Friday, January 27, 2006

Don't Speak to Soon

Yesterday, when I departed for work, I walked to the bus stop to catch my bus....Wait: Lets REWIND! !DNIWER steL :tiaW....sub ym hctac ot pots sub eht ot deklaw I ,krow rof detraped I nehw ,yadretseY

I read an entry yesterday in The Dark Lord's Journal about trains, and I commented about how I was glad we didn't have any, and I was happy about it. I was just glad that we had buses, because I didn't have any problems with the Busline. Then I got a reminder. Yesterday when I went to go catch the bus at the bus-stop that I always wait at (always), I got screwed. The bus drove right by me! I tried waving the stupid bus driver down, but she just waved back, and then pointed to the inside (I am being polite with this) of the freakin' bus. She had an army of kids all going to East High School. The bus was so packed that there were people standing in the aisle. It hit me then, that it was midterm week for the high schoolers. What I didn't understand is why the bus driver, couldn't just let me stand on the stairs until she got to the school. East High School is only about a minute away from my stop. That was strike two!

Strike one was that RTS, (the name of the bus company). Changed the route the 8 bus that I took to get to work. The 2:30pm bus that left downtown used to be the 8 Browncroft. When it reached Winton Rd. it would turn right and head towards my job. Now it's the 8 Wyand Crescent, which turns left once it reaches Winton Rd. So now I am left with two options, I can either walk to work, or I can catch the bus downtown and transfer to the 18 University. The latter one is kind of going out of my way. I am going in the opposite direction, to transfer onto another bus, just to get to my job. So now I just walk mostly. RTS lost about 15 dollars a month from me, which is about $180 a year. I guess I will save some $$$ and get good exercise. Strike three, and I will send them a complaint.


Chelle said...

Hey! Ya got a new pic on yer blog! WOW them are some yummay lips ya got there... BOY HOWDY!

Ari said...

I think it's a great idea to walk. I should do more of it. Sometimes on nice days, I'll walk to pick my son up from school.

Anyway, it's their loss.


Bon & Mal Mott said...

Too bad Bill Nojay isn't still head of the RTS. We'd love to send that guy a nasty letter.
Bon & Mal

Chris said...

Sorry about your luck! Get yourself an inexpensive bike with your $180 and you'll really get in shape!

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Char said...

Walking is cool and bus companies seldom are, go with whats cool I say, and tkae in the bracing air!

Judith HeartSong said...

so sorry to hear that.... really is too bad. Maybe you should write the letter.
Have a good week this week!