Thursday, June 01, 2006

I have a little over two months...

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I have a little over two months to get my friend Shannon and her fiance a wedding gift, and I haven't a clue as what it is I should get. I have known Shannon for eight years working at our job. She is so nice to me. I can talk to her for just about anything. She listens to me, and I listen to her. I consider her a friend among associates. The only friend I have at work.

Shannon did something that no one else has ever done for me outside of family. She invited me to her wedding. I am so happy about this. I have never, ever been invited to a wedding other than a family member's wedding. I excited, but a little nervous because of my ongoing battle with anxiety. Still I will, (just like the last holiday season at the mall) overcome and defeat my anxiety, even if for only a moment-For this MOMENT!

I have to work that day, because other people at the desk want to come to the wedding to, but Shannon is gracious enough to give me a ride to the ceremony, if I walk to her home. It's not to far from are job. I can't wait, but like I said I have a little over two months to buy a wedding gift, and I don't have any taste (did I just type that)...I meant I don't know what to buy them. So I am asking anyone and everyone to throw me some suggestions. I am willing to pay $50 maybe more, Let me have it...Suggestions that is!

Please Help Me

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Anonymous said...

Maybe she has a wedding registry online. Some people will do that. I don't think it would be offensive to ask her, that way you can read some ideas and get them something they really need.

michele said...

How about the George Foreman
grill that'll come in handy
for newlyweds.

X. Dell said...

Actually, the registry idea is good. Michelle's suggestion is good to, because it's something that a new household could use.

Since you know your friend better than any of us do, you would ultimately be the best judge of what to give her. But practicality ranks high, among newlyweds.

To a degree. My parents told me that out of five wedding presents, they got four toasters.

That's a lot of bread.

Charles said...

I wish I could by her the grill, but she already has one. In fact I have one because Shannon suggested that I get one, because it's good at removing fat.

Marie said...

That's why you should use the registry. No duplication, and you will definitely get them something they want.

Da Gal said...

Hey there Charles - I know this post has been here a long while and I am very late.

I am a craftilicious person... so I realize this might be way too far out there if you're not crafty. Here in MN they have places called "Paint your Plate" where you can go in and pick out a piece of pottery and you get to glaze the piece however you'd like, they take it and fire it, and you return in a week or two to pick it up.

I think it would be fabulous for you to make a plate/platter for them to have of their very own. You don't have to be artistic to do this. You can go in with a sponge and glob glaze all over it in a random pattern... etc. On the back you can write something related to your friendship/spirituality... whatever floats your boat. An idea might be, "Shannon, may you and your husband always have food to nourish your body, love to nourish your soul, and committment to always nourish each other."