Saturday, June 10, 2006

I am amazed at myself


I did something that I never thought I would ever do in the history of my life. Okay this may seem boring to you, but to me...


Last week I went to Wal-Mart and put $25 on one of there gift cards. Then I came home and I bought two DVD's at My sister Islah told me about it when it first came out, but
Ari gave me the motivated nudge in a post, to get out and about searching for it. I couldn't find it anywhere in Rochester, so thats why I ended up online.

I was a late bloomer when it came to this franchise.

Really Late!

My first game was
Final Fantasy VIII, and I really loved that game. My favorite GF (guardian Force) from that game is Diablos for the record. I also like the adventures Laguna, Kiros and Ward had. Somehow fate would always bring them together on some tragic yet funny adventure. And you learn this through the dreams of the protagonists of the game. Squall, Rinoa, Quistis, Zell, Irvine, Selphie. It's back story that has significant meaning for the main characters to move forward and come to realize what they are up against.

I skipped FFIX all together, but when
Final Fantasy X came out, I was there! It was the first Final fantasy game with voiceovers. The main character Tidus is my favorite, with Auron in a close second. I especially loved how Tidus and Yuna's love grew as the game progressed, which is why I became sad when Tidus had to sacrifice himself (Fayth: Its not that you are dreaming. You are a dream. Maybe you are the dream that will end our dream at last).

Why do I bring this up, because both games are near and dear to my heart. Plus I learned that fans were upset when they brought Tidus back from the "dead" in
Final Fantasy X-2. They thought it weakened the game. The "sacrifice" is a bit of a tradition in the Final Fantasy series. I for one, even if I am the only one, was happy to see that there was a happy ending for Tidus and Yuna (I actually haven't seen it yet...Damn Trema). I was kind of sad when I saw Squall give his life. I was in denial too, when I saw Rinoa look up at the sky and point to the shooting star, I said to myself, "She is looking at Squall, yes he IS still alive".

Who was I kidding.

Anyways the reason I bring this up is because, I got a Two for One deal. I was able to get Final "
Fantasy: The Spirits Within", and the movie That got me started with this post, "Final Fantasy: Advent Children". I saw The Spirits Within, it was a good movie. Just like in the video games, one of the main characters sacrifices his life for the one he loves. I am about to go see Advent Children now.


X. Dell said...

You know, I still have the original Final Fantasy (for 16-bit NTS). Did you ever play it?

Charles said...

X. Dell

Uh, uh

I didn't start playing until Final Fantasy VIII.

I was more interested in Mario, and action adventure games like Blaster Master, and Metroid. I was also into sports games like Madden and one other game on the NES. I think I will write about it this week.

Ari said...

Final Fantasy XIII was my first too. Now I have them all except for eleven and twelve. (I don't want to play online.) I have to tell you seven is spectacular. FFXI is considered the greatest, but I love them all.

Have fun watching Advent Children. My only complaint with that movie was that it should have been longer.


Chris said...

Ha ha ha! You and Ari are a couple of geeks! Oh am I. Damn. You can't make fun of anyone when you are a geek. (he he)

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