Thursday, August 31, 2006

Could someone please HELP

Sometimes I just don't understand how people come to there conclusions. Sure everyone has a right to there own opinion, but sometimes other people's perspectives (another form of O.P.P. LMAO) can just hurt, my brain.

Okay, imagine that you were me for a moment. A woman is next in line, and she wants to pay on her phone bill. You ring it up and you tender it out. Then you go to grab her change (here comes the questions).

How do you pick out her change?

Do you give her some of the best change in your drawer?

Do you give her some of the worst change in your drawer?


Do you just hand her the first thing you grab, so you can move on and help the next person?

What would you do?

Mind you that it is busy as hell, and everyone wants to be helped too!

I did the latter! I'm not being picky, i'm not being snotty, and i'm just trying to get you in and out.

There are days when you get some good coins, and there are days when you get some coins that you wish the previous owner had cleaned with some CLR.

You can't have everything you want, when you want it, but this woman thinks that i'm out to get her or something.

I hand her the change, and she looks at a penny and says that I gave her the penny on purpose, because I hate her. I don't even know the freakin' lady. The woman is sitting there throwing a fit, because I gave her a dirty penny. Then she asks me to give her a different one. This one is tarnished, but its not as bad as the other one.

"This one is as dirty as the other one". For Pete's sake Lady there are seven other people in line who don't care about getting a dirty penny, they just want to be helped. I told her a penny is a penny and moved on.

If a dirty penny is ruining your day, than you must not have anything else to complain about. Either that or your petty!

As a final note: I am looking for someone to join me and two others in a Yahoo fantasy football league. Anyone interested, email me or leave a comment here.

P.S. I started up my other blog. "My Elusive Dream" It's not much, but I am working on it, and myself.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Collect This!

A couple of years ago I purchased a cell-phone through Sprint, and not only did I get a lousy signal, but I got something else that was lousy.

Something that doesn't even Apply to me!

I can't even remember when it first started. The first call I got, I told them, "I'm sorry, but you have the wrong number". I thought it was done and over with, boy was I wrong. The next day they call again, and...

You have the wrong number!

So then I decide that if I don't answer the phone, then it will go away. Sure enough it did, for about three months or so. Then they returned again, with a new number.

I didn't even bother answering this time. Then they stop calling for a short period again, and when they returned, they had a new phone number. I think I have three phone numbers listed in my phone under "Unknown" because of someone named N. Lopez. With my old phone, at least I had a "no ringer" setting for phone calls if I wanted to ignore them. My new phone doesn't have this feature, so I have to use a beep to alert me when they are calling, instead of hearing nothing at all.

I bet you this would annoy anyone that had the same issue!
I bet you that just by reading this you feel annoyed for me!
I bet some of you already know what I am referring too!

I'm talking about these damn bill collectors!

You'd think they would get it through there thick skulls that when someone says you have the wrong number, "YOU HAVE THE WRONG FREAKING NUMBER"!


You'd think that when someone deliberately doesn't answer the phone, these annoying anal cavities would get the point.


At one point they called my phone 5 times in one day. I just wanted to used every four letter word I knew in the dictionary, but I decided to ignore them. I figured that it would just go away.

It did, for about three more months!

They recently started back again, and it is annoying the hell out of me!

I'm curious! After a certain amount of time, a debt collector get there lawyers involved to get the money through legal channels. I know someone who had there bank account emptied because of it. So why haven't they collected this money from this N. Lopez?

It must be either because they have fallen off the face of the freaking Earth.
Maybe its because that person is dead!
Then again maybe N. Lopez could be flat broke and on public assistance, rendering these calls unnecessary and useless I might add.

And get this, recently they started using the words, "If you aren't N. Lopez then disregard the call". Well what the hell do you think I have been doing for the last few years. Who ever this N. Lopez is, will you pay your freaking bill for Pete's sake!

BC (Bill collector): Good Morning I May I speak to N. Lopez.

Me (Charles) I'm sorry, you have the wrong number!

