark. I think it reflects me and how I am struggling with the image of myself. “Be Yourself”, that is exactly what I am trying to be. On a side note, I must say that I could easily take parts of what I said in the first paragraph about greed and put it down in this paragraph when I got my Christmas card in the mail (thank you, thank you, thank you) the envelope was ripped open and the top was in shreds. Someone opened my letter, and that is so wrong! I wonder what they thought they were going to get out of it. Thank you Gem, I appreciated the gift, it’s the first time that I have gotten any kind of card in a long time. Man this is the best Christmas I have had in awhile.

Thanks you guys (well actually gals) for the gifts!

Some of the greatest times that I have had were at the movies. Friday I went to see King Kong. How many remakes does that make…two? Well I went and I saw it, because I never saw the original and I don’t remember the first remake that well (actually I would have went and saw the new one anyways). The first hour, they were trying to set up the movie. I didn’t like this, because it took an hour and I didn’t think Jack Black was good for this role. Jack Black basically ruined the first hour for me, yes he did!!! There was one part that I paid attention to in the first hour though, without giving part of the movie away, let me just say I could relate to what the old man was saying when he told Ann that whenever she gets close to someone they always leave her. Back to Jack Black, I thought that he was bad for this part, until later on in the film, when the “sniveling little weasel” came out in his character. He plays “weasel” well, excellent actually. If he ever gets another dramatic/action film roll, he must play the weasel! I must make another point about the movie. Spoiler Alert: don’t read if you haven’t seen the movie LOL! Again, the black person Died! Why, why must the honorable black characters die? Why can’t it be the sniveling little weasels? Although I am happy that Carl lost his film, although he got something bigger. Confession: At the end when Kong (I think that Kong throws the ultimate temper tantrum in this film) died I cried! I didn’t cry because King Kong was killed (I knew it was coming). I cried because, Kong "left" Ann. Granted it wasn’t King Kong’s fault and it is a movie, but it was a very emotional scene. I have had key people in my life leave me, and not here from them again. It has left me unable to open up my heart. I even consider what my dad as leaving me! I still think that this was the best movie I saw all year, even though it made me sad. I think I will go and see a comedy next time.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Revealed Sentence VII

Last weeks Secret Sentence winner was Ari. I got to tell ya that her sentence was easy, I mean anyone with Christmas Spirit would have guessed this, and anyone without too. Although, using the word mommy, was kind of interesting, and fun(ny) LOL. I can't even remember the last time I called my mom, "Mommy". Four People decided to take part and answer the sentence. Everyone got it right, although Omar's was entertainly funny (both of his answers). The Secret Sentence for SSVII is (Where is the Jackson Five when you need them), "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus".

Thanx Ari, that one was fun, and I will be thanking you again in my next Secret Sentence entry on your suggestion for the addresses for the songs.

This Weeks winner was also the first person to submit the answer. The winner is Angelia Rian. Congrats, and thanks for playing to all. Hope to get your sentence Angelia.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Things that I say the most.

I was tagged by Brandy of My World, My Rant!!!!!!!!!!!!!, (Thanx for tagging me!) for the ten things I say the most. I don't know if I have ten, but here we go.

1) Can I help you: This is what at I say at work, to tell the customers politely, "your next". Sometimes if it is a customer that I don't like I add on in my head, "You Jerk".

2) Thank You, have a nice day: Another work saying, which I use as a way to say goodbye, or in some cases, goodbye hope you never come back.

3) Give me a sec: I say this often when people are rushing me. Usually I end up making a mistake or forgetting something.

4) What's Up Bouk: Whenever I see Bouk, that saying simply pops out of my head like clockwork.

5) That was so wrong: When someone said something bad about a person, or something bad happened to a person (including me), whether it be funny or cruel, or sometimes both.

6) I can't believe I am a uncle: Self explanatory! I still can't believe it. My sister once told me that if she ever had kids, to kill her! (Where is mom's bat?) Seriously, I have to remind her of that one.

7) That is so cool!: I say this whenever something interesting, like when Playstation 2 came out, or this new computer that I saw on HSN that I want. Something that leaves me in awe!

8) My Bad: I say this a lot folks. When ever I do something wrong, or I am wrong, or I brush up against someone accidentally, or I scuff someone's sneakers, or I forget to do something (you get the point), my bad!

