Monday, November 28, 2005

Secret Sentence V

Below, I wrote a journal entry and in my entry there are Blue words in bold scattered throughout it. The object of the game is to form the correct sentence from the words that I have given you! I will be giving you a dummy word to make it a little more difficult. The people who guess correctly will be put in a drawing of sorts, and the winner gets to have a sentence of their choice in the next "Secret Sentence"! However, the winner cannot guess in the next "Secret Sentence" if they submit a sentence in. I'll post the answer at the end of the week!

Last week Judith Heartsong guessed it correctly and this week she gets to provide us with a sentence! I didn't eat the whole thing by the way!

Secret Sentence V: Opening up has left thyself "Alone Again"!

Looks like I'm back, and yes I didn't get any sleep. I still have my sore throat, and I still have a slight fever. Let me add a few more items to the list:

Snot Factory (check)

blurry vision, worse than normal (check)

weakness (check)

fatigue (check)

sneezing (check)

Chest Hurts (check)

It felt like I was having a heart attack, but maybe I was having problems with my lungs or something. It feels better now, I probably would be near death and still refuse to go to the doctor.
I feel like I could be the poster boy for Theraflu, or Ty Cold and Sinus. I had to get up and go and get some tissue from the store, and while I was there I bought some air sanitizer, and throat drops. My throat is somewhat better, but I bet that is only because of the drops, as soon as it wears off, I am going to wish that I could just rip my throat from right out of my mouth.
Earlier this morning when I was typing the previous post I even forgot what I was going upstairs for (worse than normal). I couldn't think straight and I was ready to give up and just leave my computer online and just stay upstairs, but I remembered that I needed my glasses. As I was going back downstairs I had two visitors waiting in front of my doorway they were looking at me with puppy eyes as if to say, "Please Sir I'd Like Some More". However that wasn't what they wanted, they wanted to terrorize my bedroom, so I let Bouk and Jet (Kitten X finally has a name) go upstairs. I came back to my computer and then I forgot that I had to get a tea bag from my room (yeah they are in my room, they seem to vanish quicker in the kitchen). Which reminds me, I have to go and get a tea bag now!

Salada Tag Line: Some people fall for everything and stand for nothing.

After I was done with my entry, and I finally felt like I was tired enough to go into a coma, I went upstairs and tried to sleep. I had a few obstacles. First (Stupid Me) I let the cats in my room and they took over my bed. I was fine with it, because I didn't have the strength to kick them out as long as I had my covers. Second, I couldn't find my TV remote to turn my TV off. In the end I ended up watching Farscape on TV. When it went off, I had finally found my remote and I turned the TV off. Third Obstacle, the lights are off and the cats get to play. They got up and started play fighting, oh but first Jet decided that he was going to sit upon my chest and impair my breathing. I mustered up the strength and then I got out of my bed and was given a fourth and final Obstacle. Jet decided that he was in trouble and he went under my bed searching for refuge. Bouk knew what time it was and he clocked out of my room. Jet kept moving from arms length so I couldn't reach him. So I decided that I was going to scare him out. So I kept lifting and dropping the box spring, no luck there. Then I slid my crystal chest set at him. Jet finally ran out and ran next to my fan. As I lunged for him he ran and I managed to grab his tail and pick him up and kick his fast little a** out of my room! Peace at last! Peace but no sleep. I think I stared at my little heater the whole night. I can't tell you how many times I wiped my nose with a sleeve on my sweater, that I wear to bed at night during the cold weather. I didn't even care. I didn't have any tissue, and I certainly wasn't going to wipe it on my covers or sheets. Now here I am probably grossing people out and you know what I am not care! (I Just Love Saying That).


Kelly said...

I wear my heart upon my sleeve? Wait, did I use all the words?

Virginia said...

Feel better soon!
Peace, Virginia

Judith HeartSong said...

a big hug your way...... judi

The Dark Lord Omz said...

You feeling better yet? I must be an idgit, because I can NEVER figure out the secret sentence. I just don't have the juice.

Oh, in franchise mode, I retired being the Browns, and am now the JETS!!! I took the NCAA football rosters and made them all real players, so I got Reggie Bush in the draft, so he's replacing Curtis Martin, and yes, I'm replacing Pennington as short mobile weak armed quarterback. I'm the bomb!

redsneakz said...

I can always find someone to say they sympathize, if I wear my heart out on my sleeve.

Which is better than wearing snot on my sleeve.

Get better, quick