BC: Okay Thank you!

That should be the conclusion, but it's a bit more like this!

BC: This call is for N. Lopez.

BC: Must not be there, I'll call back.

BC: This call is for N. Lopez

BL: Must not want to talk, I'll try back.

BC: This call is for N. Lopez

My Voicemail: Please Leave a message!

BC: Why do I keep getting voicemail?

BC: I'll call back later!

BC: This call is for N. Lopez. (Charles is thinking to himself...Get a Clue!)

BC: I'm so lonely, I think I will call back tomorrow, and see if he is willing to talk!

BC: This call is for N. Lopez.

BC: He must hate me. Am I too fat? (Charles is thinking, go and do some investigating, instead of wasting my time and cell-phone minutes on this futile endeavor)

I think some of the processes of the world are so boneheaded and backwards. It's like there stuck and neutral.

You don't even want to get me started with what I think about government bureaucracy and my opinion of how our system of things are set up. I would make a lot of people pissed at me, the same way I feel about these ignorant debt collectors.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

How do you....

A lot of stuff has been happening and this idea has been put on hold until now. Well there is something else on my mind, but that is for a rainy day.

I was wondering, how in the world do people come up with street names? Okay I can understand Mustard street, because that is where the French's plant used to be, but there are some strange streets out there.

here's proof!

A little middle sex anyone!

What is Middlesex...Ooops I hope it isn't anyone's last name. Seriously though I'm just trying to picture it. It's puzzling.

Is a person having sex in the middle of something? Is it when someone calls you on the phone when your in the middle of having sex (happen to me once)? Are you in between two beautiful women getting your groove on? (Although it would be bad if they were big girls, how would you breathe?) By the way, don't kill me, I love me some BBW (Big Beautiful Women). I feel bad for all those kids who snuck a girlfriend, or a boyfriend into there house, and got caught in the middle of having sex. In any case I want to live on this street, because its definitely a conversation piece, and I bet everyone gets there groove on more on this street than any other street.

Then as I am walking by this street I was thinking, "what if my nephew approaches me and asks me what sex is"? "Ahem, I dunno, "I'm just a kid", go ask your mother or father". I can't wait for that one!

Okay, I'm curious! What is the weirdest street name that you have seen?

C'mon tell me! In fact show me, that picture was taken on a camera phone, so most of you cell-phone users don't have an excuse. LOL

Monday, August 21, 2006

And The Winner is....

...Well first let me just say to Chris of Inane Thoughts and Insane Ramblings. Chris wasn't it you who tagged me to give everyone a sample of my playlist? Come on maaaaan (whiny voice) you should have known (lol). I thought that Chris, Omar(MIA) and Ari(MIA) would have definitely got it If I posted the hint with The secret sentence title in the red like I did in previous Secret Sentences. So I decided to leave a clue in the previous post, at the end of it.

That song actually inspired me to do both posts, the song and Michelle's(I'm shocked you didn't know either) email. The idea came from a website link on Jod{i}'s blog. The website is called Creative Writing Prompts (which I will be adding as a favorite link). I saw it one day while looking through her links. I skimmed through it a little and I decided to use Number 5 ("Choose a poem you like. Take the last line and use that as the first line in your poem") Well I modified it a little, and decided to use the last line as a clue, along with the song title. I even encouraged anyone reading my secret sentence post to read the post before it.

Go figure!

And the winner is...

Before I announce the winner, I want to announce the runner up. She got it right, so I am giving her props, by not linking anyone besides the winner on this post.

The Runner up is Char of The Dinkiest Maelstrom Island-Side Of The Pond.

are they all amel larrieux song titles?

Yes they are Char!

And The winner is...

Although he got tempted by the darkside and wrote me into a Motel 6 (Shutter at the thought), he was the first person to get it right.

The Winner is...

Bobby, of New Journey!

Congrats! You are the winner. You are to be commended. You have won the contest to end all contests (LMFAO @ that one). That was a boast to end all boasts.

You are to be pimped!