9) Where are you going: Whenever I want to know where people are going and they don't tell me before they leave, I get curious. So I say this, and I say it often. Such is the life of a lonely person (sigh).

10) Finally: This is what I say when I am done with something (for instance this meme and work). Actually I'm not done though, I have more!

11) Hey stop doing that: referring to Jet when he bites Bouk in the neck. What is the matter with these cats?? Sniffing butts, biting, plastic bag fetishes. WEIRD!

12) Maaan: I say this in a whiny tone of voice, when something doesn't go my way, or something frustrating happens, or something breaks (like that generic TV).

13) Holy Crap: Well I used to the word with the S in it after Holy, but it felt a little wrong, so I changed it. When something shocking happens.

14) Come on already: This is what I say, when I am trying to get something to work right (for instance when my computer freezes up for some reason while I am logged on the internet).

15) I'm Evil: that's what I say, when I am told that I am cruel, or evil. I agree!

16) Stupid _____: Insert whatever inanimate object (for instance a doorknob that I broke quite awhile back, while my brother was chasing me. That made me realize that I say this often.

17) Time to make a donation: Its a toilet saying!

that's about it. If I figure out what else I say I'll post it here.

Why Bother!

I was going to do another round of The Gripes, but I decided that the gripes wasn't appropriate for the way I am feeling right now. Hence The title of this entry, "Why Bother!

#1: I used to constantly clean up the messes in the living room downstairs from my sisters including the 24 year old (she was a teenager back then). After I was done, it took them about 1-2 days to mess it up again, so I basically went on strike. WHY BOTHER!

#2: Back in September I went to a store called Media Play to order two CD's (Final Fantasy X"s and Final Fantasy X-2's soundtracks). It turned out that both CD's were limited and were on backorder, but I ignored the clerks warnings that I may never get the CD's. On top of that disappointment and overwhelming obstacle, I found out two days ago that Media Play (every single one of them) is going out of business. WHY BOTHER!

#3: The last house we moved into had a regular size (not those tiny ones near the top of the ceiling) window in the shower. Whenever I would go and take a shower, I would get paranoid thinking that someone could see me through the blinds, so I would step up close and personal to the shower head and the drain, while the water was hitting me at full blast into my chest. All of this so I could avoid embarrassment of someone seeing me or my shadow. When we finally moved to this house I thought, "Hey at least I don't have to worry about taking a shower with a window in the bath anymore". Here at our current home there is a window next to the toilet (boy was I wrong about not worrying). Who create these layouts of homes anyways? WHY BOTHER!

#4: I am on vacation this week, and I was hoping that my brother Jevon, would spend a little time with his older brother and go and chill or something, especially since his birthday was on the 12th. I kept giving him hints and such that I wanted to spend some time with him, but he didn't seem to pick up on them. In fact he kept asking me almost daily, if I had to work everytime that I saw him (my mother also kept asking me this). I guess he was too busy with his girlfriend to remember that he has a brother. I don't know what my moms excuse for forgetting (old age perhaps). WHY BOTHER!

#5: I put salt down in our driveway like my mom asked me too so that she could get up the driveway , but it got so cold that the salt isn't even affecting the ice. Now we don't have any salt at the moment. WHY BOTHER!

#6: One day this month when I was walking to work from home, it had snowed the night before. Some of the sidewalks were relatively clear, it looked like the sidewalk on Blossom rd. Was done by a sidewalk snow-plow. When I got to a certain point near a building I notice that some idiot plowed a parking lot and left excess snow in the path of the sidewalk. So I had to walk around the snow via the parking lot (That was so inconsiderate of them, and it was a waste of my energy). WHY BOTHER!

#7: This one ends on a positive note! I donated some money to the relief effort, for the victims of Katrina. At first I wasn't sure how I was going to send it to them. I didn't have checks, I don't trust using my card on the internet, and they don't accept cash. So I sent them a money order. I waited, and then I waited some more wondering and hoping that they got my money order. Months go by and I gave up wondering (I was like WHY BOTHER). Finally in the mail I got a post card so now I ask myself why bother, its because I care!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

When I Was: Milestones and evnents

I was wondering, has anyone ever did this before? I have never seen this on anyones journal and I thought it would be cool if I did it. I'm not doing this to tag anyone if you want to do this, go for it!

