Saturday, December 31, 2005

What are these stickers on me?

I have been tagged by Ari and Brandy!

My five weird habits are:

1) When I get stressed or worried about something I pick my lip. In some cases I pick it until it bleeds.

2) When I knock on the door to get to the Service Desk at work I do that knock. You know “knock na na knock knock“! Come on you know the knock that people use when they beep there car horns.

3) I am left handed! When someone at work (this applies to home too) put something on the right, when I have it on the left, I quickly put it back on the left. For example, when I paper clip my refund slips, I put the paperclip on the left side of the receipt. When someone comes along and uses my drawer, they put it on the right, and this makes Charles Angry. For all of you righty’s out there leave us lefty’s be. Everything is conformed for your use. Let us have what little space we have. We may write sloppy and in some cases with our left hands funny, but our space is still OUR space. Do not try and take what little we have. Lefty’s of the world UNITE!

4) When I lay down to go to bed I tend to act like cats in some sense. First I lay on the left side of my body, then the right. Then I finally I rest on my back, and make sure my feet our covered and wrapped in my blankets. Then I make sure my cover is covering up my arms and shoulders, and hope for the best … Sleep that is!

5) When I am walking home from work one sometimes, and I am in some serious pain, I tend to look for something to do to distract me. What is so weird about this you ask? Well one time on a very rainy day, my ankle was in excruciating pain, and I didn’t think I would make it home, so I decided to find something to distract me. I looked on the ground and I saw worms. I thought, “Hey if I would count all of the worms I see on my way home from work it should keep me busy“. It worked, I counted over 200 worms that day (for some reason 272 popped in my head). There was another time when I said the name out loud of every car that I saw. I saw a lot of cars that day.

I ain’t tagging no one! (Man did I just sling some slang!) Just about everyone I can think of has been tagged, and I don’t want to die! This would ruin my New Years celebration! So if you want me to tag you just send me an email and I will tag you, other wise find a red tag special at your local grocery store. (crazy)

1 comment:

Chris said...

272, that would REALLY creep Rebecca out.

Do you also sleep on the stairs at the spot where the sun shines into the house in the afternoon?

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