P.S. I challenge everyone to do something similar...A tag if I may. Let us figure out the commonality.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Secret Sentence (Special Edition)

Remember Secret Sentence-The meme where I put highlighted words in my post and have my reader put the words together to form the correct sentence...Of course not, it wasn't that popular.


Well I did about 13 of them this could be considered the 14th but hey its a "Special Edition" (HAH).

Its sort of a SS, but not. Instead of giving you words to form a sentence, I am going to give you words as a clue to solve the answer. As usual they will be highlighted in blue (not counting links). A sort of Secret Sentence Theme Meme. If you figure it out, I challenge you to do the exact same thing(you don't have to make it a secret sentence though). In effect I am tagging everyone that reads this post! Yes That means YOU! I learned from the previous Secret Sentences that people didn't want to answer because someone had beat them to the punch. So this time around I will use comment moderation until Monday. They won't be posted to the comments section until sometime next week...Oh say Monday. There won't be any hints, besides if you read me enough you should be able to figure it out. The winner gets pimped in the Pimp Joint.

Secret Sentence (Well sort of)-What do all of these words have in common?

Its around 4 in the morning as I am typing this post. It's a good thing that I don't have to get up in the morning to go to work. I'm so tired that it feels like my eyes are hanging out of there sockets. I bet your eyes don't feel this way because you are probably sleeping while I am typing this.

If you hadn't notice, I the last post I wrote was the first in about a week. I wouldn't have posted at all if Michelle didn't email me. So I am thanking her for her email, and for the reply she sent me when I emailed her back. A former co-worker (whom I had a crush by the way) of mines who is dear to me lost her father a little over a week ago. She looked so sad, and I wish that there was something I could do to bring her dad back. She-Herself had a battle of her own growing up as a child. She had a battle with cancer, and she overcame it. I'm sure she will overcome this too, but she will never forget her father. I remember when we used to work together,I thought she was so cool, I would never expect her to say certain words Like (Damn Charles LOL). Her voice sounded like that of a little girl, it was so cute. I would smile when ever she would say something, and unlike everyone else at the desk at that time, I could easily talk to her. So you can imagine how upset I must feel at myself for not telling her how sorry I feel for her dad's passing.

I thought about her and her father, and then it made me think about me and my father. This in turn made me feel down. I guarantee that her relationship with her dad was better than the one that me and my dad have. Death is an inevitable thing, I don't know how I am going to react when my dad passes on, but there will be a reaction. I love my dad, but our father/son relationship is no where near where I would have liked it to be. It's just one unanswered question after another. I just feel that there is something I'm not being told. I want to know why he didn't come get me on a constant basis. I want to know what he was like when he was growing up. I want to know if there was something I did wrong that stopped him from getting me. I want to know if it was my fault for my parents divorce. I want to know my dad, because I feel it would help me to get to know myself better, to make me whole. I remember when I was a kid, there was no one else who I wanted to be like than him. I looked up to him, I didn't want to listen to the negative things that my mom said about him (for the record vice versa). They probably don't remember, but they did. I didn't want to believe them. It's been about two years now since my dad and I talked. I heard that he isn't feeling to good. I wish that he would listen to his doctors and give up stuff like ice cream. It's funny vanilla is his favorite, and its mines too.

Believe it or not-Regardless of what time this post says, it's 5:29am and I am still up. I haven't slept well in three days. Been up watching TV and such. Just once I wish I could sleep for at least eight hours straight. Can you tell I'm feeling a little down...Yeah!

Why do bad things always seem to happen to me when I go to the Laundromat? Partially bleached clothes, a weird lady, and a stupid dryer that didn't dry my clothes. Now I can add broken earphones to that list. Okay there are three seats bolted together as one chair. Someone decided to move these seats away from the window and out of the sunlight, because of the hot weather. When I get there I see this and I felt kind of awkward sitting on the one of the seats, in the middle of the floor.

