Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I'm going back, and staying here!

What’s up everyone! We didn’t get that victory I was hoping for, but Joe says that they are putting up a disclaimer, and that plays a part in this post and my decision. After carefully thinking and listening to other people’s advice, I have decided to resume My AOL Journal! I will be using my Blogger journal as a 2nd journal to mingle with my friends there. Everyone said basically the same thing, “Go with your Heart”. My heart is with my AOL “Am I Thinking That” Journal. It won’t be the same with that eyesore at the top, but I won’t be the same with my posts either. I’m going to see how far I can go. I won’t be holding back as much as I have in my other entries (and believe me I have been holding back). I may make some people upset at me with my jokes and my thoughts, but please don’t get offended. It’s not my intentions to hurt anyone. My thoughts, My Journal, This is My Story, This is My fun, and everybody is welcome to come along for the ride. It doesn’t matter if your “Blogger” or “AOL Journals”.

What’s up Losah’s Club!

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Stacy-Lynn said...

I have been feeling the same, sorta. I have decided to re-open my journal to the public with an open letter to AOL as my own kind of disclaimer displaying my unhappiness with the ads and their behavior, which I find horrendous. This disclaimer will be above every single one of my entries. I plan on staying here as well because I love my new journals.

Feel good about your decision for going back. This is your decision and if people do not like it , well, tell them to kiss your ass.

Good luck,