Wednesday, December 14, 2005

When I Was: Milestones and evnents

I was wondering, has anyone ever did this before? I have never seen this on anyones journal and I thought it would be cool if I did it. I'm not doing this to tag anyone if you want to do this, go for it!

When I was 1: I was Potty trained

When I was 2: I was scratched in my face by my cousin John-John.

When I was 3: Nothing relevant

When I was 4: I got this big wheel like toy called the Green Machine that I used to do hook slides with.

When I was 5: I started school at Dr. Charles T. Lunsford School 19.

When I was 6: I got my first bicycle.

When I was 7: My sister Chandra was born.

When I was 8: I learned about the concept of death when my Grandmother Janie died of cancer.

When I was 9: I was held back in the 4th grade.

When I was 10: My brother Jevon was born.

When I was 11: A rusted bed spring pierced and badly infected my right ankle.

When I was 12: My mom sent me to live with my father because of my behavior.

When I was 13: I got my first stereo.

When I was 14: I finally started getting good grades.

When I was 15: My sister Islah was born. I met my Friends Pontheola and Angie.

When I was 16: I hurt my back while shoveling snow and I was put on bed rest for a week, and my back hasn’t been the same since.

When I was 17: I lost touch with Angie and Pontheola(moved to Jacksonville), because I got kicked out of the house by my mother’s Husband and had to leave Marshall High School and I never heard from Pontheola again (I miss her).

When I was 18: I got the Chicken Pox.

When I was 19: I graduated from High School.

When I was 20: My sister Ablah was born.

When I was 21: I took a semester of College at M.C.C.

When I was 22: My Uncle Junior died in a automobile accident.

When I was 23: I was hired at my current job. My Aunt Mary died of cancer.

When I was 24: I bought my first alcoholic drink. During the week of “The Blizzard of ‘99”, I walked to and from work in nearly two feet of snow and worked two twelve hour shifts in two days and got a 40 cent raise for it. I bought my very first bedroom set.

When I was 25: My cousin John-John was gun down while in his car. He is/was a son of a retired police officer!

When I was 26: My uncle John (John-John’s father) died of cancer. The tragic events of 911.

When I was 27: My brother Jevon graduated from high school (first of my siblings).

When I was 28: (What didn’t happen when I was 28) There was a blackout in eight states (including New York)and parts of Canada. My Grandfather Clifton celebrated his 80th Birthday, I went to see a Buffalo Bills game for the first time ever, My brother Jevon went to college, and I my ankle swelled up to the size of a softball which resulted in me being unable to walk, and it also resulted in me vowing to get my drivers license so I wouldn‘t have to walk to work again (and I did get my license that year).

When I was 29: I bought my first computer.

Now I am 30: I started writing in online journals, and my first nephew is born


Stephaine said...

This is a really good entry.

I can barely remember last week but I do remember wanting a big wheel like that and my father telling me they were for boys.

Gabreael said...

You live, you learn.......


Two Write Hands said...

I think this is a great idea for an entry too. I may take a stab at it myself. My problem will be rembering how old I was when stuff happened to me!

Charles said...

The first five years, with the excetion of when I was three, I had to get from my mom! I forgot to put that in my journal entry.

The Dark Lord Omz said...

Wow your memory is impressive. I started thinking about stuff in the past, and it's just not working. The years are all a blur.

Ari said...

This is so awesome, I hope you keep adding on in the years to come.


Jackie said...

That was an interesting timeline -- I'd do one, but it would take a few entries... old person that I am. ;-)

Antonette said...

First of all, I can't remember what I ate yesterday let alone when I was 1, 2 or 4. But I do remember having the chicken Pox at age 7 and giving them to my 8 months pregnant Aunt. Ooops.

TiAnKa said...

Charles, this entry took my breath away with your powerful walk down memory lane. I felt as though I was walking right along with you. Wow...what a journey eh?

Warmest hugs and smiles,