Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Phone Talk


I posted an entry way back on June 24, 2005 about my brother's phone having a better signal than mines. Both myself and my brother had the same cell-phone model from Sprint. My phone was in pretty good condition, however, Jevon's phone was destroyed, I mean savagely tortured by his lack of ability to hold on the thing. At one point he dropped is phone in a puddle of water, while it was raining outside, as he was walking to his dorm from his job. I remember A Sprint Technician telling us that the phone was ruined. I decided to put my phone's battery on his phone at it was still ticking. Jevon's phone: regardless of the destructive forces that he unleashed on it, is still usable.

Pictures are from my AOL post: Days of are Lives (Phone Edition)

That is even the part that annoyed me. I had an issue with the fact that his phone had better reception than mines and mines was in better condition.

For example when we were at Wal-Mart one day, and we were just walking around. I pulled out my phone to have a look-see and I didn't have a signal. I asked my brother to let me look at his phone, and he had five freakin' bars. I wanted to have a kiddy tantrum.

Eventually I let it go, nothing I could do about it. All I would get is, "are you inside or outside", and "we are not responsible for bad reception when you are indoors". Well I'm not responsible for the finger I am flipping at Sprint.

When our contracts were up my brother and I decided to get new phones. Jevon however took it to the next level, and moved to "greener pastures" (well depending on your perspective). He went over to Verizon and signed up. His signal is good on his new phone, but his old Sprint phone was better. I never saw him loose a signal or a bar with it. I saw it once on his new Verizon phone, but only once.

I on the other hand, decided to stay with Sprint, because I get an employee discount through my job (raspberry). That is the only reason I am still with them. If it ever gets cancelled than I'm "jumping the fence".

I like my new phone! Its a great phone, say one thing. I still get a lousy signal. Maybe my brother has some kind of amplifying abilities with his body (who knows). At least I got a phone that I like. It plays MP3's and its a digital camera, and a camcorder. The part I like most about it, is the micro memory Trans flash card that comes with it. I can take it out of my phone, and put it into a bigger card, and plug it into my computer and either save music to it or pictures.

I'm sure you know where this is going right? Before I had my Nephews picture as my screensaver. But now someone has dethroned him. Who you might ask?

I scanned my CD cover and saved it as a JPEG, and viola. Jalani picture can be seen on the main menu of my phone now. I wouldn't totally get rid of his picture.


Steven said...

Phone fun.
The little YGP album came through just fine.

Chelle said...

Ya know, I think he won't mind being replaced with her. I mean hell, I'd do her and I'm not into chics! HA HA HA HA

Charles, you just crack me up.

Love ya!


Ari said...

Dang, your new phone is nice. Much nicer than my Sprint phone. My problem is that I can never hear people. There should be a volume on there somewhere. Darned if I know where that is.