Sunday, November 20, 2005

Revealed Sentence

Redsneakz was the only one to take a crack at my secret sentence. It was, "I'm The King Of The World". It was a line from Titanic, and I gave a hint in the title (unsinkable). Well Sneakz, if you want to, you can pick the next sentence.


Kelly said...

ok, how come i always get alerts for the answers but somehow i've missed the last two secret sentences?!!! I guess i better start paying more attention :-)

Jackie said...

We could all write autobiographies! :-) Y'see, I have more material cuz I'm an old person. I'm stuck in young person mode, I think. I still have to get links set up on my blog and a notification system which works.

The loading of photos is much better on Blogger than AOL!