When I was 1: I was Potty trained

When I was 2: I was scratched in my face by my cousin John-John.

When I was 3: Nothing relevant

When I was 4: I got this big wheel like toy called the Green Machine that I used to do hook slides with.

When I was 5: I started school at Dr. Charles T. Lunsford School 19.

When I was 6: I got my first bicycle.

When I was 7: My sister Chandra was born.

When I was 8: I learned about the concept of death when my Grandmother Janie died of cancer.

When I was 9: I was held back in the 4th grade.

When I was 10: My brother Jevon was born.

When I was 11: A rusted bed spring pierced and badly infected my right ankle.

When I was 12: My mom sent me to live with my father because of my behavior.

When I was 13: I got my first stereo.

When I was 14: I finally started getting good grades.

When I was 15: My sister Islah was born. I met my Friends Pontheola and Angie.

When I was 16: I hurt my back while shoveling snow and I was put on bed rest for a week, and my back hasn’t been the same since.

When I was 17: I lost touch with Angie and Pontheola(moved to Jacksonville), because I got kicked out of the house by my mother’s Husband and had to leave Marshall High School and I never heard from Pontheola again (I miss her).

When I was 18: I got the Chicken Pox.

When I was 19: I graduated from High School.

When I was 20: My sister Ablah was born.

When I was 21: I took a semester of College at M.C.C.

When I was 22: My Uncle Junior died in a automobile accident.

When I was 23: I was hired at my current job. My Aunt Mary died of cancer.

When I was 24: I bought my first alcoholic drink. During the week of “The Blizzard of ‘99”, I walked to and from work in nearly two feet of snow and worked two twelve hour shifts in two days and got a 40 cent raise for it. I bought my very first bedroom set.

When I was 25: My cousin John-John was gun down while in his car. He is/was a son of a retired police officer!

When I was 26: My uncle John (John-John’s father) died of cancer. The tragic events of 911.

When I was 27: My brother Jevon graduated from high school (first of my siblings).

When I was 28: (What didn’t happen when I was 28) There was a blackout in eight states (including New York)and parts of Canada. My Grandfather Clifton celebrated his 80th Birthday, I went to see a Buffalo Bills game for the first time ever, My brother Jevon went to college, and I my ankle swelled up to the size of a softball which resulted in me being unable to walk, and it also resulted in me vowing to get my drivers license so I wouldn‘t have to walk to work again (and I did get my license that year).

When I was 29: I bought my first computer.

Now I am 30: I started writing in online journals, and my first nephew is born

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My Sleepy Bio Poem

I remembered reading Rebecca's journal entry about a Bio Poem way back in August, and I said I would try it, but I chickened out, because I am not good at poetry. Tonight I couldn't sleep, and so I looked through all of my stuff in my "My Documents" folder and I saw the template there staring me in the face. So decided to give it a try again and this time I did it and I liked it. It's a creative reflection of how I am feeling right at the moment I am typing this.

Tired, Sleepy, Fatigued, and Weary
Son of Patricia, A Mother that is Sleeping
Who is Awake, Zombified, and Grouchy
Lover of Beds, Pillows and SleepingPills
Who fears Medicine Head, Insomnia and the Boogeyman
Who Needs 100 Sheep, Massages, and a Anvil to the Head
Who gives Lukewarm Milk, a cup of Tea, and Chloroform
Who would like one Nights Rest, no Noise outside, and a little Privacy
Resident of Sleepy Hollow

Monday, December 12, 2005

Secret Sentence VII

Below, I wrote a journal entry and in my entry there are Blue words in bold scattered throughout it. The object of the game is to form the correct sentence from the words that I have given you! I will be giving you a dummy word to make it a little more difficult. The people who guess correctly will be put in a drawing of sorts, and the winner gets to have a sentence of their choice in the next "Secret Sentence"! However, the winner cannot guess in the next "Secret Sentence" if they submit a sentence in. I'll post the answer at the end of the week!

Ari Guessed last weeks Secret Sentence, which was provided by Secret Sentence V winner Redsneakz , which I sorta messed up. (Mary had a little lamb) That's a fib, she had two twins though And one crib. That was the answer, but I put kids, instead of twins. This weeks shouldn't be a problem, and I bet that everyone could guess this one right.

Secret Sentence VII: No Hints, Not one Its that Christmeasy!

