Saturday, November 19, 2005

Two Links and a babyshower!


Bush Freefall

I Never got a chance to rest my eyes last night, or get some sleep until about midnight. I had to tear out the rug in the room here, where my computer is. Bouk Sprayed it a year ago, (along with other areas in the house). Most of our rug was gone, but the part in this room was still here. I stripped it myself and the material beneath it. Afterwards I had to wait until my mother and sisters came home, so I could see what else they needed done (my sister's baby shower is today). Well fourtantly for me not much. Ablah and I used some needle cutters a hammer and a screwdriver to remove the staples in the floor that was keeping the rug down, and then she mopped the floor. When it was all said and done I put everything back in its place (computer desk, computer, Piano, desk, fan...etc. Even when you are finished at work, there still seems to me more work.


Chris said...

Those staples can be a pain in the arse can't they? We just went through that ourselves!

Have a great weekend!


Tilly said...

Hi Charles,

It's looking good over here.

Best wishes for your blogging!

Tilly x

Kelly said...

There's still more to do - Ain't that the truth!

Ari said...

I am always impressed with people that fix up their home on their own. I can barely take out the trash on my own.

I painted my room on my own though. I'm very proud of myself for that. I did a horrible job. I'm still proud.

Jackie said...

You have a piano? :-)
I'm sorry I've been a bit remiss in visiting this week. I'm still gathering links so I can get around! I hope you're feeling well.