Sunday, June 11, 2006

Why did the button laugh at the fly


Last night, after I got off of work, I decided to do some shopping. Before this however, I had to make a pit stop at the men's room (yes I washed my hands).

afterwards, I went and bought a few things. I noticed while I was walking that I had a few people staring at me (more than usual). In one case someone laugh after I passed by them. I felt like I just wanted to be invisible. I just wanted to keep a low profile.

I didn't realize what all the attention was about until I reached home. When I unzipped my jacket and took it off, I noticed that something else was unzipped....

My fly!

I felt so embarrassed and relieved at the same time. Embarrassed because well...You know, and relieved because it was kind of one of those "We are laughing with you not at you, but we are actually laughing at you kind of deals". I'll be honest, I am insecure. Sometimes I feel like I don't belong, so the fact that my pants zipper was down never occurred to me. I felt like I was being scrutinized, and I feel like I am always being judged.

I found it funny and all after the initial shock of it all went away. I hope they didn't see my football themed boxers, and I hope nothing was sticking out.

As the night went on though, I sat in my bed wondering if I saw someone's fly down, would they want me to tell them.

I would!

In fact I have before. I have pulled someone over to the side and told them, or I waited until someone had enough personal space where I could speak low enough that no one could hear me but the person I am speaking to.

Sure I have laughed before, but now I have grown. I may laugh when a family member or a friend is in a similar situation, but not a stranger. I'll let them know.

So my question is, after your done laughing at my expense, would you tell me that my fly is down? Why or why not?


Two Write Hands said...

Amen! Hubby and I like to go to Chipotle (where they use a lot of cilantro) to eat. Frequently the little green cilantro leaves will get stuck to your teeth. I absolutely HATE it when he stares at me for hours and never mentions it. "Don't spare my feelings, spare my dignity" is my motto. I'm totally with you on this one. It should be a crime not to tell people what's going on.

Kate said...

I would definitely tell you if I noticed that your fly was down. It's just mean to point and laugh about it!

Stephaine said...

"Sure I have laughed before, but now I have grown."

See you are the plant that blooms.

I'd tell because I'd want someone to tell me.

Chris said...

It could have been could have had something hanging out AND them laughing at that would be bad, LOL.

Glad you washed your hands. I know what ya mean about your comment in my blog and people not washing their hands.

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michele said...

Charles, i would tell you no doubt.
I told my uncle one time because
it embarassed me.

prying1 said...

Could have been worse. Like dragging a length of toilet paper attached to your shoe.

Ari said...

I actually have dragged toilet paper on the bottom of my shoe before, because women are ungodly messy creatures that can never keep the women's bathrooms clean. That was annoying. It was a movie theatre bathroom, so eh what can you expect. One time, we stopped at a gas station. I went to the bathroom and it looked like someone killed a chicken in there. There were feathers everywhere!

But anyway, I would tell you if your fly was open. Most polite people would.

Chelle said...

I'm not laughing at your expense at all. Charles, I know what you are saying, and actually I want to hug you, not laugh at you.


DesLily said...

I am one of "those" that tries to descritely tell someone if their fly is open or a bra strap is showing etc... so yep.. i'd tell ya

Veronica said...

If I knew you I would definetely say something right away, but if I didn't I'd be too shy to approach a stranger about something like that. I don't think I'd laugh at that kind of thing though. It's too trite. Who hasn't had this happen to them?