Saturday, June 03, 2006

Our cats aren't the only one that need a flea bath


I think Bouk has ended his rein as Feline Ruler of my bedroom. The past couple of nights I have found rather difficult to fall asleep, because it felt like something was "Taking A Bite Out Charles", rather than crime. I found myself slapping the crap out of my legs arms, and last night my face.


If Bouk ever decides to sneak outside and worry us to death, while catching fleas and bringing them to our doorstep, than he isn't stepping an inch into my bedroom. I have an itch as i'm typing this. I think Bouk must have lied on my blanket and my sleeping bag (I use it for the really cold nights, you'd be amazed how cold or hot it gets in an attic), because I used my cover, and I got an itch, then I turned to sleeping bag and it got much worse. So finally I threw both of the covers away from my bed and grabbed my sheet. Finally I got some sleep, but I still have an itch, and I have a lot of bumps and the area where they are located has become red from all the scratching. Must wash cats, must wash cats, must wash cats!

I doesn't seem to bother Bouk. Where is Karma when you need it. Maybe I should by some itching powder and pour it on him. I could let him outside again and search for poison ivy. Okay maybe that's a little mean, but it was the itching talking not me. HONEST!


Destiny said...

Please don't give your cat a flea bath! Most products are very toxic and it will absorb into the skin and cause serious problems including death. I was a veterinarian tech for years and I know what I'm talking about unless you have used something in the past that you know is safe, I beg you not to do it. Also don't buy any flea control from anyone but a vet, I have witnessed many deaths of both cats and dogs from flea products bought from the pet or grocery store. If I can save just one...

Two Write Hands said...

We use Frontline (that we get from the vet) on our dog. It works great, and for much longer than anything OTC pet meds. Well worth the money.

michele said...

The last time i gave a cat a
bath i almost ended up in
the hospital.Cats don't take
kindly to water.

X. Dell said...

I think the karma comes after you die, and reincarnate into a stray cat.

Charles said...


I was kidding, I wasn't going to give the cats a flea bath. I knew about the dangers, although I forgot about them. I'm just going to keep them out of my bedroom when I'm not in it and keep them off of my bed when I am.

Michele, I know first hand about that. I tried to give Bouk a bath, and I had some pretty good cuts after the fact.

Mad Secretary, I am going to get Bouk a new collar, I think his has worn out.

X. Dell I would get reincarnated as a mouse so a cat would eat me. LMAO

TJ said...

Fleas oh that is always fun. You can kill fleas with regular human shampoo, just suds up and let them soak for 20 minutes. They will try to escape and drown! Wait can you keep a cat in the water that long?? Never had a cat but I hear they are willful!
Hope you can get it under control...

Chris said...

Did you know that cats can get the oil from poison ivy on their coats and then rub on you, your blankets, etc, giving it to you? It happened to my mother in law all of the time until they moved into the city.

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Ari said...

That happened to me once. Only they were on our guest bedroom bed. Apparently Sasha had somehow gotten in there for a nap or something. I washed the linens and vacuumed all the carpet in the house. (As well as getting flea stuff from the vet.) That seemed to work. Those fleas are nasty little boogers!


Chelle said...

Have you thought that the cat IS ITCHY just like you. The cat has even more flea bites then you. If you can get Revolution from your vet for the cat. Not only does it take care of the flees, but it also gets rid of ear mites and worms the cat more then likely has if it has fleas.... ok ok... I'm off my soap box again... LOL!!!

I have 5 cats and 3 dogs and not one flea bite... and yes they are inside and outside all day and sleep with me at night.... :o)

They are my babies after all!

Love ya my friend!

they other word verification thingy I had was lmMILF ha ha ha MILF... ::snort::