Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I like Traveling But....

...I don't like traveling done on me!

Let me explain...

A little over two weeks ago, I woke up on Sunday morning to a very stiff neck. I couldn't move without agonizing pain. I tried loosening up my neck by moving my head in a counter or clockwise motions. None of this was working, so I went and bought some of those one time use heating pads for the neck. It soothe my neck when it wasn't falling off, but by the next day it was still hurting as much as it did before. Then I tried Icy Hot and eventually analgesic cream, those really didn't work either. Finally I went and bought a thinner pillow. It seemed like it was working, because I was finally able to sleep but then...

The Traveling Began!

Within the first week, I started feeling pain in my upper spine, where my neck ends and my back begins. I was able to move my neck a heck of a lot better, but now I couldn't toss the plastic bags full of plastic bottles. That went on for the rest of the week, until I changed my matress over.

Then the pain traveled to my upper back. It wasn't my spine anymore, now it was the muscles in my back. It hurt so much that any and every movement I made (getting out of bed, walking, standing, working) Hurt like hell!

Then the pain moved to my lower back. I couldn't take it anymore. I'm not a big fan of drugs, but I gave in and popped some pills (three at a time to be exact). I even bought some of those one time use heating pads for my lower back.

Then Finally it hit my left foot. (I don't want to even talk about my groin) Lets just say there is a muscle or something that connects your foot to your ____ area.

Nothing, and I mean nothing seem to work. I spent a ton of money on these relievers and pillow.

$6.99 (times 2)for the heating pads
$6.00 for the aspirin
$21.00 for the pillow for neck and back pain (well actually its supposed to help keep your spine aligned)
$6.00 for the icy hot
I already had the analgesic cream for my right foot (I have to get some more though)

All of that and nothing really worked. All it really took was $16.00 pair of insoles from Dr. Scholls, that are made for back pain. They work pretty good I have to admit. But the pain is still there. On the left side of my spine affecting my foot and lower back, and my neck a little. I think Chelle is right. She told me that it might be one of my vertebrae. I'm beginning to think she's right, because ground zero is in the area of my spine.

If you are wondering why I'm posting this, its because this is the reason I haven't read or posted any entries in two weeks. Sitting down in this chair was even painful. I mostly lied in my bed on my side when I was awake, which was a lot. Didn't sleep much during those two weeks. I think I may have to reluctantly go see a doctor.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Kind of Like Potato, Potahto


Where does O Belong?

OK, now where does 0 belong?

Can you even tell the difference between the two.

One of them is the Letter o.

The other is the Number Zero.

Ever since I have been working up at the desk at my job, I have been playing Lottery for the customers at their request, but sometimes some of the things they say bother me.

Lets place you in my shoes for the moment (size 12, ugly feet). Lets Say someone (I dunno... S. Gambler) wants to play the New York State Lottery Game called Numbers (There's a similar game called with four numbers called Win-4 also). Everything is going fine until they want to play a number with a zero in it.


However S. Gambler doesn't say two-four-zero (well they get the 2 and the 4 right), He says two-four-O (oh).

How would you respond to that?

Well I didn't respond at all really. My first year at the desk, a customer walks in and ask to get some Numbers. I go to help him, but its very noisy in and around the service desk area. He asks for a number with a zero in it, but instead he says the letter O, instead of zero. I didn't hear him clearly so I ask --zero. He responds by saying, "NO I said --O. In my head I'm saying OK, its the same difference, I just said the correct way. He didn't have to yell at me, It's not like I was trying to correct him. We just say it differently.

Fast forward to six years later. Last week I picked up the phone and answered it. Someone wanted to speak to an employee in the bakery department. I park the call, and page the bakery. For some reason I noticed what I was saying. "Bakery Please take the call holding on line 8 oh 1, bakery line 8 oh 1".

Dammit, they've gotten to me! I've been assimilated!

When I page someone or a department there is always a number in there. The phone calls are parked in the 800's, and when we need someone to call our department its 24oh (d'oh).

I've been trying to stop this, but I can't. The letter O has taken over my zero. I cannot resist! My zero is being held captive by all of the letter O's that have been place with in a number, which I have heard these past 6 Years (sob). I've been told that I am stubborn and that I always do my own thing. I guess, that's not always the case.

Man have we gotten so lazy that we can't say the extra syllable. Zero...see how easy that was.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I'm glad its four and not forty

Chris Tagged me to do this meme. Of the questions asked, I have to pick 4 things that interest me the most. I think some of those answers kind of show the immature/kiddy side of me though. It's alright though. I like what I like right.

4 Jobs I've Had
-Summer School Job learning how to cook, and learning about sanitary conditions in cooking environment. (quit the first week though)
-Firefighter Intern Program
-Clerk at Grocery Chain
-Clerk at Grocery Chain (fired then re-hired)

4 Movies I can watch over and over
-Silent Hill
-Star Trek: First Contact
-Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
-Resident Evil: Apocalypse

4 Places I've lived
-Rome, New York
-Rochester, New York
-Charlotte, North Carolina
-Rochester, New York

4 TV shows I loved to Watch
-Lost (damn whomever it was who had the bright idea to start the rest of the seasons in January)
-Ghost Whisperer

4 places I've been to on Vacation
-Darien Lake
-Sea Breeze
-North Carolina (Family Reunion)
-Alabama (Don't remember though...Very young at the time)

4 websites I visit daily (check it out you might like it) (email addict) (more specifically

4 favorite dishes
-Moms Lasagna
-Aunt Cyndi's Pancakes
-Mom's Thanksgiving (can't wait)
-Imitation Crab salad (hey I'm simple)

4 places I'd rather be right now
-In a woman's arms (who's that's my secret)
-Someplace with some nice scenery
-Visiting my Granddad (I really really need to see him)
-In a car driving No where, with nobodies thoughts but my own.

4 People I'm Tagging