Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Out with the old....I don't care about anything new

A few weeks back I think I got a lesson in life. You know the one about All Good Things. Well If you didn't know already, they come to an end. When I was a little boy there was this place that my mom and I used to frequent. It was a fun place, especially during the month of December. If we weren't at my grandfather's house we'd almost certainly be there. Were is this place? It is in downtown Rochester, and its called Midtown Plaza.

I have so many memories their. Chasing my cousin James when I shouldn't have, walking around inside looking at all the stores and the things I wanted (mom could I get some candy). I even remember stopping at Wendy's to get a bag of small fries... I love Wendy's fries.

What I remember the most was sitting on Santa Claus' lap for the first time. Every year they had Santa come and visit. Just to the side of the escalators, they had a beautiful Christmas set up and had a throne for Santa to sit in. We also got to take pictures with him if our parents payed up. There was one thing I never got to do during the holiday season as a child though. I never got to ride in the monorail.

Besides the monorail there was another Staple inside the mall. Probably the most popular thing inside the mall itself. Its called the "Clock Of Nations". Its a big clock with twelve cylinders that have little dolls in them representing twelve nations.

I used to look at the clock a lot when I was a kid. Not so much so when I became a teen. I would look at it here and there. Now I'm going to miss that clock. I guess I never thought that the mall would be demolished. Boy did I get a wake up call. I woke up one morning and heard it on the news. I guess you could say my jaw dropped to the floor, at least that is what it felt like. So many memories flooded into my mind. In fact that same day, I rushed downtown to take these pictures. Why... Because it was the only ways I could grieve for the upcoming loss. The only way I could express myself.

Three of my favorite stores used to be inside of Midtown Plaza.

Jeans West was a clothing store. I used to get most of my clothes from there. In fact that Results shirt that I wrote about in a previous post was bought from there. I think that is why I can't let go of that shirt.

Then there was a store called "All Day Sunday". This store had it all. Artwork, Jewelry, clothes...they had it all. I'm not into jewelry so I used to go there because the embroidered clothes. I had one shirt done and a hat. Don't ask me what the shirt said, cause I don't remember. I do remember the hat though, because It was my favorite. It was a red hat with the name Chaz embroidered on it in black letters.

Finally there was Record Theater (the last of my favorites to leave Midtown). I went there to buy all of my music unless they didn't have. If that was the case I would cross the street and go to Record Town (also out of business), which used to be next door to McDonald's (can you say out of business...can you see a pattern here).

I even liked shopping in the Wegman's grocery store with my mom, that is when it used to be there. They closed there doors within the mall too.

Business are always closing there doors. Want to move on to something BIGGER. Bigger isn't always better. There are some people that feel uncomfortable inside those big, huge Superstores that they are building nowadays. Some of us hate giant crowds and long lines. But I guess doesn't matter anymore, because customers are nothing more than $$$. Mass Quantity over Quality isn't necessarily better. One of the first malls ever built...Such a shame.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

M.I.A. Until Now

Hi everyone!

I hadn't realized that I had been a no show for more than two weeks. This is the longest ever. Well chalk it up to work. I worked seven days in a row. The last thing I felt like doing was blogging. I was online but not as much as normal. By the sixth day I was exhausted. I felt like I was there (at work), but not there. Clearly I was at work, but I felt like I (my soul, my spirit...whatever you want to call it) was being pulled at from something, somewhere else. I know I know it sounds weird, but its how I felt. Heck, I'm still feeling drained.

The only reason I even did this post is because I had to set up my Fantasy Football teams and picks this week, and for some reason I remembered I had a blog and I came to check it. I could say I have neglected it, but my body, my will, my motivation were almost depleted, so I had to give some things up for a bit. This was one of them. I also gave up video games and television. I didn't hardly watch any TV last week. I even dozed off during the four o'clock football game last week (who was playing?).

I got some posts on my mind, I am just going to find the strength. I have to work tonight and tomorrow morning, so I will be a no show Sunday and possibly Monday. Tuesday I'm all yours though. (LOL) Plus I have next Friday (11/2), Saturday (11/3), and Sunday (11/4) off, so I will be looking forward to my first full weekend off since June. Looking forward to Body and Soul!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Rapid Fire (The Blog Game)

I'm going to do something a little different. In five lines or less for each topic, I'm going to post several things that have happened in the pass few weeks (or more), as fast as I can. I won't be trying to make a point or anything, I will just be venting. I wonder if any of you are thinking the same.

1. I finally don't have to worry about Job Security. A new owner is in town and hopefully things will be on the bright side from now on. However I am still looking for another job though.

2. What the hell is wrong with these drug makers. Their recalling infant medication because of the danger of overdosing a child. I heard on the news that the medicines may not even work for the children in the first place....Can you say Placebo!

3. I have been thinking a lot about work lately. Not just because of the possibility of being let go, but because of my flexible schedule. It gets in the way of living and being with family, and that is hurting me now more than ever!

4. What happen to my Bills? They had the lead for most of the game against the Cowboys and blew it. I don't blame the players though, I blame the coach. The last thing you do is call a passing play (interception) in the fourth quarter when your in field goal range with the lead and time in your favor.

5. Phones are like computers they seem to become obsolete on the same day they are released. I got a letter in the mail from Sprint telling me that soon my phone will no longer be able to roam on certain third party analog networks, because they are going digital.

