Sunday, June 04, 2006

Signs that it's time for a new pair of pants.


I'm sure everyone has reasons that for buying a new. Here throw these into the mix!

  • You had them for more than 10 years.
  • Your a guy and you still wear Bell Bottoms.
  • You have holes in both of your front pockets.
  • A squirrel shredded a few of your jeans to make a nest.
  • Someone forgot to place a "wet paint" sign on the bench you were sitting on.
  • A baby pee's right through its diaper, onto your lap.
  • You forget them at the laundry mat.
  • You have an unfortunate accident with bleach.
  • You walk so much that you rub a hole into the inseam at the bottom of your jeans.
  • Your baby sister tells you that your jeans are ugly.
  • "Where is that swishing sound coming from"
  • Your zipper Comes Down as your Sitting Down.


Da Gal said...

Well for goodness sake Charles - I do say there are plenty of reasons there for you to buy a new pair of jeans. It's been ages since I've been over here - I don't seem to have time to read blogs these days.

You've been on my mind, I hope you're doing well. I'm on a new "program" myself trying to get into a more healthy lifestyle and I think of you as I am doing the work.

Take gentle care and get some jeans!

DesLily said...

the WORST is when you get to the point of having sewn patches from the knees up and have to safty pin the zipper so it stays! LOL...

time to visit the Gap! (or wherever) lol

Ari said...

Hahahah! Aw, that's cute! I have t-shirts that I should probably get rid of. But I can't, as they are my favorite, even though they do have holes in them. I have jeans that are really old, but jeans are good in that, most of the time, they last forever.


redsneakz said...

There's another sign that you need a new pair.

But it's particular to guys.