Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Baffles the mind!


I have seen some things that people did that just doesn't make sense. Here's something that happened today!

When you bring bottles to a store, your expected to bring them in clean. At my job this rule applies, but it isn't enforced. We don't have a bottle machine for glass, so people have to turn them in directly to us, so we can count them. Today one of our regulars returned her glass bottles. She and another woman with her, regularly walk around the neighborhood collecting bottles off of the ground and out of people's garbage. Now you'd think that she could read the sign and comprehend exactly what we are trying to convey to people. The sign says that we do not take dirty bottles, and that they have to be cleaned. Her bottles are obviously filthy, and she knows this. You know why I know she knows, because she started cleaning them.


Not with water, with something she thinks is sanitary. A plastic bag that she had her bottles in. She was just wiping them with the bag. The outside may have been somewhat cleared of debris and such, but the inside...

cigarettes, ants, and dirt Oh MY!

On the outside I was sort of smiling, but on the inside, I was yelling. Sometimes I wonder how do people rationalize there behavior.


Chelle said...

The "spit" bottles with cig butts n chew droppings smell the WORST!!! Man OH man thanks a lot for the memories....


Ari said...

I used to do weekly recycling when we lived in Michigan. I actually did rinse out all the cans and bottles, because taking them out of bags was a messy process if I didn't.

Unfortunately, Illinois isn't on the up and up, as far as recycling goes. I have no where to recycle now. :(


ChasingMoksha said...

Oh I am so sorry. That is gross! I don't have any return bottles, so I don't fool with those, but I do rinse out everything I throw in my recyclable bin, because I don't want it to start stinking and getting dirty like it is a trash can. Plus I always think that the people at the recyclable place will throw it in the trash if they think it is too dirty to recycle.