6. I don't use the roaming feature anyways because I would have to pay for it, so I guess I could care less.

7. Speaking of digital I am aware of how television will be going digital (2009) as well, and that there won't be any analog television anymore (can you say HDTV). What I don't understand is why haven't anyone in the media started telling people. Television is an important and Powerful recreational tool, so I'm kind of surprised that I haven't heard any notice/reminders.

8. Is it me or does it seem like there are too many kids out there murdering people (or attempting to) either because they want to take something that doesn't belong to them, or because they feel as if they are being wronged. It makes me feel unsafe to walk home now. I always have to look over my shoulder.

9. I have a new blog linked in my sidebar. I don't remember how I came across Trish's blog Incoherent~ish, but I'm glad I did. (LOL) she got me hooked when I read her post on the male version of PMS which she calls OMFWDYGACABSAB. She wants me to warn everyone that she is Politically Incorrect. Trish I think that most of the people who read my blog are too!

10. I also have a new website linked. Its called Afterworld. Its a 130 episode CGI series, with each episode roughly about three minutes long. It's about a character Russell Shoemaker who wakes up in a hotel room in New York and finds out that 99.9% of mankind have vanished. He tries to get home to his family to see if they are still alive, while helping others along the way.

11. My nephew is so smart. Now if only I could understand what he says a little better. There is this music video with Elmo and Chris Brown on youtube called, "See the signs". Jalani really likes it. I think I've watched it with him 10 times. Now he likes Chris Brown's music. To be more specific, a song called, "Kiss Kiss". You should hear him when he says it, he sounds so cute!

12. I've been thinking about the cycle of life. I grew up and I never really thought about how my mom, dad, aunts, uncles, and grandparents thought of me. Now here I am watching my nephew grow up, and I am happy. Here is this intelligent, happy, innocent life dancing, learning and making a difference in my life. I see what they saw, now in my nephew. What a cycle!

13. I thought summer would never end. I suffered all summer long in that heat, now it has officially ended because no more 80 or 90 degree weather is in the foreseeable future. It just ended for us last week. Now I just have to get fall and winter coats.

14. I miss Stephaine! She hasn't blogged since September 22, 2006. Ironically her last post was a tag from me. I missed her take on life and crush on Tom Brady, and her happenings at work. I wish she would come back. Its been more than a year now. I hope everything is alright.

15. "Sitting home waiting for you, cause staring at these walls is all I do. I tried my best to be good to you, but your never around when I'm in the mood."

16. I have two free movie passes for being the employee of the week and no one wants to go to the movies with me, cause they are all to busy.

17. Chelle I went and bought Tiger Balm. I put it on my feet for work, and I ended up smelling like it all day. LMAO

18. Our cat Jet has issues. When ever you pet him, he straightens out and hardens his tail and points it toward the front of his head like he is having an erection or something. It's weird, very weird!

19. While I was reading a post on Emily's blog about her trip to the dentist, I noticed that she had a Bill Cosby video from Youtube in the post. When I watched it I realized that I heard it before. My step-mom dubbed a tape that she had of his act and she gave it to me. Every time I'd listen to it I crack up. My cassette player ended up eating the tape though.

20. You know its true what they say about rain...When all of your old injuries start to ache, you know that rain is around the corner, and MAN, I'm aching right now, and have been for these last few days.

It wasn't as fast I thought but the thoughts eventually did come to mind faster as I got rolling. Anyone wants to give it a shot knock yourself out.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Description in ten words or less

In her blog Jodi challenged us to In ten words or less...describe yourself!

I told her that I have never did a blog post without at least a paragraph. Honestly though, I didn't think I could come up with a good enough description. I thought about it and Now I think I have found one.

Been wondering If I am any good as of late. Long story!

Good Enough?

I challenge anyone reading this post to do the same. post it on your blog and leave the link on Jodi's blog because she is the one I got this from.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Who comes up with this stuff?

You know how we as a people have fads?!!?

For example during the 60's and 70's were Afros and bell-bottoms. During the 80's there was the jheri curl, and during the 90's there were box cuts, and hair cuts done by placing a bowl on ones head. I really don't know what the fad of 2000's is, maybe its the cellphone...I don't know. I do know that we laugh at them when we look back at those fads and think to ourselves, "What were we thinking"?

The Jheri curl is probably why I am losing my hair (all of those chemicals...No more Jheri curl juice).

Anyways there is one fad that I haven't mentioned that leaves me perplexed. I was walking to work last Tuesday, and when I got to the first crosswalk I had to cross I noticed it. I never really cared about it until a teenage boy started crossing the street to the left of me. He was less than halfway across the street when the light began to change in my favor. As this was happening he started trying to run.

Key word here is TRYING!

Because he was mostly concentrating on keeping his pants up instead of worrying about getting hit by a car...Why

Because he was Sagging! (And here we are worry about people texting while driving) LOL

I never understood why someone would want to where there pants slightly below their waist, or in some cases maybe even lower. It completely baffles my mind, I mean what if you have streaks in your underwear of something?

Seriously I ask myself what is the point? What statement is being made here? Are they trying to see how low there pants can go without falling? Are they trying to share what kind of underwear they like to wear? Are trying to defy society? Or are they trying to tell all the girls out there that they are ready to drop there pants at the drop of a hat?

There is little that can be done about it, I guess! Maybe the G'ment should make it illegal. You know file it under indecent exposure or something like that, because if I don't want to see sagging boobs, then I definitely don't want to see sagging pants...Besides its not safe you could get hit by a car. LMAO