Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tagged: Ten Things That Make Me Happy!

I was tagged (yep), and this time it was by two journalers (cool). This was the first time that I was ever tagged by two. Jackie (Not Weird, I'm Eccentric) and D (This and that, and hockey!)

Ten Things That Makes Me Happy (Not necessarily in that order)!

1. Being an Uncle, (Can't believe I get to say that)!

2. Spending time with my brother.

3. Writing and reading journals.

4. Amel Larrieux's songs (they are poetry in motion)

5. Being able to walk even with pain.

6. My mother

7. My sisters

8. Knowing that although my family is struggling most of the time, we are still here for the most part and we support ourselves to the best of our abilities.

9. This one is kind of silly (Star Trek OS, TNG, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and the Movies) If You scroll down to the bottom of my Blogspot Journal, you'll see just how much I like it.

10. This spot is reserved for Charles' Future Girlfriend or Wife!

Who can I tag, that hasn't been tagged yet hmmm....

Ari, Kelly, Brandy, Moksha, and Gem


DesLily said...

oh you trekkie you! lol... ever go to a star trek convention?? if not you missed something fun!

Jackie said...

Great list, Charles! I'm finding it weird that Donna and I both double-tagged you and at least one other. We aren't in cahoots! I swear!

As for your Number 10 - be patient. Take it from an old perhaps wise (or at least have been around the block) one, your love will come. I think you're one of the Good Guys.

ChasingMoksha said...

Okay tonight. I left my comments in that tainted place. Sorry.

Ari said...

I love number ten! That is so sweet! Man, you rock. You're an uncle now! Congratulations!


Brandy said...

ALRIGHT someone likes me enough to tag me YAY!!! I will work on it now! Thank you so much!!!! Brandy