Thursday, June 15, 2006

Trying to help: One point at a time.


Three more days until I go on vacation.

I can't wait, I need a break from work.
I need to be free!

Kind of sounds like a song. Wonder how many copies I would sell. That is if I wasn't tone deaf.

Still, that is not what I have been counting down to in my journal.

Yesterday, when I was at work, my boss lady needed copies of her overage/shortage sheet. Honestly, I didn't know what it was until she explained it to me. It's daily list of shortages for the registers in the store. They have been using the same paper for quite some time now, and even that paper was a copy. It looked like it was begging to be shredded. So I decided to grant it's wish, and out of the blue the words, "I can make you a new one", popped out of my mouth. Part of me wanted to do this for her, because I wanted to contribute in some way.

I've seen so many others up there do things for the desk, and I was always left in the dark. People driving to other stores to get supplies, decorations for holidays and what not, helping in the office...Etc. I feel left out sometimes, because I am the only guy up there, and I am the only one that isn't married or about to be (for the record). I don't have anything to really talk about with them. I just want to fit in. I'm hoping maybe if I remake her overage/shortage sheet, it would help me to reach out and make me feel more useful.

I came home and jumped on the computer and typed up the new sheet. There was some trial and error, but I think I did a pretty good job. It looks way better than the multi-copied sheet that they were using now. I asked my mother for her opinion of my work, and she made it even better. She raised the header and footer, and gave me some more room on the page to lengthen the spaces in between each "paragraph". My mother and I: We got Skillz! I'm going to take it to work tomorrow and see what my boss lady thinks.

Cross your fingers

Recently I discovered that I have another obsession other than Amel Larrieux. Whenever I log on to the WWW, I end up logging on
Blogmad to "Surf". I care about getting the credits used to make people see my blog while surfing, but I care even more about the stupid Blogmad ranking. I'm currently a Champion Blogmad surfer. I see the top ten surfers are Insane or Blogmad surfers, which are the two highest surfers (Blogmad being the highest). My obsession has taken me to an all new level, I am looking at it as if its a video game. I am trying my hardest to get to at least Insane (because i'm insane). I don't plan on dying like this character who was playing a video game in a CSI: Miami episode called Urban Hellraisers, and I won't be "playing" for seventy hours straight with only soda as my sustenance.

My obsession includes knowing how much time I have wasted while I was away from the computer. You have to wait 25 seconds before you can click a four digit number to get a credit and a surf point. I know how much time I waste while doing something other than surfing.

Getting my glasses: 1 blogmad surf point
Going to the bathroom: 4 blogmad surf points
Answering the door: 10 blogmad surf points
Writing this post: 60 blogmad surf points
working and eight hour day: 960 blogmad surf points
Knowing that I will never get in the top ten surfers: "Point"less

It's mission impossible, but I like impossible missions!

Why can't they have a page for the top 100 surfers, I think that is a much more attainable goal. Then again...

How can someone spend so much time to reach blogmad status? It seems very time consuming.


X. Dell said...

Hey! Everybody has to have a goal. Do you get a prize other than recognition if you become the top blogger?

And when you do become top blogger, will you forget about all us little people who read you back when. . . ?

Chelle said...

I'm sure the new form is wondermussss!!!!

Being in printing, I know the trials and such.


::jumps up and clicks heals like the old toyota comercials::


michele said...

Hey charles i didn't know you
were on blogmad. It's a good thing
1 to 1 ratio.Oh but i hate to surf.

Charles said...

Hey X. Dell!

I wish that people could get something for reaching "Blogmad" status. But from what I can tell you don't get a peep. I read a post on a journal recently from someone who reached "Blogmad". He said he didn't get a thing.

Chelle thanks for the encouragement. I need it, because I feel a little nervous.


I've been on blogmad for a little while. In fact I was logged on to the shoutbox, when you said that you were talking to yourself (but actually talking to Red). I chuckled at that, and then typed lol. I'm inisoul! For me to type that was a challenge, normally I just lurk. The last time I tried to type something, I inadvertently pressed the button and the words that were already in the box ended up in the shoutbox area.

ChasingMoksha said...

Oh my, I think you are obsessed! Blogmad.....Insane.....

I bet your boss will love it, keep us informed!

Ari said...

How many points does one get for sitting on their butt all day? Not that I would do that, mind you, but just out of curiosity...

I'm sure your boss will really appreciate it. Your Mom is a sweetheart for helping you.