I am On vacation yay me! Sunday which was officially my first "day" of "VaCay", I went to Marketplace Mall with my mother and Two of my sisters. I was a bit apprehensive at first, because it was crowded, and I don't do so well in crowds. I once told my former best friend (she has been downgraded to friend) that if you put me into a crowd, no matter how big or how small, I would drown in it. For the most part I do, but I overcame my fear today. I was following my family everywhere they went, so I could keep my sanity and not panic. My sister Islah were there at the mall for similar reasons, we both needed shoes for our feet. She got hers from Dicks sporting goods, which used to be a store Called Galyans. The whole time we were there I was sweating, and it wasn't because of my winter coat. It was because of my anxiety. I am constantly battling my own mind just to stay calm so I won't run to the nearest exit. All of those people doing holiday shopping, it was crazy. I went looking at the boots by myself which I thought was a good step, and I couldn't find any I liked, so I went back to my family and waited for Islah to pick out her sneakers. When she finally did, we walked with her over to the line, and this line was huge. They had 4 cash registers open in the entire store. Two on one end of the store and two on the other end. We chose the registers near the entrance to the rest of the stores inside the mall. Like I said the lines were long, so my mom decided to sit on a bench right next to one of those climbing platform thingy's that used to be on American Gladiator. People actually climb up that thing and I think its cool. I would like to try it someday (fear of heights). While we were waiting I managed to get distracted from the crowd when I saw that there was a giant TV screen in the store. I started watching it, because the Bills were Losing big time (I would have said "playing", but they were just losing the game). Finally Islah was done paying for her Sneakers, so we headed for JCPenny so my mom could look and see if the dress suit that she wanted was cheaper than last time. It wasn't, but she ended up looking around at other stuff. I decided that I was going to look and see if there were some boots in JCPenny's, but I didn't noticed any. Ablah said there were some, but honestly I just wanted to get away from the crowd. So maybe she was right. I finally decided that if I was going to get some boots before it was too late and I would end up slipping and sliding for the rest of the year I had to do something now. So I mustered up some strength and I went searching for Altiers. I found it after about five minutes of searching and when I got there I looked around a bit. Finally I saw a pair of Timberlands that I liked. At first I was going to go with a size 13 and I was about to get a nice discount, because of scuff marks on them, but I realized that they didn't fit (they were too big), and when I asked for a size twelve, they didn't have a pair (sniff, sniff). So I decided to go with the second favorite pair that I was interested in. You just don't know how happy I was that I survived getting through the mall by myself through the mobs of people. Just when I thought it was over though, it wasn't...I was lost in the mall. I had to find my way back to Dicks Sporting Goods in order to get back to the car and meet everyone. I kept going to various ends of the mall, but I couldn't find my way back. Finally I remembered that I saw a E/B Games store near Nearby Dicks, so I searched for it and when I did, all I had to do is look a little further and to the left and finally found my way back.

When we left the mall we went to Wal-Mart to get the baby some items. I had other plans, but they were ruined when my mommy decided that it was okay "you don't have to" I was going to buy my mom a new TV, because she told me a couple of months ago that hers was on the fritz and she was going to get a 19" one from Best Buy. I have a Best Buy card and I loaned it to her, but she never did. I figured that she didn't get it, because of all of her bills and such. So I decided that I would get her the TV when I could get her at a store. Finally I get her at Wal-Mart and I show her two 19 inch TV's. One was made by Phillips and the other was made by Magnavox (those two companies used to be together) One was your average round tubed TV, and the other was Flat Screen. I was hoping she would choose the flat screen, but she chose neither. She said that she appreciated the thought, but Musa (her husband) was going to buy one (we will see...Yep). I kind of felt hurt, I really wanted to do something for her, because I had been feeling a little selfish lately, and I thought maybe it would make her happy, but nope. She did suggest that we chip in together and by a dining room table, or a new kitchen stove. I think that is a bit out of my league, but if save up I guess I can help her buy one or the other like she suggested.
Back to the Bills! WTF HAPPENED? They suspended Moulds that's what! Just because he voiced his opinion about wanting Holcomb to start over Losman. Now the team is Demoralized and divided, because of difference of opinions (Head Coach and 10 year veteran). I wonder who's opinion is more valuable. Apparently Mike Mularkey's because Ralph Wilson suspended Eric Moulds for a game, which in turn effed up team morale and removed Lee Evans "Compliment Receiver". I guess they are going to eventually get rid of Moulds anyways right. Let me tell you a little story. 10 years ago when Eric Moulds came into the league he was behind a receiver, and his name was Andre Reed. Andre Reed was Jim Kelly's favorite target, but Kelly was forced into retirement and that left Reed with a new QB named Todd Collins. Quickly Collins Favorite Receiver of choice became none other than Eric Moulds. Eric Moulds was the number one target for multiple quarterbacks over the years, until recently. A quarterback named J.P. Losman shows up. Quickly his favorite receiver of choice has become A receiver named Lee Evans! Sounds familiar doesn't it, I bet they were planning on getting rid of Moulds at the end of the year anyways. Maybe players should start asking for some kind of bonus claus in there contracts, so if they get released they can get some extra dough. There have been some questionable things that have been going on lately. They let Antoine Winfield and Pat Williams go, and Jonas Jennings is gone. They give the self proclaimed "Best Running Back in the League" the start over Travis Henry and trade Henry to the Titans. Personally I think the Bills got rid of Henry because he wasn't into kissing executive butt. Santa, I want Donahoe's resignation on a platter.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tagged: Ten Things That Make Me Happy!

