Monday, November 28, 2005

Our red leaf friend

Salada Tag Line: Artists that jog usually become great panters. (I have no idea what the word panters is, and neither does my spellcheck)
Since I can't sleep, I thought that I could post the picture of the tree in our backyard. I was supposed to do this before, but then our "little rectangular friend" showed up at the top of our journals, and I had made a decision to stop writing in my journal. That was then and this is now. I can't sleep, because I have a sore throat and a cold, and I feel a fever coming on.

The tree in our backyard turns red in the fall, so I will just let it speak for itself! The first was taken from our backyard.

The second one was taken from my bedroom!

It was still going strong, while most of the trees in our neighborhood had lost most of there leaves.
Now I am going to finish drinking my tea. I may come back and do my next secret sentence, but I am hoping that I won't, because I want to just sleep the day away or sleep until I feel better, whichever comes first. I have trouble sleeping when I am sick though, so all signs point to me returning!

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