So I decided to move them back to there original position. I had to bend over to do this and unbeknownst to me there was a crack in the middle chair. Guess what, at that moment what seemed to be something out of a planned storybook happens. Sometimes I wonder if somewhere God is sitting at a desk, writing a cleverly laid story, with sub-plots woven together with everyone's lives intertwined together. Because at that very moment, while I was pushing those stupid chairs (as a reminder: I call every inanimate object stupid out of frustration) back to there original spot, my earphone cord gets caught on the crack in the middle chair.

It was a rather huge crack that for some reason I hadn't noticed until I finished pushing the chairs back. I noticed when I straightened up my body from bending over, because my earphones were pulled off of my head, and the side with the cord on it broke off. I Ruined earphones, so I decided out of anger to make them a matching pair, and I ripped the other side of the earphones of too. Nothing but trouble when I go to do my laundry, well at least it makes for a good story. Too bad that magic isn't tangible, because I loved those earphones. I had them for a long time. They had some sentimental value to them. As we know sentimental value is worth a lot of bizzaro world.

I learned my lesson though. Say NO to Crack! Whether it's booty crack, drug crack or a cracked chair, just say no to all Crack!

See YA!

PS: it's 6:23am now!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Walk Away

I walk up to it
And put my hand upon it
Tension in my mind begins to mount
It overwhelms me
Screaming at me

Walk Away

I’ve waited for so long for this moment
For this chance
I pray that the qualm doesn’t sway me
I just close my eyes
And place my ear against it
Hoping that I can hear
Hoping that there is a sign
Give me an okay
Of course it wouldn’t be that easy

Walk Away

Every fiber of my being is
But then there is that tiny microbe
But loud nonetheless
A voice inside me
Telling me everything will be fine
It tells me to grab the knob
As I turn it
The voices become deafening


It doesn’t matter though
It is locked and I don’t have the key
I fall to my knees and begin to weep
The doubts within
Take control of me
Moments of happiness
Of love
Moments of peace
Of being
These are all memories of life
Within my grasp
But I have an obstacle to pass
That is demanding
Walk Away

Inspired By a line from a song called "Morning" by Amel Larrieux
if its behind that door, then let me break it

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Clean up, clean up, everybody...

Yesterday, I found myself a little upset. More than a week ago, we had some guys work in our "jungle", in our back yard. They removed most of the oversized bushes that had grown into trees. These things were huge, and honestly-I wanted nothing to do with it.

Years ago, before we my mom and my "step-on-me-dad" bought this house, I warned them about problems that they would be facing. I may have been a 18 year old Mr. No-it-all/smarty-pants/brat, but had a bad feeling about this house, and I was right. We have a lot of repairs that need to be taken care of, some of which is outside.

Like I said before those bushes were overwhelmingly tall, and I didn't want any part of them, at first. I was going to attempt to take them down, but we only had an electric trimmer, and extension cords didn't go far enough. I ended giving up and letting them get some paid help. They did most of it, but there are a few bushes left, and our decaying grill made of brick.

The hired help dragged and carried all of the giant bushes to the front of our yard for when garbage day arrived. Wednesday came along and this rather huge truck with a grappler came and picked up our bushes. When the refuse truck was done, there was a huge mess on our front lawn.

One week goes by, and I am thinking to myself that the hired help is going to come and finish what they started. They never came back. This week I "see" it more consciously than last week. So this morning instead of becoming frustrated, and complain about how horribly our yard looks, I decided to clean it up.

The only thing is, I took a shower before I started cleaning. Man was that a mistake!

There were branches everywhere! Big branches small branches, long branches, and branches with thorns. First I took care of the branches, while I picking them up, I notice a butcher knife (welcome to the Ghetto). A freakin' butcher knife in our front lawn. I can only imagine what its purpose was, and why it was there. I sure didn't touch it though. I grabbed my rake, and my shovel and raked the knife into the shovel, and then put it into a garbage bag.

Let me tell you that a knife was the least of my surprises.