I was tagged (yep), and this time it was by two journalers (cool). This was the first time that I was ever tagged by two. Jackie (Not Weird, I'm Eccentric) and D (This and that, and hockey!)

Ten Things That Makes Me Happy (Not necessarily in that order)!

1. Being an Uncle, (Can't believe I get to say that)!

2. Spending time with my brother.

3. Writing and reading journals.

4. Amel Larrieux's songs (they are poetry in motion)

5. Being able to walk even with pain.

6. My mother

7. My sisters

8. Knowing that although my family is struggling most of the time, we are still here for the most part and we support ourselves to the best of our abilities.

9. This one is kind of silly (Star Trek OS, TNG, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and the Movies) If You scroll down to the bottom of my Blogspot Journal, you'll see just how much I like it.

10. This spot is reserved for Charles' Future Girlfriend or Wife!

Who can I tag, that hasn't been tagged yet hmmm....

Ari, Kelly, Brandy, Moksha, and Gem

Revealed Sentence VI: Where was the twins?

I'm sorry, but I managed to screw up this weeks secret sentence. I used kids instead of twins, because that is what was given to me. I should have researched it a little like I did with the other. My apologies! I would have put Auntie Lyn into the drawing if she had put "though" in the correct spot. Ari got this weeks Secret Sentence correct. Congratulations and thanks for playing.

(Mary had a little lamb) That's a fib, she had two twins though And one crib

Friday, December 09, 2005

Okay I got a glimpse

I saw my nephew on my mother's camera phone for the first time. He looks healthy and handsome, dare I say cute. Although one of his eyes is swollen. The one picture that my sister Ablah (his auntie) took, looked the best. He is sitting there yawning, and he has his mouth open and his hand is up to his face, as if he already knows "manners" already. He doesn't look like his mommy, although he has her nose, and whats up with his color. He is lighter than his mom and his dad. Then again, I was a light baby too, very light. I just wanted to let you know that I feel like an uncle now...Proud!

This pimp is going on vacation!

After I get off of work tomorrow, I begin what I consider to be the better week of the last three months of my life (suspension, complaints, sprained wrist). I will be on vacation, and I won't be within a mile of my job, I won't see any uniforms, because I will be throwing them in the dirty laundry, and I won't see any shopping carts, because I won't be near any, I won't be keeping in contact with any of my co-workers, because I am not happy at work, and I won't (this one is the most important) be shopping in any of the other stores because that is the last place I want to be! No one better die, no one better get ill, no one better commit suicide (I guess that one falls in the death category), no one better quit, no one better get fired, no one better disappear off of the face of the Earth, because if I get a phone call asking me to come in during my vacation, they will hear nothing but nonchalant laughter, and then a click.

My lil' nephew has a fever, so I don't even know if he will be coming home next week, I guess only time will tell. I am still absorbing this uncle thing. What does a uncle do? How much uncle can a nephew uncle up, if a sister could turn a brother into a uncle (did I lose you)? Seriously, I don't feel like a uncle, but I don't even know what a uncle feels like. I never had a point of reference.

