Monday, November 21, 2005

Secret Sentence IV:

Below, I wrote a journal entry and in my entry there are Blue words in bold scattered throughout it. The object of the game is to form the correct sentence from the words that I have given you! I will be giving you a dummy word to make it a little more difficult. The people who guess correctly will be put in a drawing of sorts, and the winner gets to have a sentence of their choice in the next "Secret Sentence"! However, the winner cannot guess in the next "Secret Sentence" if they submit a sentence in. I'll post the answer at the end of the week!

Last Week's winner was Redsneakz of Separation Anxiety, he was the first and the only to take a jab at it. Congrats, oh and sometimes I do wish I that "I am the King Of The World"!

Secret Sentence IV: I Bet A Lot of You Will Be Saying This Soon!

I think I will just post an entry "in honor of Thanksgiving" It's that time of year already. Yesterday when I was talking to my brother Jevon, he mentioned that he couldn't believe that Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Come to think of it now that I think about it I can't believe either. It seems like summer was only yesterday, and it seem like Jevon got his car a few weeks ago. It feels like time is at a accelerated rate. I guess maybe everyone was looking forward to turkey day. I know I was, because not only do I get to "pig out", but I get to spend some time with my family. I'm hoping that either my Aunt Lori comes over, or that we go and visit her. She was at the baby shower, but she came after I left.

Another good thing about Thanksgiving is that, every year my job runs this promotion for customers and employees to earn 250 points (one dollar equals one point) to get a free turkey. Every year my mom and I team up and get that sucker (gobble, gobble). Of course it's kind of like spending $250 on a turkey, but we still shop a lot regardless. Especially myself, because I work in the place and all that food makes me hungry.

I remember last Thanksgiving I had two helpings of Turkey, well actually I had two plates full of food. I ate them both too. I guess you can call me a greedy little son of a (expletive deleted). Last year I didn't stay downstairs though, because I had to work and my Aunt Lori and my Aunt Terri had came to visit, and things got a little noisy. They were watching "Soul Plane" and they were laughing there butts off. I was tired and I didn't feel good, but I did say hi and chatted with them a bit. This year I am going to make it my goal to stay downstairs and be with my family. I'm kind of hoping I can, but if my steponme-dad is there, I won't be within the vicinity of the premises (actually within the confines of the living room). I'll just go upstairs and play against Jevon in Madden, or play Indigo Prophecy.

Oh yeah, that reminds me, not one, but two football games will be played on Thanksgiving day. I completely forgot. I will be camped out at the TV. First I have to work though. I work 10am-3pm. The store is closing early, for us to spend time with our families. It always does, but this is like the first time we closed at four. I remember it staying open until 6pm when I first started working there. You want to know what the funny part of all this is. When we close, people still drive in the parking lot looking to shop. They see the parking lot empty, and employees walking out in bunches and they ask, "are you still open". No, No we aren't, but you can go to the mini mart that is affiliated with us, they are still open. It's funny, Full-Timers get to have the freaking day off, but Part-Timers have to work. I am glad that I get to work, but you'd think they'd give me more hours. It's a holiday, and we get holiday pay and premium, and guess what I want to get paid! $400 check would be pretty nice, although I'd probably see $100 less. I'd work the whole day if they kept the store open. I see $$$$$ people!

I wonder what we are having for dinner? Yes, I know it's bad when you don't plan ahead, but that is how my mother works. She never plans anything, last year we ate at a pretty good time(6pm), but the year before, I think we ate at about 8pm. It's all worth it in the end though. Turkey, Dressing, Collard Greens, Macaroni and Cheese, Macaroni Salad, Green Beans, And rice, Crab Salad, Salad, Sweet Potato Pie, Banana Pudding, Cherry Surprise Cake, Soda, Juice (mainly for Jevon because he doesn't drink soda) we are going be chowing down. Let's get this thing started now! Out of curiosity, what are you Guys and Gals having for Turkey day?

I am Thankful that I get to spend some time with my family.
I am Thankful that we are all healthy for the most part.
I am Thankful that I am going to be a uncle.
I am Thankful that I am loved.
I am Thankful that we are going to eat.
I am Thankful


Judith HeartSong said...

I can't believe I ate the whole thing!
Oh Baby:)

redsneakz said...

Thus proving that 1) Judith is my age,and 2) she watched too much TV as a child. :-)