Monday, January 16, 2006

Secret Sentence XI

Below, I wrote a journal entry and in my entry there are Blue words in bold scattered throughout it. The object of the game is to form the correct sentence from the words that I have given you! I will be giving you a dummy word to make it a little more difficult. The people who guess correctly will be put in a drawing of sorts, and the winner gets to have a sentence of their choice in the next "Secret Sentence"! However, the winner cannot guess in the next "Secret Sentence" if they submit a sentence in. I will take guesses until Thursday and post the answer on Friday! I am asking that you email me your answers, this way everyone will have a chance and no one will know who the first person to guess correctly is.

Secret Sentence XI: His Inner Strength, His Worst Burden!

I am nearing the end of Eddie Guerrero's Book, and I am sad that it's almost over. It is a great read, especially if you are a wrestling fan, I mean you learn so much about what is going on in the world of wrestling, and even some of the terminology. I thought they called The bad guy's, "Bad Guy's", but they call them "Heels". The good guys for whatever reason are called "babyfaces" (go figure). Anyways while I was reading I noticed that he is a lot like a regular person. He didn't think he was the best looking guy out there, and he actually considered himself to be shy. It's funny when he said that, because the Eddie Guerrero I saw on t.v. doesn't even come close to the definition of the word shy. When he was a heel, Eddie was brutal, unrelenting, A-hole. Then again, when he was a babyface, he was Interestingly funny and cool. The REAL Eddie Guerrero seemed like nice person, like a normal guy trying to live his normal life to the best of his abilities. I didn't even know that he was Married until he won the WWE title at No Way Out. We base famous people's lives on there characters (for example William Shatner as Captain Kirk), and there nothing like them. Funny thing is when Eddie first came to the WWE, He was Chyna's sidekick. I didn't even know that. I thought he was one of the top wrestler's in the WWE from the get go, but I was (again) wrong. I learned that he like to help other wrestlers out, or as he put it (get them over). I think that was cool, he was a real team player. I'll Miss Eddie Guerrero!

Today is Martin Luther King Day! Last night I was joking with my brother, about how every black person in America should have the day off! He started cracking up and then told me that if that happened everything in the U.S. would fall apart. I said hey our ancestors were slaves for most of, or in some cases the rest of there lives. We should have one day of freedom from work, in fact a paid day from work. Now that I am thinking about it, it would be a nice thing, I can sure use the day off.

This whole wanting my independence thing has gotten me thinking about how I will have more added responsibility for myself. I would have to pay more bills, fix my all of my own problems, and plan for my future. It's kind of scary to think about, the power to decide and choose everything. I am so indecisive, I can't even choose what to eat sometimes, even when someone else is buying! I just wonder, when the time comes will I be capable of managing my own finances and will I make the right decisions. Life is pretty hard, sure there are some good times, but everyday won't be a great one. I just hope I am up for the challenge!

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Stephaine said...

My husband dragged me somewhere to meet Hulk Hogan and he was nice (however I will not admit that out loud)and then we let my son skip school one year and we went and met the Rock. I must say he is even hotter in person and he was also really nice. However, I may not be objective on that one cause the man is really hot. X-pac, I think that's his name, was an a**hole and almost got into a fight with a fan. It's not surprising that he's not around anymore. Remember when he was with Chyna, that was the oddest couple.

To live and learn you've gotta make a couple of mistakes. Once you're out their you'll figure it out.

Ari said...

Yeah, it's kind of amazing how different they are in real life. My son loves wrestling, so I've started watching it just to be near him.