Let me pimp some more journals. I can't forget about Chuck, of Separation anxiety. Redsneakz, who I voted for most thought provoking. He ended up being a Vivi Losah, that isn't a bad thing. Much respect to the Losahs, just as a reminder I didn't even get a chance to shine. Kelly of In My Opinion is another journal that I like reading, although I miss her Easy Question (Easy Like Sunday Morning). Although someone else has taken over it, I still think of it as hers and I still don't think it will be the same. Brandy's journal My World, My Rant is one that I had recently started reading, just before the Black Tuesday incident (ads) and the Great Exodus. For some reason I can't shake the word Dorsey out of my head. At first I thought that she was writing about a dream (which made me think of Falkor in The Neverending Story, it took me forever to think of the name of this movie, one of my favorites as a child). Then quickly realized that this was really happening. Bon & Mal Mott of, "Of Mice and Puzzles". My fellow Rochestarians pimped me, so I am pimping them, although I am still trying to figure out the puzzle thingy. I am pimped out, if I forgot about you I am sorry (pimps aren't supposed to be sorry, but I am...Really). Just check out my sidebar for other journals they all deserved to be pimped too.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Conceited in the first person!

Charles is tired, but he wanted to come on line and say that the Darkside Survey was smoking! Charles is really, really looking forward to another Darkside survey, maybe one about laying the smaketh down on Jabroni's.

Charles' nephew is alive and well, oh and so is Charles' "fat cheeks" not so pregnant (not scary anymore) sister. Charles was just thinking, now he's Uncle Charles. Uncle Charles' Nephew's name is Jalani Quaadir LeGree (Uncle Charles Thinks Uncle Charles spelled it correctly). Charles told his not so pregnant anymore sister, not to name "The Future" any "Boomshiki" names, but then she had to go and do this, and now Uncle Charles is mad, and He must Crush and Destroy, causing over 1 Million dollars in damage. Uncle Charles is just kidding, he loves his nephew's name, although, Uncle Charles thinks he has enough Muslim names in Charles life to last a life time! Uncle Charles' Nephew and his Nephew's mom are still both at the hospital. Both are doing fine, however Jalani is 4 pounds and 9 ounces and he has to stay at the hospital for the time being. However Uncle Charles' sister Chandra may be coming home Saturday. Tomorrow Jalani has to have a circumcision.

When Unlce Charles first got word of this, the first word that came to Uncle Charles' mouth was "Ouch". Charles doesn't understand why some doctors say that babies don't feel this when they slice your "precious". Charles bet it hurts, but Charles thinks that they say this, because there isn't any complaints from the babies in question, they can't communicate this, and by the time they are older they either have forgotten or have blocked out this "trauma" (LOL) all together. Charles is grateful that the memory is a distant memory (oh the humanity), because the males "precious" is sensitive, very sensitive. Charles don't dare kick anyone there (although Charles did in the past), because Charles can relate to sitting on ones knees begging please, that the pain will go away.

Charles wants to pimp people too! So The "Great One" part two will Pimp The Lord Of Butter. Charles has been reading OMZ journal for quite some time now. At first Charles was scared to leave a comment in Detached And Indifferent Expressions, but Charles got over it, because Charles couldn't hold in the laughter anymore. In fact Omar was one of the reasons that Charles started writing a journal. Rebecca was the other reason, Charles thinks that Rebecca of In The Shadow Of The Iris is a great writer, and Charles wishes that he had at least a pinky's worth of Rebecca's writing abilities. Charles also likes Steven's journal (Sometimes) Photoblog and Charles is glad that he found it. Steven takes some excellent pictures! Charles also enjoys Jackie's blog, the creator of Adventures of the Two-Faced Baseball and Not weird, I'm Eccentric. Charles likes her pictures too and likes hearing about the aliens upstairs. Charles is also pimping Tilly of Adventures of a desperately Fat Housewife. Charles loves hearing about her adventures, and he learned a thing or two about those micro-beasties the dust-mites. Charles also Likes Gem's Journal, Journally yours. Charles finds some interesting things there and thinks that Gem is a very nice person and Charles can't wait for his Christmas card to arrive in the mail. Charles likes Ari's journal Reflections of Ari! Charles especially liked when Ari did that entry on the Journal's Editor Screwing with the consumer! Charles thought that was Hilarious (That so Wrong LOL). Okay Charles' arms are getting tired, Charles may be a Pimp Daddy, but the Energizer Bunny Charles is not. Pimping ain't easy, so the pimp needs to look for some kind of voice recognition program or a nice tricked out ride to sleep in. Pimp out! More pimping in the future!

