Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Six of a Lifetime


I don't know if any of you noticed this, but today is a very unique day. Today marks the sixth day, of the sixth month, of the sixth year of this millennium.

06-o6-2006 (666)

The number of the beast?

I don't think so. You can't hide the fact that there is a 2, 0, and another 0 before the six on the year.

It is a little creepy, but I told a co-worker the other day, that I can't wait to see 11-11-2011, (111111) and it's six digits long. It has no meaning whatsoever, and that is more likely to be a bad day, in comparison to this day.

The only bad thing I can come up with today's date, is the fact that every gambler in New York State fell for it. The numbers 666, 6666, and 6606 were sold out for a week before the actual day. We all know that this number is not going to be the winning number on this day. Our state lottery would go broke. So I'm guessing they will have some sort of clever number that pertains to the beastly number, or they will make it a winning number when enough people give up playing it to make it profitable. If everyone thinks that the "Numbers" and "Win-4" is a totally random thing, think again. I have seen the same numbers come out three times within days of each other last month (621, 261, and 216), then there are some numbers that I see every other month.

I think it's going to be a regular day, unless the anti-christ is being born right as I type this, and the sky turns disturbingly purple, and we hear whispers of those "numbers" in our ear, along with "Friday the 13th", and 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 (LOST numbers).


Fidget said...

at least people havent gotten as worked up as they did over Y2K

Chelle said...

I told everyone today would be a lucky day for me, as when ever 666 seems to show up then money comes my way. WELL! Once again, I got unexpected flowers from a customer, I got a rebate that I thought was lost in rebate heaven as I sent it in LAST October! Plus one estimate I worked on for a customer was 13666!!! TOO COOL! he he he and one of the prices in it was 666.89... YAY!!!

Happy 666!!!!

X. Dell said...

I didn't know that you could sell out a lottery ticket number.

Charles said...

Yeah, you can!

I don't know what the limit is, but I can tell you that the numbers 777, and 1935 are always sold out in advance, by at least a day for the NYS evening lotto NUMBERS and Win-4

Ari said...

Do you ever sell out 1 2 3 4?



Charles said...

I saw it sold out once Ari. In the form of 3241