Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Eve (Brother Bonding)

Look closely: Do you see what is wrong with this picture? Offensive linemen normally have numbers in the 60's and 70's, and in some cases 90's, but this particular "Offensive Linemen" on the Washington Redskins in our Madden 2006 Franchise (my brother and I are playing) has number ten. numbers 1-19 are usually reserved for quarterbacks, kickers and punters, sometimes receivers and tight-ends may get them. It wasn't a tight-end playing Left Guard though, it was a the Redskins kicker "John Hall" lined up at Left Guard. My brother and I didn't notice it until a full quarter had passed. The Redskins had depleted most of there offensive line to injury, heck most of there team was gone! It's like marrying one of the main characters on a soap opera, you don't want to do it! If you do you will die! It's just soooo wrong. Take Vicki on One Life To Live! Just about every guy she has married has been laid to rest! Look at her name! Victoria Lord Riley Burke Riley Buchanan Buchanan Carpenter Davidson! You will only survive if your last name is Buchanan! So so wrong! Don't ever put your kickers in this predicament. So he was playing on offense, and it had me and Jevon Cracking up! Look at the guy he's bones compared to the other linemen! In fact we have some of our own Quotes.

Jevon: What the...I see someone with the number ten playing on the offensive line!
Charles: Yeah right, I think you were seeing things.
[Looking at instant replay]
Jevon: Yes I did look, HAHAHAHAHAHA.
Charles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (Laughing Hysterically), I got to see who this is!
[Jevon is going into the Depth Chart]
Jevon: It's the freakin' kicker, John Hall! (Laughing Hysterically)
Charles: What The Hell he's doing there (still laughing).
Jevon: I dunno, but I am going to exploit him!
Charles: (Head Coach) John Hall, (John Hall) Yeah coach (Head Coach) we need you on offense, our offensive line is depleted, go and play left guard! (John Hall) Coach are you crazy, I don't know anything about it!
Jevon: (John Hall) I'll get smashed coach!

Then Ablah walks in the room and asks us why we are laughing. We explain to her that the offensive line has ran out of players so the Redskins put in there kicker. She asks us what is a kicker and then I am like....

Charles: Sigh! (shaking head as if to say why bother) The kicker kicks the balls.
Jevon: The kicker kicks the "Balls" LOAO (laughing our asses off).
Ablah: Jevon your nasty!
All togheter: Laughing uncontrollably!

At the end of that game Jevon had 105 points, over 200 rushing yards, over 450 passing yards, and 18 sacks! I matched him with 101 points that week. We have gotten good with this game. I think it's time to move on to a harder difficulty level.


Kelly said...

So glad you guys are easy to amuse!

The Dark Lord Omz said...

It is time to move to a new level. You're too good at that level. Bump it up!