Charles would use his pimp name, but Charles doesn't like the sound of "Fadeproof Smooth" Besides the name Charles sounds like GOOD!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I hate hospitals

I feel better now, although my mother never called me back until 7pm last night. I was worried and at the same time angry that she didn't call me back in a timely matter, and when she called I was sleep and then when I woke up I got her message to call her back, but I didn't want to even bother. If I was expected to call and I didn't, I bet I would have never heard the end of it. This may seem a little childish, but I care about my family, and sometimes it may not seem like it to them. I have difficulty opening up myself to my family and such (trust issues), but that doesn't mean I don't care.

My sister has lost a lot of amniotic fluid, so they have to induce labor. She is at the hospital, and has been there since yesterday. I'm not big on hospitals, just the thought of them give me the creeps. The last time I went to one, my friend Randi was in the hospital because of Appendicitis. While I was there they had to change dressing on the scar where they had to surgically remove her appendix. I decided that I was not going to be present when they did this, so I waited outside in the hall, with Randi's mom. During all this, my brother Jevon decided to stay and watch. He was interested in this (really interested), I can only imagine what be going on in that head sometimes. I once remember seeing Jevon looking at a website that featured damaged lungs from Cigarette smoke, mangled body parts and I think a dead person too (I'm not sure). I am shocked that there is a website out there like this. I'm glad I can't remember the name of it. Anyways every time I end up at a hospital, it's because of something bad. I don't think I would like to be present when the baby is born (walking bad luck charm).

Last night Jevon decides that he is going to try and impose his will on me and keeps asking me if I am going to see my sister at the hospital. I didn't give him an answer, and finally Bouk interrupted our conversation and came a running up my stairs (thank you Bouk). I will wait until she comes home, no one can convince me otherwise.

Monday, December 05, 2005


Okay, my sister is due on the 29th right! Well change of plans she just went to the hospital to have her baby, and I have no idea why, and I am sitting here dumbfounded, not even knowing why she just drove by herself to go and pick my mother up. Thats right I wasn't invited and right now I feel kind of upset, because I was left in the dark about the situation. I don't know what, why or how.

What hospital?

Why she is having the baby now?

How come I wasn't invited to tag along?

This is exactly why sometimes I feel like I don't belong in this family!

I feel shut out right now!

Secret Sentence VI

Below, I wrote a journal entry and in my entry there are

Blue words in bold scattered throughout it. The object of the game is to form the correct sentence from the words that I have given you! I will be giving you a dummy word to make it a little more difficult. The people who guess correctly will be put in a drawing of sorts, and the winner gets to have a sentence of their choice in the next "Secret Sentence"! However, the winner cannot guess in the next "Secret Sentence" if they submit a sentence in. I'll post the answer at the end of the week!

Last weeks winner was redsneakz and I must say that this weeks sentence that he provided is going to be a toughie!

Secret Sentence VI: No Fairytails in the Ghetto

Like I said this one is a toughie so let me start out by saying the first part of the Sentence Mary Had a little Lamb. Hope this helps a little!

When I got off of work Friday, I came home and I decided to watch some of WWE Smackdown (yes I watch fake wrestling). I have watched it ever since I was a kid. I never hurt anyone because of it, wellllll maybe my life-sized Bozo The Clown Stuffed toy! Poor Bozo literally had the stuffing beat out of him. He lost an eye his nose, his insides, well at least he wasn't anatomically correct. My cousins also demolished him too.

