Friday, June 16, 2006

Can you see me now...Good!


Well only 1 could find "Charldo" and only 1 will get nod. I was trying to lure people in to see how many would find me, but I'm not as popular as Waldo. Come to think of it, I had even less people searching for me than Carmen Sandiego. Anyways, the 1 person that took the time to find me is going to to get pimped on my journal, in a way I never did before. She found me, and I was kind of shocked. Not only is she going to be pimped in this post, but I have another idea involving my journal, inspired by blogexplosion. Who is she???


I have to say that I really hate my senior yearbook. When I first got my year book, I went to the senior class picture page, opened it up and searched high and low, looking for myself in the senior class photo. I couldn't find myself! Finally I came up with the brilliant idea to look for people who had box-cuts. To my surprise I found me, but I wasn't happy with my shot in the photo.

See the kid on in the brown jacket? Do you see the kid who has his neck against the other kids crotch? Well, the guy with the brown jacket is on the other guy's shoulders(Worst possible torture) . Right above the kid with the brown jacket is a forehead with a box-cut.

That's me!

He wasn't even on that guy's shoulders until the last minute. When he climbed up there, I heard "ready and smile, Cheeeeeeese". I don't know how many pictures I took, but if you look in the Where's Charldo entry, you'd notice a girl standing by her lonesome to the right of us. I should have went and stood by her. She had the best spot if you asked me, even though her head was down. But noooooo, they wanted everyone together! How did she manage to get away from the group.

Did I mention that I hate my yearbook. Oh yeah, there is another reason too. For my senior portrait, I got to wear two distinct types of dress-up clothes. I had this old man, black and white, looking suit that my dad picked out. Then there was the of black pair dress pants with a red shirt and tie that I picked out. I wanted the latter in my yearbook. Either the school chose to use the "old man look", or the photographer made the error, because I remember what box I checked. It made me so upset, that I eventually threw my yearbook away. Somehow it managed to find its way back to me. Have know idea how? I didn't care about it, because I didn't have any friends there. I had fond memories at My other high school, but drama pulled me away from there, and from her...


michele said...

I can barely make you out.I hate
looking at my yearbook pictures
i have this fake smile thing
going on.I was skinny and was
picked on so i wasn't a happy camper.

Chelle said...

I didn't get my Senior yearbook or my Junior yearbook. My parents were too into party'n and wasted all their money and forgot about "things" meaning us kids... Oh well, and they wonder why I quit them.... LOL



Ari said...

Awwww... well at least we know it's you now! Thanks for the pimp, man.