Friday, January 13, 2006

My Bowl, Where art thou?

To explain the picture and why I am writing this, I have to go back...(Where Conan), all the way back to the 1980's. When I was a kid, my Mother and my Aunt Clara used to participate in tupperware parties.

Sidenote: Tupperware parties have since seemed to be replaced by sex toy parties. Man what a difference in decades.

My mother purchased two different sets. A white translucent set with tan colored tops and the other was an all yellow set like the one pictured above (I had to dig for this one). Two of my favorite out of the sets of tupperware were of the yellow kind. One was our sugar container, and the other is the reason why I am writing this post. When I was a kid, I used to sneak in the kitchen and eat plain sugar (a weird thing about me when I was a kid). I remember when I was finally caught, I had an accomplice join me in my thievery. Just when I thought my goose was cooked, I came up with a clever excuse. "We were trying to bake something for you Ma". It worked, although I wonder if she new that I was lying. Maybe she was tired of spanking me to death.

The second container was a bowl. It was slightly more round and curvy and is half the size of the container at the top of the page. Whenever I ate food, whether it would be cereal or Macaroni and Cheese, the yellow bowl would be the bowl of choice. I ate ice cream in it, I even felt its pain when I saw a the spot where someone had melted it partially. I had this bowl ever since I was a kid, and it's going on nearly 20 years now since that tupperware party (I was there). My bowl has vanished, vanished off the face of my planet. It has disappeared into a unknown reality. My bowl is gone, and I will never be the same again. I had become attached to that bowl over the years, and I really couldn't eat anything that required a bowl, with out it. It just felt so awkward. When it was lost for a time, I would literally find foods to eat that didn't require a use of a bowl just so I would feel right. When I found it in my sister Ablah's room, I went ballistic on her. It had sentimental value, and now it's gone, just a memory. The only person in the house that understands how I feel is my mother. Everyone else just shrugged it off, like it was nothing. I know it seems weird and trivial that I am complaining about it, but that was my bowl, and I miss it! I recently bought a new bowl, and it doesn't seem right, it's just not the same.


DesLily said...

I have to say you put a smile on this old face lol.. the sentence where you went "all the way back to the 80's, when you were a kid" LOL.. sorry you have to really be old like me to laugh at that line hahahahaha..

Oh i remember the tupperware parties.. somewhere in a box I still have some of it! (it's in a box because this is not my "house" and many things of mine are still boxed after 6 yrs ..this wasn't supposed to be a perm. situation) If i remember right the yellow tupperware was a harder plastic.. I think i have the one you are showing but in green.. if i had the bowl (sorry) I'd send it to you!

Red said...

Awww, I do hope that you find your bowl. I remember those bowls, my grandmother had them. I believe in orange...ick. Funny how some things, like your bowl, as children become so importent to us and it carries over into our adult years. A way to hold on to the good memories?

Ari said...

OH, my mother was the tupperware queen. We had everything tupperware. We usually used the bowls for cereal. Now that you mention it, I do kind of miss those bowls. *sniff*


Chelle said...

I have a favorite HUGE mug I use for cereal, coffee, ice cream WITH milk, mac n cheese, heck anything you would use a bowl for. THEN THE HANDLE BROKE! Sure I tried to glue it back on, but it was too far gone. I still have the handleless cup, but I can not use it as the handle broke off and left a tiny hole in the side. I just use the cup to hold little things I have to have, like screws, nuts, ink pen caps, pennies, things I have no clue to what they came off of.

Nothing tastes the same in any other cup, bowl, plate or anything!

I feel your pain. I will never taste foods the same again.


Jackie said...

The last Tupperware party I went to was in 1977.
I feel OLD!