I am getting away from what I was going to say. Friday night when I came home I sat down to watch Smackdown, because I hadn't watched it in a couple of weeks, and in those couple of weeks something very, very dramatic and devastating happened in the world of wrestling. Eddie Guerrero (Latino Heat) passed away from heart disease! I was shocked, and at first I wasn't sure, but when I heard Tazz talking about him in the "past tense", my heart started turning cold. I walked quickly downstairs and logged onto the internet and I searched for it and I saw it on AOL search pages. I felt so down, he was right up there with Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Edge as my favorites. One of my favorite matches that I saw Eddie in was between him and Edge. They were battling nearly at the top of a ladder, Eddie was on one side of the Ladder and Edge was on the other side. All of a sudden Eddie does this flip over the ladder and over Edges Back and power bombs Edge off of the ladder. That Brought cheers from the audience and It brought me off of the Edge of my bed and I was up jumping and screaming "Awe Shit" It was awesome, no one ever did what he did that night. Eddie was like non-stop, he was Latino Heat and that Triple Suplex was the Bomb. I am going to Miss the "Five Star Frog Splash" and "Lasso From El Paso", and The Low Riders with the hydraulics, and most of all, "We Lie We Cheat We Steal"! Eddie Guerrero was 38! Rest in Peace Latino Heat (Viva la Raza)!

My sister is due this month, though I was actually hoping that she was due on my brothers birthday (December 12th), but she is due on the 29th. It would have been so cool, considering that my cousin Chris was born on my Mom's Birthday (her first nephew). Sadly it's not meant to be! I wanted to buy something for the baby, but I think everyone at the baby shower had everything covered. Everything from a crib (well actually I think Chandra bought that herself) to a stroller (which is what I wanted to buy her). I feel like a lousy uncle, I can't even think of anything that the baby might need in the near future. Short of buying a years worth of baby formula that stuff is expensive and I think Wic has it covered) I am at a loss for ideas (Lightbulbs are welcomed).

I can only imagine when my nephew (I can't believe I am saying the words "My Nephew") grows up, I wonder if he is going to come up with a creative fib like me, although none of mines ever worked and if they it didn't matter, because my bottom would still end up hurting. I think the most creative one I thought up was "I was trying to bake something for you". I was actually just eating plain sugar! Someday I hope to be a father and watch our kids run around and play Tag or Hide and Seek like we did when we were kids. Shhhh, don't tell my sister, but I am hoping she has another, so the two of them can drive her nuts. Yes, but then again I think that is what my mother is wishing for us too. She used to always say, "I can't wait for you to grow up and have children of your own, so you can know how I feel." We weren't that bad were we???

I just hope they don't get trigger happy with there middle finger. I don't know if you can see it on that picture, but if you click here, you may see it a little better. When I was a kid, I was a brat and every once and awhile when someone made me mad I would stick my middle finger up. One day when I was outside at night with my cousins playing Hide and Seek I tripped on something and fell and sliced my middle finger wide open. You could see the inside of my flesh and tissue. I didn't get to the bone, but it sure as hell felt like it. Anyways, my Aunt Terri (I don't know why my mom didn't take me) drove me to St. Mary's Hospital's emergency center, all the way from the town of Marion. According to yahoo maps this takes about 49 minutes, and the ride is a long one, but I recall it taking forever and when we got there, I remember the doctor telling me that they had to put stitches into my finger and he told me that if I didn't look at it, the pain wouldn't hurt so much. Boy was that doctor wise, because it didn't really hurt at all. Maybe my nerves were all screamed out. Let this be a lesson to kids everywhere, don't use your middle finger for negativity, because you may regret it and I can tell you one thing, that's one lesson I will never forget. Parents you can use this as an example. I just wish I could have gotten a picture of my finger when the insides were sticking out.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Revealed Sentence V

Last week, for the first time ever! I had more than one person take a guess! Judith Heartsong Provided us with Secret Sentence V, as she was the winner of the fourth one.
Kelly(She was the first one to answer correctly by the way, and she was the first to guess the first secret sentence correctly, but she decided to let someone else take a chance at it.)
Bon & Mal Mott
Everyone except Bon & Mal Mott (sorry) worded it correctly. The correct sentence was "I wear my heart upon my sleeve." I had to look that one up too! I found it as a quote from Shakespeare, and as a lyric from the song, "Alone Again". However since this was the first time I had more than one person take a guess at it, I decided it would be fun to put everyone in the mix. I put ya'll, all into one bag and you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around and thats what its all about! and the winner is (for the second time) Redsneakz!
Thank you for playing! Hmm...I wonder what the next sentence will be?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

My Life Sucks!

I found this at Jottings from Jersey!

This Is My Life, Rated
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Where Is The Love, What about your Friends, Bills, Bills, Bills.