After I took care of that I ended up hurting my right index finger on a branch that I broke in two. It left a small sore, with a deep gash. Even peroxide was burning...I hate alcohol, it stings.

I continued to pick up the branches. I broke the ones that were too big into pieces, so they wouldn't shred the bag. One of the branches was pretty big and long and dense. I couldn't break it with my bare hands, so I hit the branch against the tree in our front lawn. Wood against wood if you will. The tree and me won, and I sent part of that branch into the street. I broke it in three pieces with the help of our tree. I'm glad I come with some great ideas (I am so SMART).

When I got done cleaning our front lawn, I decided to clean the grass on the hill in front of our house. Did I mention that our house is on a hill. I have such a wonderful time shoveling the driveway during the winter (sarcastically speaking). Remember when I said that the butcher knife was the least of my surprises well...

(Still have to trim those things)

I trekked up that mountain and when I got to the top, I notice a ton of garbage up there. One particular piece of garbage was strangely enough a pair of what looked to be like Daisy Dukes. Who done came up in our yard stripped off there pants huh??? I also had to pull out a juice bottle. This wasn't any ordinary juice bottle either. I couldn't use the rake to pull out from underneath the bushes either, because it was too heavy for it. So I grabbed the shovel, and when I was finally able to reach it, I noticed that the stupid bottle had water in it. Not only that but inside floating in the water was something bright green. I found candy containers, pop bottles, cups, bags. I found everything but the kitchen sink and a condom (I'm actually suprised about that one).

I also swept the sides of our house. All and all, I think I did a pretty good job, and I got some exercise out of it. Now if only I had three more of me, then I could tackle the back yard by "myself". We got even more interesting debris back there. A broken wheel barrel, and someone's discarded car batteries. Shows you how much some people care about others property huh.

I just want to know one thing! How hard is it for someone to throw there trash into a garbage can?

Monday, August 07, 2006



I am a monkey that has some very strong legs, and I am trying my hardest to kick a ball as far as I can. Wait, did I say I was a monkey? Seriously, I have fallen like so many others on Blogmad to an addiction of monkey madness. There is this game called (wait a minute, I can kick the ball again) Monkey Kick Off. The name speaks for itself, there is a monkey that is obviously obsessed with kicking a ball (I can kick again). Your goal is too kick the ball as far as you can. If you want to challenge my score here is the link. Is it me or is this game addictive. Is it me or was that monkey a kangaroo in a previous life.


Recently I have realized that I am not happy with the current situation that I am in. I have realized that I was more independent when I was a child in comparison to now. I have also realized that at the rate I am going, I am going to have to quit my job for health reasons. I am not as happy there as I once was. Its kind of like my body is coming to work, while my mind is elsewhere. I need a new job, something a little bit different. Most of the jobs today require some kind of degree, and the ones that don't are temporary jobs through those Temp agencies. I can either go back to school, or I can take my chances with those temp agencies until I find a job that will hire me permanently. The night I came to this "reality", I filled out a application form at Monroe Community College. Now all I have to do is get one of those gift cards with a Mastercard logo on it. I think I am going to try college again.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

"The Adjustment"

In this post, I asked if anyone would “adjust “ there underwear in the public. I got some interesting answers.

Some of you implied that you go “commando”

One of you thought that its okay as long as you aren’t “Digging For Gold”.

To the “commandoes”-Imagine that you are wearing underwear for a day…Okay!

I was at work and I: for some reason was in a uncontrollable laughing mood. I was checking out women as they were coming into and leaving the store. There was this one particular woman that walked in who had a nice butt, a big butt, and a curvaceous body. As my eyes followed the butt…er…I mean the woman in I was still checking her out, when all of a sudden she did something to my surprise.

She adjusted her underwear!

I was in shock! I paused for a minute and said to myself, “did she just”. Then I asked my co-worker at the desk, and she started laughing. I was already cracking up, when…

Have any of you have a way of saying something in your head that sounds right, but when it comes out of your mouth things turn horribly wrong. Well one of the runners on the Front-End comes up to the desk, and I am just totally out of control at this point, with no barriers, and control over myself. I had a question on my mind, and I wanted to ask her. It was meant to be asked the same way as written here, but it didn‘t come out that way. This is why I hold back my thoughts some of the time. I have to remember to think before I speak.

