Sunday, June 25, 2006

My attempt at poetry

My mind is drawing a ___________
My mind needs some exercise
My mind is playing tricks on me
My mind is looking to the blue sky

I feel lonely
I feel tired
I feel "tired"
I feel tears

When I wake up, I wish for a good day
When I wake up, I think of the past
When I wake up, I wish for memory loss
When I wake up, I miss...

I am not supposed to
listen to Rock because of my skin color
I am not supposed to
Cry because I am man
Am I not supposed to just Be

Broken by what one sister said to the youngest
For an answer to all of the questions plaguing me
My nephew is seeing into the future
Is what I am scratching and clawing for
is ultimately what I seek

I can't grasp
the concept
How is one supposed to LIVE
Without further Ado
Oops Forgot the Manual
time to Eat
Force Fed this Reality
Not Palatable to me


Jod{i} said...

Charles! THis is great!Your muse is quite the poet!!!

Ari said...

Wow Charles, awesome!