What was it that I asked her???

Would you drop your panties out of your butt in the public?

It sounded right in my head, but when it came out of my mouth, the runner was like, “Huh“.

It didn’t end there just yet. The runner replied by saying, “It depends…how much am I going to get paid“. I didn’t see that one coming either. I started rolling, and then my co-worker at the desk, ended up asking the runner the question in a more “tasteful” way.

Still it was fun, and funny though.

Afterwards I was thinking about the times when I had to make an adjustment. When I am at work, I usually go behind the recycling machines and adjust, and I don’t just mean adjusting in the back either. Sometimes a guys “pReCiOuS” can get caught in between the hole in the front of his underwear, leaving him feeling very, very uncomfortable. I’m not going to go the entire day with it just hanging there like that. NO, I’m going to fix it, but I am going to do it someplace privately (LOL remove the l and y), where no one can see me.

Don’t worry, I sanitize afterwards.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"Hot Thoughts"

Where do I start?

Let me just say thank you to everyone who left there thoughtful comments in last Saturdays post. I was…I am feeling a little down, and a tad bit under the weather, so my posts have been a little less frequent as of late.

Last night I had intended to write and post, but I ended up messing with my Blogger template. It’s the same template, but I changed the color schemes using HTML code. I also widened the body for my posts and placed the titles of my blogs on the outside of each post. I also centered my banner, because it was kind of off. It took awhile to do all this, because I am but a mere amateur at this. I had to use the preview option to see how it turns out. I like it, but I want to put my post titles in a border, kind of like Stevens, but I want the length of the border to be a bit longer. I feel that there is still something missing! I wonder what else I can do to it.

Remember when I said that I “poured” instead of sweating. Well today I ask the question, “What’s the next level after “pour”. After this day is over, hopefully I will have an answer. After this day is over, I may lose ten pounds. After this day is over, I am going to curse out anyone who says, “I wish summer was here” when the winter season starts. Why you ask… BECAUSE I AM GOING TO EXPERIENCE WEATHER SIMILAR TO THAT OF THE SOUTH AND CALIFORNIA, THAT’S WHY. We are expecting 100 degree weather today. I think this has only happened once in my lifetime in Rochester. I don’t remember it from my past, but if we top out at 100 degrees today, I will never…ever forget it. What makes matters worse is that I have to work today (a sarcastic hooray). I’m catching the bus, and I bringing some water with me too. I don’t care what anyone says to me at work. I am going to have about five drinks, and I am going to drink them in front of the customers regardless of professionalism.

I’ve mentioned before that I am in a battle with anxiety. Always wondering what people think of me, if they are laughing at me. I even have a difficult time making phone calls. I realized now, that regardless of whether or not I stutter, I have the right to exist, and I have the right to make a phone call. They can either say yes or no. They can either pick up the phone or let it wring. I have NO control over anyone’s actions but my own. With that said, I put my fears aside and I did something that I wanted to do for a long time. I have had the same house key since we moved in this house in 1994 (its 2006 by the way…LOL). I wanted to get one of those decorated keys. I wanted one for months now, ever since I saw my sister Ablah with her Winnie the Pooh key. After I got off of work, I walked up to the hardware store across the street from work and I asked for the key I wanted and I got it.

Mission Accomplished!

Are you ready for some football? Hell Yeah!

Yesterday in the wee hours of the morning I saw an article on yahoo that made me think “Duh”. You don’t need Obvious Man to answer this question.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Why don't we get a break at the pump...Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely! The oil companies got enough money to to buy the United States and then some, but they want more. They can't have enough money. Greed is the fuel (pun intended) behind the rise and prices, so I don't give a {expetive deleted} what kind of explanation the media or these companies are giving.


Next time: "The Adjustment"